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Creatine in Pre-Workouts: C4 Ultimate Strength Brings the Power

C4 Ultimate Strength (focus on creatine content)

February of this year, PricePlow was proud to announce to the world the new 5th Generation of C4 Pre-Workouts from NutraBolt. This long-awaited lineup brought some incredible innovations like an entirely new peptide-derived pump ingredient named PeptiPump, NSF Sport certifications for the beefed-up C4 Sport series, and the use of higher-quality B-vitamins in all […]
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Consider Creatine in MREs, US House Committee Suggests to Department of Defense

House Suggests Creatine in MREs

In late May, 2024, the Committee on Armed Services in the U.S. House of Representatives published its National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) report, suggesting that the Department of Defense consider adding creatine to MREs (Meals Ready to Eat).[1]

On pages 213 and 214, the report states:[1]

Consideration of Including Creatine in Meals Ready to Eat[…]
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Creatine Gummies vs. Creatine Chews: Animal Takes a Stance

Creatine Gummies vs Creatine Chews

As the supplement industry continues to innovate, there are numerous products designed to enhance muscle growth, strength, and energy. Among these, creatine has remained a staple for decades now. Traditionally consumed through powders and capsules, creatine is now also available in chewable tablets and gummies.

However, there’s a significant discrepancy between these two forms […]
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Who is STRIPED? Meet The Harvard Organization Taking On Supplements


The dietary supplement industry is under a massive, well-organized attack, and this time, it’s not just coming from heavy-handed Senate bills. It comes from a Harvard organization named STRIPED, who’s using a unique attack vector: adolescent eating disorders.

The industry needs to take note, because this group is well-funded and they are seizing power […]
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Jose Antonio: ISSN 2024 and the Industry Battle for Creatine | Episode #137

Jose Antonio of ISSN on PricePlow Podcast #137

It’s an episode we’ve been wanting to do for years: the legendary Jose Antonio, co-founder of ISSN, the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Jose, better known as Joey, has been in the game since the very beginning, and gives us his background in an incredibly entertaining and informative podcast […]
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Nutrex Outlift Clinical: Pre-Workout Backed By Science

Nutrex Research Outlift Clinical

Nutrex has been around for a long time. Since 2002, the company has managed to make their way into a small club of brands that could be considered elders in supplement industry time. In an industry with a pretty constant brand churn, this is no small feat.

Since its original release of the Lipo-6 fat […]
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RAW Nutrition CBUM Mass Gainer: 1,070 Calories & 196g of Carbs!

RAW CBum Mass Gainer

There are a lot of factors that go into becoming a top-tier supplement brand, and the number of brands that we would consider to be truly elite is quite small. In order to set themselves apart, elite brands need to have everything dialed in – flavors, ingredients, formulas, marketing, label art, and much more.

One […]
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C4 Ultimate Strength: Dual Peptides Make for the Best C4 Formula Yet

C4 Ultimate Strength

There’s currently one really hot buzzword in the supplement and pharmaceutical industries alike. That word is peptides.

Thanks to breakthroughs in computing power and statistical analysis, science has now identified thousands of amino acid chains that have outsized effects on important aspects of human physiology.

Last year we wrote a lot about PeptiStrong, […]
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MuscleTech Creatine Chews: LAB-TESTED Creatine You Can Count On

MuscleTech Creatine Chews COA 2023

Earlier this month, NOW Foods made waves yet again as a part of their testing regime that is helping to keep the industry honest. Hot off the heels of NOW’s testing of berberine supplements – in which it was revealed that an astonishing 90%+ berberine supplements tested did not meet label claims – we made […]
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Creatine Gummy FAIL: 46% Fail NOW Foods Testing

NOW Foods Creatine Gummy Testing

NOW Foods has published a new round of third-party lab testing, finding that only 46% of creatine gummies tested passed lab tests for creatine.[1]

While the claim that the supplement industry is “unregulated” is certainly misleading – after all, the laws on the books regarding manufacturing quality are clear, concise, and enforced – the state […]
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