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Leg Domination Day

Leg Domination Day


Thought I would give you a quick update on Saturdays mini workout. My dad and I went to the gym after seeing the new G.I. Joe movie (I mean how can you watch a movie with “The Rock” in it and not go lift afterwards?)

Leg Domination in 30 Minutes:

The goal was simple, to exhaust my legs as quickly as possible, so I did. It is a really simple work out: leg extensions, supersetted with hamstring curls. I don’t count reps, I just lift until failure, run to the next machine and do the same. Do as many sets/reps as I can (increasing weight each set).  I also added a few sets of leg press for 20+ reps.

Legs were SMOKED after this circuit.


I had a quick core circuit.

  • Hanging leg raises to the bar AMAP (8-15) three sets of these.
  • Ab bench 30 reps, two sets.
  • Hammer Strength machines (3 different ones) 15-20 reps each machine 2 sets


Overall I had a awesome mini workout. It was very hard to leave after only being at the gym for 45min or so. I didn’t take any pre-workout/supplements prior to training but had a wicked leg pump and strong aggression during my circuit. I can contribute this to Fortitude. I am still leaning out, seeing a lot more definition, fullness and size. Back acne I mentioned is nearly all gone.

This just might be the best natural test booster/AI I have ever taken. I don’t have anything negative to say and my results this early are impressive.

This is day 11 of 30 in Colby Strunk’s Fortitude Natural Testosterone Booster log.

For the entire log, go to Colby’s author page. Please also subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

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