Rich Piana’s REAL FOOD – Finally, a REAL Carb Supplement!

Rich Piana Real Food

Rich Piana’s REAL FOOD: A healthy carb supplement in powder form. Click here for the best deal.

You may already be familiar with Rich Piana and his supplement brand, 5% Nutrition. If not, a quick introduction is in order:

Do you Live the 5% Lifestyle?

Rich is basically a bodybuilder, nutrition expert, and motivational speaker / life coach rolled into one. He preaches the 5% philosophy, which is basically that about 95% of people will quit whatever they start, and your goal in life is to be part of the 5% that finishes.

We’re definitely fans of this message and appreciate the spirit of committing 100% and following through, especially when it comes to fitness and body composition!

Another interesting thing about Rich is that for someone who runs a supplement company, he’s very suspicious about the efficacy of supplements.

Even though his company sells a pre-workout (Kill It), a creatine supplement (Crea-Ten), and a recovery product (ALLDAYYOUMAY), Rich preaches getting nutrients from real food as much as possible. He’s particularly harsh on protein powders, vowing to never use them and to never sell one.

But carbs from real food? That’s a different story, as we’ll see here:

Real Food in Powder Form

His new supplement, REAL FOOD, is in line with those principles. It’s a carb replacement/addition product that’s made up entirely of low-glycemic carbs: pounded yam, sweet potato, oats and blueberries, ground into a fine powder and designed to incorporate easily in a shaker bottle.

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Rich Piana’s Real Food Ingredients

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Real Food Ingredients

The 5% Nutrition Real Food Ingredient Label / Supplement Facts

A look at the label reveals that REAL FOOD really is just real food, other than some of the typical stabilizers like cellulose and xanthan gum. With no synthetic vitamins or minerals added, it’s comparatively “low” on the vitamin and fiber count, but is intended pretty much exclusively to deliver you a life-like dose of real carbs.

Each scoop contains 100 calories with 21g of slow-digesting carbs and not much of anything else.

Aside from the blast of quality carbohydrates, each of these foods has their own unique health benefits as well.

  • Sweet Potato (10,000 mg)

    Sweet potato is where most of the nutrients and fiber in the mix come from. Despite being rich in sugars for a tuber, they’re a great source of complex carbs that aren’t as readily stored as fat. They also help what would otherwise be a pretty dry flavor profile, and are rich in antioxidants.[1]

  • Pounded Yam (10,000 mg)

    rich piana real food sweet potato

    Sweet potato … good and good FOR you!

    “Pounded yam” is actually a type of dish in Nigerian cuisine, usually using white yam. We’re not sure if the listing here is a reference to the dish or just a reference to being mashed into a fine powder, but either way, any type of yam is another rich source of antioxidants. They’re not as nutrient-rich as sweet potatoes but they do contribute a good dose of vitamins C and B6 and some essential minerals like copper and manganese.[2]

  • Oats (7,000 mg)

    Aside from being a good source of fiber and minerals, oats are thought to be very beneficial in regulating cholesterol in the body. Some studies have indicated they may also protect cardiovascular health through the action of “avenanthramides”, a compound only found in oats. They protect against oxidation in the cardiovascular system that can be induced by the presence of copper.[3]

  • Blueberry Fruit Powder (500 mg)

    The main role of blueberries here is to sweeten the pot, but they’re also the most antioxidant-rich food in the world and are a good source of vitamin C.[4]

Real Food Reviews

This is about what a 30g serving should look like on the epic Real Food shovel. A bit heaping! Click the image to read our final review!!

While the REAL FOODS formula is mostly just a way to get healthy convenience carbs when you can’t prep a proper meal, Rich has also put together a very heart-healthy blend with this formula!

If you notice the difference between cheap carbs like maltodextrin and actual food, but you still want the easiness of those powdered carb supplements, then this is the one worth trying.

Rich Piana Supplements

Are you ready to kill it with some REAL carbs from Rich?

Shake It Up: Our review is here!

Update: Our Rich Piana Real Food REVIEW is now up, and it scores a 9/10 and is PricePlow Approved! Click the link to read more and see tons of pics!!

Our biggest question was how well it incorporates in a shaker – and it passes with flying colors! That’s really important for this product, since a big selling point is supposed to be convenience. If anyone out there has given it a shot, by all means tell us about it in the Comments section below … also be sure to sign up for updates and keep an eye on this space, as we’ll have more info when our test tub arrives!

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