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5% Nutrition’s Kill It RELOADED Does Rich Piana Proud

Kill It Reloaded

Since the unfortunate and untimely death of literal titan industry Rich Piana, 5% Nutrition has been flying under the radar, reloading on what Rich really wanted for his legacy, and how the brand would keep it alive.

With recent hits […]

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Bodyforge Ultra: Recover w/ Your Pre Workout’s Other Half

Neogenix Bodyforge Ultra

Last time we talked about Neogenix, we discussed Velocity Ultra, their new pre workout / fat burner replacing both Neurosurge 3.0 and Velocity 3.0. In that same blog, we also mentioned the Ultra Series, a new […]

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Modern PRE: The Next Generation USPLabs Pre Workout

Modern PRE

USPLabs has been touting their new pre workout supplement, Modern PRE, which has gone into beta testing in late November 2015!

We know very little about it, except that USP is extremely excited about what’s coming. The trend in […]

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PEScience TruCreatine: Straight Creatine Anhydrous

PEScience made headlines a couple months back when they announced their Superior Essentials line. This new line of products from PES would be the tried and true basic ingredients every athlete or bodybuilder needs.

However, PES isn’t just about the […]

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Rich Piana Crea-TEN: TEN Kinds of Creatine! WAAAT!


One fun aspect about the supplement market is the product names that squeeze themselves into originality. Let’s face it… creatine is inherently a little tough to modify into a catchy name. Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition goes the over-obvious route with […]

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