5% Nutrition KILL IT Reloaded Now Comes in Cosmic Candy

It’s been over a year since we covered Rich Piana’s updated pre-workout supplement, KILL IT RELOADED, which brings the artwork and label to match the name. The formula’s gone unchanged since then, which is something we appreciate, since 5% Nutrition is doing a great job to keep Rich’s legacy and vision going strong.

5% Nutrition Kill It Reloaded Cosmic Candy

5% Nutrition’s Kill It Reloaded now comes in a Cosmic Candy

The formula sports a solid 325 milligrams of caffeine, illustrating that Rich knew exactly where to put the perfect dose. While there’s one higher-stimulant pre-workout in the line named 5150 and the lower-stimulant original Kill It formula, Kill It Reloaded rests square in the middle. And occasionally a new flavor is sent from the heavens:

KILL IT Reloaded Now Comes in Cosmic Candy flavor!

Last time we covered Kill It, we discussed the label update to the new white Legendary series labels. Another year later, it’s time to airdrop a new flavor: Kill It Reloaded Cosmic Candy!

Today, we’ll quickly recap the King of 5% Nutrition’s pre-workout supplement, talk a bit about the flavor, and show all of the available options in the menu. But first, take a look at KILL IT Reloaded’s availability and sign up for our 5% Nutrition news alerts, since we’re always covering 5% Nutrition’s perpetually-underrated supplements:

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Kill It Reloaded – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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What is Cosmic Candy?!

Cosmic Candy is candy sent down from the heavens. Think purple – the social media imagery looks like rock candy, but there almost feels like a bit of purple Spree candy in there as well – something we always love.

Kill It Reloaded Ingredients (2021 Updated Edition)

  • N.O. Blend

    • L-Citrulline – 4,000mg

      5% Nutrition Kill It Reloaded Cosmic Candy Ingredients

      A clinically-validated dose of the main nitric oxide booster that converts to arginine and then provides us with tons of vasodilating, blood flow improving NO for serious pumps.

    • GlycerSize (65% Glycerol Powder) – 3,000mg

      A hydrating osmolyte that helps the body retain water, increasing overall water volume and pressure. This can increase endurance, but most importantly, adds a “cell volumization pump” that is separate from the nitric oxide pump!

    • Beta-Alanine – 2,000mg

      The legendary muscular endurance-supporting amino acid that pairs up with L-Histidine to help you form more carnosine, which then helps buffer lactic acid from your muscles.

    • L-Taurine – 2,000mg

      Our second hydration-supporting osmolyte ingredient that promotes endurance through numerous mechanisms, including improved mitochondrial health.

    • Betaine – 1,000 mg

      5% Nutrition Kill It Reloaded Cosmic Candy

      Our third osmolyte, betaine serves as a powerful methyl donor to facilitate biological reactions while also improving hydration. It’s been shown to help improve performance.

    • Nitrosigine (Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate) – 750 mg

      A patented nitric oxide boosting ingredient from Nutrition21 that serves as a better form of arginine that functions the way we always hoped arginine would work. On top of supporting citrulline’s pump effect, it may provide some nootropic benefits through improved blood flow.

  • Nootropic Blend – 600mg

    • Choline Bitartrate – 500mg

      A form of choline that helps our bodies generate more acetylcholine, which we dub “the learning neurotransmitter”. This helps with memory, motor control, focus, and alertness.

    • L-Theanine – 100mg

      An amino acid found in tea leaves that helps reduce anxiety, pairing synergistically with caffeine to provide nootropic benefits. We enjoy seeing this when the dose is less than caffeine, which we have here.

    • Huperzia serrata (herb) Extract (std. 1% Huperzine A.) – 100mcg

      Kill It Reloaded Pre Workout

      The original Kill It Reloaded release had the black tubs, which are phased out (and we now have more glycerol) – but we had to share this incredible image

      To support our choline, this ingredient inhibits an enzyme that breaks down our acetylcholine, keeping acetylcholine around longer for more focus. It can even help the body create new neurons!

  • Creatine Blend – 2,500mg (from 2,300mg Creatine Anhydrous, 100mg Creatine Monohydrate, and 100mg Creatine Pyruvate)

    One of the most studied ingredients out there, creatine works as a phosphate donor that helps the body generate more ATP, the energy currency of our cells. This leads to incredible benefits ranging from athletic performance to ergogenic gains to cognitive and wellness improvements.

  • Stim Blend – 367mg providing 325mg total caffeine (from 267mg Caffeine Anhydrous, 50mg Caffeine Citrate [~50% caffeine], and 50mg Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate [~73% caffeine])

    A comprehensive stimulant blend that leaves us with a total of 325 milligrams of caffeine to wake you up but keep you going, since it has a bit of delayed release caffeine to keep it going.

  • Raw Coconut (Cocos nucifera) (fruit) Water Concentrate – 100mg

    A bit of extra electrolyte support (namely from potassium) to balance our near-universal high-sodium diets.

You can see all of the details in our original article titled 5% Nutrition Kill It RELOADED Upgraded and Does Rich Piana Proud.

Available flavors

Here’s an up-to-date list of 5% Nutrition’s flavors in Kill It Reloaded:

Kill it Reloaded New Flavors

The new 2021 flavors, where we wrote “with hopefully more to come!” — our hopes have been achieved!

    Rich Piana’s Pre-Workout Options

    Think this is too much — or heaven forbid, too little — caffeine?! Well let’s see what else Rich Piana and team have for us:

    • Kill It is Rich’s original pre workout, sporting 250 milligrams of caffeine in a two-scoop serving.
    • Kill It RELOADED – you are here – 325 milligrams of caffeine and more ergogenics
    • 5150 is 5% Nutrition’s super stim-heavy pre-workout with 400 milligrams of caffeine and a few more exotic energy boosters.
    • Full As F*ck – stimulant-free (zero caffeine) and all about nitric oxide pumps!
    Rich Piana Pre Workouts

    A “Stim Guide” for Rich Piana’s Pre Workouts — looks like we may have to update this!!

    It’s Cosmic Candy Time

    Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Mentality Nootropic Dream Big

    Rich Piana would want you to become the best version of yourself

    When 5% Nutrition launched Kill It Reloaded, they knew that the original Kill It’s 250 milligrams of caffeine was no longer enough for many people (why that is, is another question). It’s almost as if Rich’s passing threw us into some other dimension where we need perpetually more caffeine. While 300 milligrams was the going rate at that time — and still is — they wanted to go a bit higher, edging it up to 325. This is a perfect dose for a 5-Percenter getting after it.

    If it’s not enough, then it may be time to check your stim tolerance and take a break… but if you’re not ready to do that and there’s only one way to go — which is up — then check out 5150 paired with Full as F*ck up above!

    But for everyone else, if you’re a 5-Percenter looking for a new flavor, you’ve got it in Cosmic Candy. So get out there and KILL IT!

    Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Kill It Reloaded – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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