Patriot PAWS Day on PricePlow a $2000 Success!

Get your shopping list ready, March 14, 2017 is Patriot PAWS Day at PricePlow!

Update: The Results are in!

Watch Mike discuss the incredible results of our first-ever charity drive. Thanks to everyone for helping!

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How the math works out:

  • PricePlow's Patriot PAWS Donation

    PricePlow’s Patriot PAWS Donation

    RedCon1: $250 (Pledged)
  • Primeval Labs / Militant Supplements: $300 (To be invoiced and donated through our check)
  • Rich Piana / 5% Nutrition: $300 (already donated!)
  • DPS Nutrition: $100 (already donated!)
  • SNS: $200 (paid!)
  • Elemetx: $25 (Pledged)
  • Loretta: $20 (to be donated through Mike’s personal check)
  • PricePlow: $728.53
  • Overall Total: $1923.53
  • Personal Donation from Mike: $76.47
  • GRAND TOTAL = $2000!!!!

This means that PricePlow will be writing a $1028.53 check to Patriot PAWS and Mike will be writing a separate personal check of $96.47!

Thanks to everyone for helping out!

Patriot PAWS Promotion

Get your stack ready for March 14, 2017 — PricePlow’s donating ALL site revenues to help train service dogs for disabled veterans at Patriot Paws!

This will be PricePlow’s first-ever charity drive, where we’re donating all site revenues (from sales commissions and pay-per-click stores) to Patriot PAWS, a charity organization that trains service dogs for disabled veterans!

How it works

Really simple: On March 14, 2017, use PricePlow to buy anything at any of our stores, and the commission we receive will get donated to charity.

Our commissions are typically in the 10% range, so if you buy a pre workout and tub of protein worth $60, then about $6.00 will get donated. You are not asked to do anything different to help the cause!

What if I don’t want to buy Supplements?

That’s fine — just use our Amazon link here and buy anything from Amazon — even that new TV you’ve been eyeballing — and it’ll apply! Note that Amazon gives low commissions for stuff like electronics, but even 3-4% on a $400 item is a great charity donation!

We’ll be writing the check on April 1, 2017 (the day we get paid), and if it’s big enough, we’ll be heading up to Patriot PAWS to hand the check and play with some dogs!

Why are we doing this?

See the video below where Mike talks about PricePlow’s recent past and his love of veterans and animals:

Subscribe to PricePlow on YouTube!

Subscribe to PricePlow on YouTube

Learn more about Patriot PAWS or Donate on your own

See to learn more about Patriot PAWS or to donate more yourself. You can also see the incredible videos done about them online:

Subscribe to PricePlow on YouTube!

Subscribe to PricePlow on YouTube

A few things we learned when talking to the organization:

Patriot PAWS

Thank a veteran and make a Difference with PricePlow and Patriot PAWS

  • The service dogs go through two years of training
  • They get actual certification
  • Those that pass certification are given to a physically disabled veteran
  • The veteran must train with the dog for ten days
  • The dogs that don’t pass certification are used as therapy dogs instead
  • Patriot PAWS does not have egregiously paid CEOs or a board of directors (this was Mike’s top issue with most non-profits). Labor expenses are relatively high however, because the animals require so much care and training.

So get that shopping list ready – we’re going big on March 14!

Brands that are pitching in extra

The following brands have pledged to donate money to Patriot PAWS in addition to our commissions:

  • RedCon1: $250


    Click the image to read more about RedCon1 Supplements!

    RedCon1 is a sports nutrition brand that is inspired by Special Forces and is run by Aaron Singerman, who has pledged to donate an additional $250. It stands for “Readiness Condition 1”, or the Highest State of Readiness.

    With 100% open formulas manufactured at the pristine Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals manufacturing facility, RedCon1 brings strength, quality, and gives back to the Armed Forces Community.

    All commissions from RedCon1 supplement purchases on 3/14/2017 via our RedCon1 page will still be donated to Patriot PAWS – their contribution is extra!

  • Primeval Labs / Militant Supplements: $300

    KC Mitchell

    Meet KC Mitchell (@that1legmonster), the founder of Militant Supplements, who’s launching with the help of Primeval Labs!

    Our second pledge is from Primeval Labs, who sport aggressive supplements and a next-generation “sports drink” in the enhanced (and delicious) BIOS3 IntraCell 7.

    With the help of @that1legmonster (Combat-Wounded Veteran Amputee KC Mitchell), Primeval Labs is spinning off KC’s own supplement brand, Militant Supplements, whose Shell Shock pre workout supplement looks like it’ll live up to its name.

    The team at Primeval Labs has asked that we donate an additional $300 in their name and invoice them after the fact to make it easy. Thanks Primeval – can’t wait to get that Shell Shock pre workout in stock!

  • Rich Piana / 5% Nutrition: $300

    Yes! We just got word from Rich Piana and the 5% Nutrition crew that they’d like to pledge $300 to the drive as well.

    Rich Piana Love it Kill It

    Rich Piana knows that he couldn’t “love it and kill it” without the support from our veterans and armed forces, so he’s throwing $300 into the ring and sharing our site on 3/14!

    Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition is a brand based upon one mentality: to be in the top 5% of whatever it is that you do. In Rich Piana and most 5-Percenters’ cases, that usually means being the biggest and strongest person in any room you walk into.

    But the mindset applies to anything. Pick a goal, pick a mission, and don’t top until you are the best. Thanks to our veterans, we are able to comfortably stay on such missions while our forces at home and overseas keep us safe.

    5% Nutrition has made a ton of waves lately with their unique new Real Food supplement, 5% Nutrition Egg White Crystals, which are nothing more than egg whites that have been gently dehydrated. Just add water and you have yourself real-deal egg whites! You can then safely travel with them, take them to work, or store them long-term at home.

  • DPS Nutrition: $100

    DPS Nutrition

    Thanks to DPS Nutrition for already throwing down $100 on top of whatever commissions we can make there on 3/14!

    E-Commerce supplement superstore DPS Nutrition has just donated $100 on March 10 – Thanks Team DPS!

    With a stellar 10% off site-wide coupon, DPS offers some of the best prices in the industry. See our DPS Nutrition Coupon page to check it out!

    All purchases made through DPS on 3/14/2017 will still get their commissions put towards Patriot PAWS — whether you use the coupon above or not!

If you’re a brand interested in participating, contact us and let’s get you listed!

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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