5% Nutrition Challenge – Resurrection Rich Piana Style!

Rich Piana Resurrection

Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition are hosting a MASSIVE 12 week transformation challenge that involves 6 weeks of cutting and then 6 weeks of lean bulking for the ultimate transformation!

We’ve seen transformation challenges before, they happen all the time, but never one done in this way — the 5% Nutrition way!

That’s right boys and girls good ole’ Rich Piana has crafted his own transformation challenged, aptly titled the Resurrection of Rich Piana Challenge.

It’s going down now and tons of people are entering, so we’re following along.

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The quick link: richpianachallenge.rich-piana.com

Go to richpianachallenge.rich-piana.com to see the latest entries and follow along at @5percentnutrition on Instagram to see the daily winners!

Resurrection of Rich Piana Challenge

Rich Piana Challenge

Are you ready for the biggest transformation of your life? 5% style?!

Before we get to the specifics of the challenge, know this Rich’s ultimate goal for this transformation program is to motivate you to look the best you can. You’ve got 12 weeks to make the biggest, most dramatic transformation possible and see just how shredded and muscular you can get!

This is different than most other challenges you’ve seen by the way. The 12 weeks are broken into two specific training goals:

  • First 6 weeks will be getting shredded
  • Second 6 weeks will be about adding solid muscle

The goal for this program isn’t just to lean out or bulk up, it’s getting lean muscle on the most shredded frame possible, so you look your best and end the 12 weeks bigger, and leaner than ever before!

Rules of the Challenge

  • Before entering the contest, figure out where you are going to take your transformation photos. You’ll need to take three (3) of them throughout the course of the challenge.
  • Photos will be taken at the beginning, 6 week mark (halfway point), and end (12 weeks).
  • Lighting for photos must be the same for every photo, and taken in the exact same location for all three.
  • Rich Piana Challenge Shake

    Need help figuring out the right food to eat to get results? Rich and 5% have you covered with daily nutrition tips!

    Photographing locations should be readily accessible since you’ll need it throughout the challenge…none of this fake-instagram model photoshopping nonsense here!

  • Get a friend to snap a full body photo of you holding the starting day’s date to prove it’s a current photo. By the way, you’ll need to do this will ALL photos taken during the challenge!
  • Upload your entry photo between February 15th and February 22nd, 2017, fill out the transformation challenge info form, and click “Submit”!
  • 6 week mark photos must be uploaded between March 29th – April 5th, 2017
  • After photos need to be uploaded between May 10th, 2017 – May 17th, 2017
  • Winners are decided by Rich who determines which contestants made the most epic transformation over the course of the 12 weeks.

Now that all the preliminary info is out of the way, let’s see what else is in store for your next 12 weeks!

Constant Support

For each day of the challenge, you’ll be able to follow along with Rich Piana himself as he embarks on his own transformation journey. Each day, you’ll have a daily video showing Rich going through the day’s workout as well as tips and motivation from the big guy.

On top of that, you’ll also get:

  • Morning stretch routines
  • Detailed daily workouts for the gym
  • Nutrition tips
  • Ingredients for post-workout shakes
  • Meal recipes and MORE!

Here’s a glimpse of the Day 1 video of the challenge

Daily Prizes!

In addition to the grand prize win at the end of the 12 weeks, Rich and 5% Nutrition are also awarding daily winners for each day of the 12 weeks. To qualify as a potential daily winner, you’ll need to subscribe to Rich Piana AND 5% Nutrition’s YouTube channels.

Rich Piana Challenge Easy Win

Rich and 5% Nutrition are awarding daily prizes to those who can identify “Mr. No Gains” in Rich’s daily videos.

When Rich uploads the daily video, there will be a brief glimpse of a “Mr. No Gains” (the skeleton , but not the one in the intro). When you see that clip, enter in the video comments the timestamp of the No Gains clip and if you’re the first person to do so, YOU WIN!

Grand Prizes

No contest is complete without some big awards at the completion, and 5% Nutrition is really going all out here:

  • 1st Place

    Rich Piana Challenge Prizes

    The top 3 prizes in Rich’s Resurrection challenge are quite impressive and include traveling to meet Rich and cash!

    All inclusive flight to Tampa, FL to spend the day with Rich, meet 5% Nutrition athletes, hang out and eat, visit the 5% warehouse to pick out whatever you want.

    You’ll also get to film a workout video with Rich at Powerhouse Gym in Tampa, FL!

  • 2nd Place

    $500 of 5% Nutrition Supplements & Apparel or cold har

  • 3rd Place

    $250 fo 5% Nutrition Supplements & Apparel or Cash


How’s that for one hell of a contest?! This is why you gotta follow Rich Piana and 5%, so you don’t miss these kinds of crazy contests!

Rich and 5% Nutrition certainly know how to host a transformation challenge, that’s for sure. The contest is already underway, but it’s not too late to follow along and vote for your favorite contestants and support them along the way.

Go to richpianachallenge.rich-piana.com to see the latest entries and follow along at @5percentnutrition on Instagram to see the daily winners!

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