Lance’s Magnum THRUST Log: 39 Year Old CrossFit Trainer


Meet our first THRUST Logger, Lance! Follow his journey here one PricePlow with weekly updates!

We put out a call for loggers for Magnum Nutraceutical’s all-new and all-natural Testosterone Booster, THRUST, and it turns out our first logger, Lance, started logging the second he got his bottle!

So catch up and follow along each week to track his progress and see if THRUST could be the next great supplement to add to your stash!


I’m a 39yr old father of three, besides working out daily sometimes 2x I’m also a CF coach, I work a full time job and let my kids be as active in as many sports as possible. I eat clean, train hard and try to instill the importance of exercise, health and having fun to my incredible kids.


I’ve been dosing as recommended: 4 before training in the morning, 4 before bed in the evening.

Week 1 Recap

Thrust Review Lance 01

One week into using THRUST, and Lance is hitting new PRs and noticing increased leanness!

  • Training:

    Everything seemed to click this week and I’ve continued my recent streak of PR’s in the gym, back squat, snatch and jerks have all gone up a bit. Starting a new strength regiment this week so I’m excited to see where this goes.

  • Strength:

    I consistently feel strong, recovering quickly. I’m sore everyday but I’m able to push thru and still get in really good workouts. I wouldn’t even go as far as saying sore, I know I got a really good workout in but can easily knock out two a days.

  • Mindset and Mood:

    I feel good and am starting to get that all day pumped feeling even before my daily session in the gym, sleep is incredible, very deep sleep. Feel like I can destroy any workout thrown at me.

  • Body Recomposition Changes:

    It seems like I’ve leaned out a bit though still weighing in at 180. Definately have that hardened feel like you’ve just done drop sets across every muscle group.

Week 2 Recap

Thrust Lance Review 02

2 weeks into logging THRUST, Lance is feeling great and continuing to set PRs on the Big 3 Lifts!

  • Training:

    Midway thru week two and bench has gone up 20lbs and 3sec pause front squats up 20lbs. Still feel strong going into every workout. End of the week continues to be strong with a power clean PR of 25lbs at 290# and ended deadlifts with a 5×1 at 425#.

  • Strength:

    I consistently feel strong with every workout, PR’s on bench, front pause squats and power clean, deadlifts at 425 for multiple reps. Recovery seems to be quick with virtually no soreness at all.

  • Mindset and Mood:

    Tried the volume samples they sent went the thrust, freakin whoa that is some good stuff! Focused, pumped, driven, damn those stacked together are insane. I’m certainly amped up all day ready for whatever gets thrown my way, need more two a day workouts.

  • Body Recomposition Changes:

    I need to step on a scale, there’s no way I’ve maintained a BW of 180 this week, my appetite is thru the roof.

    Up 4lbs to a 184BW, feels good and I’m not carrying any weight around the midsection. I’m really liking this product.

Week 3 Recap

Thrust Lance Review 03

Lance is experiencing quicker recovery and virtually no soreness after starting his run of THRUST!

  • Training:

    Still going into every session feeling great, took a few days off this week but doubled up early on in the week so rest was much needed. Definitely got one hell of a workout in this labor day with the Hot Shots 19 WOD. Been hitting heavy front squats consistent, 225×5 no questions asked.

    Bench steady at 225×5 but with ease, bench has never been a strong suit of mine so I’m pretty happy with these numbers.

    Power cleaned a PR this week at 290, increase of 25lbs and could have probably hit 300.

  • Strength:

    There seems to be no limit to what I can lift or at least it feels that way, not at all happy cracking open my second bottle knowing the end of my run is nearing. Every workout either sets a new PR or equals a previous best but without a struggle on the final reps.

  • Mindset and Mood:

    I feel great, sleep is still awesome. Almost too good, don’t feel like getting out of bed some mornings. Once I’m up though I’m ready to tackle every day, bring it on.

  • Body Recomposition Changes:

    I certainly feel like I’m thicker in the chest and legs, still feel that all day pump. Really surprised at the lack of weight gain around the midsection as my appetite is ridiculous, I would not recommend this product for anyone trying to cut weight unless they are very very disciplined.

Week 4 Recap

Lance is continuing to set PRs each week as he hits week 4 of using Thrust.

Lance is continuing to set PRs each week as he hits week 4 of using Thrust.

  • Training:

    This week went by quick but got in a lot of solid work. Recovery is great, workouts seem effortless.

  • Strength:

    PR’s bench again with 245×5, PR’s on clean and jerk at 250. Endurance is really picked up too, there seems to be no end to any workout.

  • Mindset and Mood:

    For the first time since trying this product I’ve had a few issues sleeping but that’s most likely due to some elevated stress and sick kids.

  • Body Recomposition Changes:

    Certainly a little thicker in the chest and shoulders, no doubt about it. Added 5lbs of what seems like muscle as I definitely have not added any around the midline.

Week 5 Recap

Thrust is helping Lance increase his appetite leading to constant gains in strength and size as each week progresses.

Thrust is helping Lance increase his appetite leading to constant gains in strength and size as each week progresses.

  • Training:

    Solid week with some heavy working loads, what were previous PR’s have now become working weight.

  • Strength:

    Strength is off the charts, what was the limit has now turned to reps. Old pr of 235 on the c&j now equals reps at 225. Pause front squats limit was 225, now for reps. The engine is def up as well as I can push the limits of redline for extended periods. There’s absolutely no reason you can’t train hard using thrust.

  • Mindset and Mood:

    Everything was going well until I opened my bottle this morning to realize I’m on my last week of thrust.I’m interested to see what I’m able to maintain once off of thrust as it’s made such a huge dif in just a few weeks.

  • Body Recomposition Changes:

    I remain to carry 5 extra pounds all in my chest and shoulders it seems. I’ve def had to watch the diet as I could have easily packed on 10-15 the way my appetite has been spiked. 185 is a really solid weight for me, anything above that in the past has made me feel sluggish though I only seem to get stronger with this. Next time I use thrust I plan using it to bulk more, I’m interested to see if I can maintain my speed.

Stay tuned for more!

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