Laxosterone: The Best Form of Laxogenin


Laxosterone is the preferred type of Laxogenin on the market. It’s made by Bestcom Biotech Co., Ltd and is most trusted thanks to their industry-leading test results and an actual human study performed on it!

Prior to the existence of Laxosterone, laxogenin’s quality was simply not up to par, as you’ll see in the lab results below. But over time, Bestcom Biotech improved their extraction methods so well that they’re now up to 98% purity levels as of late 2016, which is orders of magnitudes better than the nearest competitor!

Additionally, there had been a lack of research on the market on this promising plant steroid, but thankfully, Bestcom Biotech performed a double-blind study that pitted their 5α-Hydroxy Laxogenin vs. standard Laxogenin vs. Placebo.

Before we get into the research, see our featured Laxosterone supplements below, and then check out the gains claimed:

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The 2016 Laxosterone Study

Subjects were randomly divided and trained for four weeks with a daily regimen in barbell bench press, barbell bicep curls, seated leg press, and seated leg press at 65% of the maximum exercise.

The researchers measured upper arm circumference, bust, thigh circumference weekly, and did not allow the subjects to use other supplements or change diet plans.

The results are below:

Laxogenin Research Study: Bench Press

Strength Increases: Barbell Bench Press

Laxogenin Research Study: Biceps Curl

Strength Increases: Barbell Biceps Curl

Laxogenin Research Study: Leg Press

Strength Increases: Seated Leg Press

Laxogenin Research Study: Upper Arm Circumference

Size Increases: Upper Arm Circumference

Laxogenin Research Study: Chest Circumference

Size Increases: Chest Circumference

Laxogenin Research Study: Thigh Circumference

Size Increases: Thigh Circumference

We’re awaiting further details on this study, but so far, it is the most promising thing that confirms what we already thought: you can get some noticeable size and strength gains from Laxosterone brand Laxogenin!

You can learn more in our main Laxogenin article, where we show the HPLC tests and featured products. Otherwise, compare prices below:

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The Laxosterone HPLC Test Results

Thanks to Bestcom Biotech for sharing this data – updated in November of 2016. The following is why we trust Laxosterone the most, since this had been a difficult ingredient to manufacture until they perfected the process:

Laxosterone Lab Tests

Laxosterone has an industry-leading 98% area under the curve. This is a very difficult ingredient to perfect!

The competition falls way short!

However, other brands of Laxogenin tested didn’t fare so well:

Laxogenin Failed Lab Tests

The competition is a mess, and this is why laxogenin had so many problems for so long.

Realize that the top chart has improved and been updated over time. Bestcom Biotech has clearly spent much time, effort, and money in order to ensure the highest-quality laxogenin on the market, and those efforts are paying off since Laxosterone-based supplements are performing and selling better.

Moving forward, we will soon be receiving third-party lab tests to prove these statements, and hope to see those same 98% test results. The competition isn’t even close to these numbers, as you can see above.

So that’s why we’re sticking with Laxosterone.

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