5% Nutrition’s Kill It RELOADED Does Rich Piana Proud

Since the unfortunate and untimely death of literal titan industry Rich Piana, 5% Nutrition has been flying under the radar, reloading on what Rich really wanted for his legacy, and how the brand would keep it alive.

5 Percent Nutrition Kill It Reloaded

You know it’s crazy times when 325mg caffeine is now considered “middle-ground”. But wait til you see the pump blend here!

With recent hits like their “Knock the Carb Out” keto-friendly protein bars (which had a very reasonable blood sugar impact and we absolutely loved), the brand behind the man is clearly making a strong comeback. To tip the scales of the pre-workout industry back in their favor, they have reformulated KILL IT and rebranded it as “Kill it RELOADED”.

Hope you like to get pumped up, because 5% has some big blends in store for you here!

Rich was part of these upgrades

Before going further, we need to say that the changes we’re about to discuss were envisioned by Rich. Unfortunately, he did not get to see them come to fruition – but the move towards a higher-stimulant KILL IT — plus a few added nootropic ingredients — was indeed what he wanted.

So are these changes enough to keep them in the top 5%?

Let’s get in to the full story below, which includes quotes from Rich’s business team, but first check out our coupon-powered price listings and sign up for 5% Nutrition news alerts from PricePlow:

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Our Kill It Reloaded Review

Mike gave it a whirl, and the glycerol pumps are there and then some, in true Rich Piana fashion. But it’s some of these flavors (like cherry berry and watermelon) that need even crazier names, because they’re unique:

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Kill It: The Purpose

KILL IT served an essential role in the 5% pre-workout line as their original pre workout, but not the highest-stim one! You could always consider it 5150’s more mature, older brother.

For RELOADED to be a home run, therefore, it needs to remain tamer than 5150, with less “exotic” stimulants. KILL IT is the OG pre-workout that will benefit those sit somewhere between stim freaks and low-stim users. But as you’ll see, the caffeine “middle ground” has certainly shifted over the years, and so has KILL IT Reloaded.

So now that we’ve defined where Kill It RELOADED should be — for the gym-goers with decent caffeine tolerances that will let them obliterate their workouts — let’s dig into the ingredients, talk to 5% Nutrition, and find out if they meet our expectations.


It all starts with a side-by-side comparison of Kill It (on the left) vs. Kill It Reloaded (on the right):

Kill It (Original) Ingredients

The Original Kill It Ingredients

Kill It Reloaded Ingredients

The new Kill It RELOADED Ingredients!

Major notes:

  • Rich Piana Motivation

    Rich truly was the king of consistency. This man was all day, every day, until his last day.

    Goodbye proprietary blend!
  • More caffeine (250mg to ~325mg total)
  • Nearly 7g more ingredients
  • Massive glycerol dose!
  • More creatine
  • Added nootropic blend
  • Serious taurine dose
  • Agmatine, COP, and Rhodiola removed

5% Nutrition Explains:

Below is from an email from Rich’s business partner at 5% Nutrition, explaining Rich’s intentions:

Before Rich passed he felt it was time to come out with a stronger version of Kill It. He wanted something in his words STRONGER! More pump, more energy and more focus. Unfortunately he left us before the final formula passed R&D.

There are 3 big improvements with Kill It Reloaded; energy, pump, and focus.

— 5% Nutrition [continued]

The email continues, but we’ve split the quotes into relevant parts of the formula below. So let’s have at it:

  • L-Citrulline (4g)

    Kill It Reloaded

    It is Here and It has RELOADED in a big way. Hope you like getting pumped up!

    Boom – we’re off to a good start in the quest to Kill It! The original formula included tri-citrulline malate within a prop blend, so we didn’t know how much we were getting; now we do. Four grams of straight L-Citrulline is equivalent to 5.333 grams of tri citrulline malate, which might have fit in that old prop blend, so we can almost guarantee as if not better nitric oxide support than the original Kill it provided.

    Why does this matter? Increased nitric oxide levels in the body, as PricePlow Nation already knows, means vasodilation and enhanced circulation. With more blood flowing throughout your body, your muscles will get nutrients much faster which will help them function more efficiently. [1-3] The best part is that citrulline even enhances recovery, allowing you to train more and include more volume per session.[4]

    So now we know how much we’re getting, and it’s a good amount. But the difference-maker pump ingredient is next:

  • GlycerPump (2.5g)

    GlycerPump Logo

    GlycerPump is a new, stable from of 65% glycerol powder made by Pinnacle Ingredients.

    GlycerPump is a patented version of glycerol powder standardized to 65% glycerol by weight. This is currently our go-to glycerol, and 2.5g is a smashing dose!!

    GlycerPump has been far superior to the glycerol powders of year past, as it mixes well and doesn’t clump as much. It serves as a partner to L-Citrulline in this formula by providing what we call “water pumps”. Glycerol encourages your muscles to take on much more water than usual, giving you some. This leads to some seriously enhanced cell hydration, which is sure to improve endurance and making you look that much more huge, as Rich would want.[5.6]

    You’re going to want to drink a lot of water with this ingredient, though! And that’s why 5% Nutrition has the 5% gallon water jugs!

    5% Nutrition Explains

    As we suspected above, but 5% confirms our theories:

    For the pump we added 2.5 grams of GlycerPump, industry on stable glycerol powder. Glycerol powder is a great ingredient for pump and endurance since it forces water into your muscles. We’ve usually see 1-2 grams of glycerol powder in pre-workouts, however, the biggest problem with those is they turn into a brick. It’s been a huge issue that we have seen for years.

    We’ve been lucky enough to get a hold of GlycerPump and push the limits with putting 2.5 grams per serving in Kill It Reloaded, while not worrying if we will lose our whole batch in 3 months because they all clumped up. Additionally we added 4 grams of pure citrulline, which has given us the ability to attack the pump from 2 directions, water pump via GlycerPump and nitric oxide pump via pure citrulline. Those two combined gives you an AMAZING pump and a ton of endurance!

    — 5% Nutrition

    And he didn’t even mention the added L-Norvaline and Taurine that will help these two ingredients even more!!

  • Beta Alanine (2g)

    Kill It Reloaded Pre Workout

    Pumps for Days…. ALL DAY YOU MAY!!

    Beta Alanine, a mainstay of the pre-workout industry, requires little introduction. When supplemented, beta alanine increases carnosine levels in the body. Carnosine acts as a “last call” taxi for muscle waste in your body. It helps your muscles dump waste products and perform better, which allows you to work harder and longer. With enough supplemented, you’ll mostly notice improvements in exercise between the 60-240 second range,[7] but note that those studies used at leas 3.2g beta alanine spread throughout the day.

    This means that you’ll want to grab some extra beta alanine elsewhere outside of your workout – and this is fine because too much beta alanine gets annoying around here. The dose here is low enough for most people that the tingling sensation shouldn’t be too annoying here unless you’re sensitive to beta alanine.

  • L-Taurine (2g)

    L-Taurine is becoming an easy, safe, and effective ingredient for the supplement industry this year. As shown in our popular dive into taurine you can read here, taurine is one of the best ingredients for immediately improving your endurance and aerobic capabilities.[8]

    Taurine Benefits

    Taurine’s Benefits (endurance-wise) can be seen after a single use!

    The dosage here is high, as well, and the research shows that we don’t even need such a large dose to get endurance benefits![8] Clearly Rich had plans for the “swole” look, because this is a large dose, combined with an even larger dose of GlycerPump for the water swell! For most “normies”, 1-1.5g of this taurine probably would have been fine, but you know that 5% Nutrition is going for size, so get that 5% milk jug out, fill it with ALL DAY YOU MAY, and prepare to hydrate!

  • L-Norvaline (150mg)

    L-Norvaline is a derivative of the branched-chain amino acid, valine. As an enzyme inhibitor, L-Norvaline prevents arginase from degrading arginine in the body. More arginine means more nitric oxide… which means more pumps.[10]

    The synergy between norvaline and citrulline is what Kills It here: one boosts arginine levels through metabolism while the other prevents the breakdown of arginine.[1,9]

    A solid two hit combo. 5% clearly didn’t shy away from the pumps with KILL IT Reloaded. By including L-Norvaline and Citrulline in such decent doses, your muscle bellies will be poppin’ for days.

  • Choline Bitartrate (250mg)

    Now we begin the three-part nootropic blend that was added to Kill It Reloaded:

    Rich Piana Perserverence

    To persevere in your workouts, you want added focus, so 5% Nutrition put it in Kill It RELOADED

    Choline Bitartrate is one of many forms of choline supplementation on the market. While far from the best form of choline, choline bitartrate works by increasing the levels of acetylcholine available for your body to use. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter used in a ton of processes related to fitness, including muscle contraction and motion pattern learning.

    By dosing choline before an intense workout, you’ll experience enhanced focus.[10,11] Truth be told, we normally start “feeling” choline at 500mg, but since this wasn’t in the OG Kill It at all, we’ll take any we can get.

  • L-Theanine (100mg)

    L-Theanine is an incredible counterpart to high doses of caffeine. L-Theanine works by reducing the jitters and anxiety induced by caffeine. It crumbles the cons of caffeine and heightens caffeine into the world of the gods.[12]

    Individual preferences on L-Theanine range all over the map, but we’ve concluded that we simply like less L-Theanine than caffeine. Here, we have a quite honorable ~1:3.25 ratio of theanine-to-caffeine, which is enough to damper the caffeine, but not enough to overly chill you out – something Rich and 5% Nutrition sure as hell don’t want for training!

    So don’t totally fear that 325mg caffeine — there’s no “other” stims here, and theanine keeps things cool.

    5% Nutrition briefly explains these new nootropics

    We’ve also added a nootropic blend to enhance the focus in the gym.

    — 5% Nutrition

    Hell yea!

  • Huperzine 1% (100mcg)

    Huperzine is one of those underrated nootropics we see in many of our favorite pre workouts. Just like they did with caffeine, 5% Nutrition went with a solid middle-of-the-road dose here. 50mcg is often too little, but 200mcg is sometimes too much. Huperzine improves your focus and mind-muscle connection during a workout, and should work well with choline at improving your mental game for those long, strenuous sessions. Have you TRIED Rich’s 8 hour arm workout? You need all the mental focus you can get!

    A “defensive” ingredient

    The synergy at hand here is like how norvaline and citrulline work together. One plays “offense”, one plays “defense”. Choline increases acetylcholine levels while Huperzine prevents acetylcholine reuptake and breakdown![13]

    This combo is more efficient than the sum of its constituents, and we get irked when we see one without the other. Good move, 5%.

  • Creatine Blend (2.5g total)

    The OG Kill It contained 1.5g creatine, which was in “no man’s land” if you ask us. We asked… why confuse the customers?

    Rich Piana Crea-TEN

    TEN forms of creatine in CREA-TEN?! Are they kidding? Nope… and the formula’s actually got some merits to it

    With Kill It Reloaded, we’re on to a better path — 5% Nutrition once again includes three different creatines while passing over creatine monohydrate, which does have the most scientific backing for its efficacy, but seems to be too boring for Rich’s tastes! And are you surprised, since they have the legendary CREA-TEN, a creatine with ten different forms?!?!

    The primary driving force of the blend is creatine anhydrous, which is the same as monohydrate with a water molecule removed. In theory, it provides more creatine by weight than creatine monohydrate, and we think this may help prevent ridiculous clumping issues alongside the glycerol.

    Unfortunately, no studies have shown that creatine anhydrous, creatine pyruvate, and other more exotic takes on creatine are superior or even as effective as creatine monohydrate, but it stands to reason that 3-5g per day is where you want to land.[14-18]

    Creatine Magnapower, aka Magnesium creatine chelate, has more solubility than creatine monohydrate in theory, and we never complain about a dash more magnesium, since most of us don’t get enough.

    But as mentioned, no science exists showing that is an effective way of supplementing creatine. But we’ll take that magnesium for the myriad of benefits magnesium supplementation can provide.

    Why 2.5g?

    The question comes down to dose. Most studies are at 3-5g per day, so this is just shy of that and we can’t make “claims”, but we know we’ll be close.

    5% Nutrition explained:

    For a standalone creatine product 5 grams per serving is the proper dose. With this being a pre-workout and not a creatine product we believe 2.5 grams was sufficient for a preworkout product. In Kill It Reloaded we really wanted to emphasize the BIG 3; ENERGY, PUMP and FOCUS!

    — 5% Nutrition

    Fair enough — remember, they weren’t even making “gains claims” anyway… and if you need more, go find some of that crazy CREA-TEN!

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (267mg)

    Before we go further, let’s get back to the 5% Nutrition email:

    We increased the caffeine from 250mg to 325mg. We feel these days that 300mg is the new middle ground and wanted to bump it up a little bit from there.

    — 5% Nutrition

    267mg might sound ridiculous, but bear with us — this number is so specific that we must applaud 5% Nutrition for being so accurate — clearly there was a goal in mind. Caffeine makes pre-workouts effective, and caffeine anhydrous is the standard straight form of it.

    5% Nutrition Pre Workouts

    Choose your destiny

    We all know caffeine will wake your ass up, improve your power output, and may even help you burn more calories.[19-21] We won’t waste your time going over something you take every day, anyway. Let’s talk about the other two forms of caffeine that boost things even more to get us to that 325mg total:

  • Caffeine Citrate (50mg)

    Caffeine Citrate is a more rare form of caffeine that might need some explaining. Combining citric acid with caffeine, caffeine citrate is only 50% of caffeine by mass and provides a “faster” stimulant experience. Many supplement formulators swear that this is the one that hits them first, so you have a quick jolt as soon as possible. Just remember to read “50mg” as “25mg caffeine”.

  • DiCaffeine Malate as Infinergy (50mg)

    DiCaffeine malate is like caffeine citrate, but uses malic acid instead of citric acid. 73% of a gram if caffeine malate is caffeine. This form of caffeine acts as a longer lasting form of caffeine.

    Total Caffeine Content: ~325mg.

    You know things have gotten crazy when 325mg is the new “middle ground” for a pre workout. How times have changed.

  • Sodium Citrate (24mg) and Potassium (as citrate and coconut water concentrate (42mg)

    Sodium and potassium, as electrolytes, are water soluble salts. If you’re training hard in any shape or form, you’re losing a ton of water and water soluble vitamins. Providing sodium and potassium in a pre-workout will help mitigate losing too much sodium and potassium. Think of it as a safety precaution more than anything.


Like always, 5% has launched with a few go-to flavors and a one unique flavor:

    You’ll have to stay tuned to the PricePlow YouTube channel to see how these flavors review!

    Conclusion: Kill It has Reloaded, and Rich Would Approve

    5% Nutrition definitely improved the original formula, especially if you get a good swell off those insane water pump ingredients!

    Kill It Reloaded

    Hope you like getting pumped up!

    It’s a bit crazy that 250mg caffeine stopped being enough for consumers — and that goes for more than just the 5-Percenters out there — but that’s another debate for another day. Right now, the team is right – 325mg caffeine is indeed in the middle of the road!!

    We now know the exact amounts of each ingredient present in a single scoop. They did what we like seeing (minus half a gram of creatine so we can make some more confident statements) by making “ingredient pairing decisions” like partnering norvaline with citrulline and choline with huperzine.

    The only ingredient we miss from the first formulation is Rhodiola rosea which could have taken up some of that taurine weight, but the other nootropics make up for those feels and then some.

    Kill It Reloaded has destroyed the mold of the original Kill It formula. It is now a solid pre-workout that can stand with the best. It’s strong, it’s pumpy as hell, and it even has some quirks……. and that’s exactly how Rich would have wanted it.

    Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Kill It Reloaded - Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

    About the Author: Mike Roberto

    Mike Roberto

    Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

    Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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