Rich Piana Workout: 30lbs of Muscle in 3 Months Coming!

Rich Piana Workout

Rich Piana’s Workout (and more) is coming soon. Get ready January 1, 2016!

Big news for fans of Rich Piana and his supplement company, 5% Nutrition: Starting in January, Rich is going to show all of his viewers how he puts on 30lbs of muscle in 3 months!

If successful, this will put Rich over 300lbs – something he’s done before. What’s different here is that he’s going to explain every last thing that goes into it — and that includes his cycle as well.

So when Rich starts in January, we’re going to “live blog” it all right here, and keep this post updated with his step-by-step guide.

Rich explains his cycle

Some may view these videos as irresponsible, but given the monstrous number of views and thumbs-ups on the two videos shown below, there definitely is a “market” for this.

There’s no hiding the fact that so many guys are users. Our biggest concern is that people think long and hard before they do it, and if they do enter that world, they do it right.

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition

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This includes working with a doctor, getting regular blood tests, and properly approaching post cycle therapy (PCT), something we’ve written about in great detail. To skip this or do it improperly is to severely risk your long-term health.

Since Rich leaves comments open on his videos, and we’ll have comments here, we hope it encourages solid discussion.

Rich’s Plan IN PROGRESS!

These videos are too frequent for us to keep up with each one – so here’s a link to his channel:

The Plan: Things You Will Need

Sorry, but this video has been deleted.

Key points:

  • MEALS: Four meals of 50g protein each. A couple are described below.

This obviously isn’t full or exact, but it’s a starting blueprint:

  1. Wake up, immediately drink ALLDAYYOUMAY (have it mixed pre-bed).
  2. Next, take Growth Hormone – Rich is using Serostim. This is typically done on an empty stomach, but is fine to take with the BCAAs in ALLDAYYOUMAY since they are zero-fat / zero-carb. Note: We do not condone the use of growth hormone without a physician’s approval and written consent.
  3. 15 minutes fasted cardio while drinking cardio. This works most easily if you have cardio at home.
  4. MEAL 1: Egg whites and oats. 50g worth of protein.

    Over time however, he’ll be eating more by slowly adding carbs in.

  5. Don’t argue with Rich

  6. Post-training: 50g Carbs! Rich loves Sweet Potatoes and Yams. You can also use 50g of his REAL FOOD supplement at this time. Drink this on your way home.

  7. Post-Training: A real meal #2 with your 50g protein once you get to home (or work).

  8. Nighttime Feeder Workouts: Before Bed, do 100 reps of side laterals for two months each night. Rich will use 15lbs, you might need to use less. 100 reps will be brutal, and it should burn!

  9. Cycle Considerations: Start where you normally start. You cannot follow Rich’s cycle.

There are some missing pieces here, but it’s interesting to see a few of these things.

More to come!

The Rich Piana Workout Plan Primer Videos

Posted October 31, 2015:

Sorry, but this video has been deleted.

You might want to read the comments on YouTube too. Some incredible trolls show up, but so do some legit fans who are glad to see him speak his truths.

It’s actually an interesting video and Rich raises some great points, but clearly his mission is not for everyone.

Two concerns: What of PCT, and can Natties handle this?

The biggest concern here is that we need to see the entire cycle – which would include both the cycle and the PCT. We hope Rich doesn’t leave everyone hanging by not disclosing how to properly cycle off – but with 3 months total, we’re pretty sure he’ll have it up. If not, we have the PCT guide if needed. It’s critically important stuff.

The second concern is that we don’t think this is really going to be for naturals at all. 10 meals a day? 4 hours of training? That will be devastating to all but the top-top-tier natural athletes.

Rich’s 2014 Video

If you want a sneak peak on Rich’s philosophies, see this video posted on September 11, 2014 before the 2014 Olympia:

Sorry, but this video has been deleted.

He quickly glosses over several topics, so we’re hoping we get a lot more info in the 2016 run.

Why are we covering this?

First off, nobody else is going to write this all down, and not everyone wants to watch videos or listen all day. Many of us learn visually by reading it.

Second, we actually enjoy a lot of Rich’s 5% Nutrition Supplements, one of which definitely includes the REAL FOOD supplement, which we reviewed here. We’ve also recently covered MENTALITY, a focus booster that is true to Rich’s form – a bit over the top.

Third, this YouTube comment from “Meow Mix” rings true:

Respect at least he doesn’t fucking lie about his use. God dam, I’d an take an honest asshole over a liar any day. — “Meow Mix” on YouTube

PricePlow is run by natty guys (we prefer the ‘smart drugs aka nootropics’), but that doesn’t mean we can’t write some of this down and let everyone else comment on it.

So stay tuned to this page and you’ll see the details over time!

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public. Mike is currently experimenting with a low Vitamin A diet.

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