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Performax Labs StimMax Takes Stims to the MAX

Performax Labs StimMax Coming Soon

Performax Labs is taking pre workout stimulants to the MAX with StimMax, including a whopping 423mg caffeine along with Dynamine and nootropics.

Performax Labs is absolutely unstoppable.

The maximum-powered supplement experts went through a major rebrand in 2017, upgrading […]

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RedCon1 TOTAL WAR 2018: The Next Wave of Warfare is Here

RedCon1 Total War New Formula

RedCon1 has updated their high-powered, clinically dosed stim-based pre workout Total War that’ll have you winning the battle against the iron!

The aptly-named Total War has consistently ranked as one of our top “aggressive” stim formulas since its release well […]

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The Pitbull Labs Pre Workout: Energy and Focus with Bite

Pitbull Labs Pre Workout

Pitbull Labs Pre Workout is rocking some incredibly packaging to match an extremely well-dosed energy and focus fueled Pre Workout supplement.

There’s been a new brand on the scene that’s got open labels, well-dosed products, and some of the coolest[…]

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The Pitbull Labs Pre Workout Review — Balanced Energy and Focus!

Pitbull Labs Pre Workout Review

Robert and CJ review the Pitbull Labs Pre Workout — balanced energy and focus abounds!

Pitbull Labs is one of the coolest new companies on the market. The brand is committed to delivering efficaciously dosed, open-label products, backed by science. […]

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OxyMax: Upgraded MAX Strength Fat Burner from Performax Labs

Performax Labs OxyMax

Performax Labs rolls out a brand new, fully-disclosed version of their powerful appetite-suppressing, mood-enhancing fat burner OxyMax.

Performax Labs has unveiled their latest edition of their popular fat-burner, OxyMax, with a brand new ingredient panel featuring a full-dosed and […]

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NTel Pharma AREZ Black: Embrace the Dark Side Pre Workout

NTel Pharma Arez Black

NTel Pharma is BACK with another darker version of the high powered pre workout AREZ Black.

Several months back, we covered the relaunching of NTel Pharma, led by their high energy pre workout AREZ. We’re back again today […]

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Synedrex 2017: Another Abominable Prop Blend from Metabolic

Metabolic Nutrition has revamped their flagship fat burner Synedrex to include DMHA and Eria Jarensis in place of DMAA.

After having a blow dealt to them by the FDA (as well as Hi-Tech Pharma cloning the DMAA Synedrex with their […]

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Tim Muriello’s SPAZMATIC – Magic Workout Energy in a Bottle

Tim Muriello Spazmatic

Tim Muriello, of IllPumpYouUp fame, has launched his own company with the debut of Spazmatic, a high energy pre workout that brings some serious pumps.

Tim Muriello is one of the most widely recognized faces in the supplement, gaining popularity […]

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Dust Extreme 2017 – DMAA Returns and All is Right at Blackstone!

Blackstone Labs Dust Extreme 2017 DMAA Version

Blackstone Labs has had an interesting few months recently to say the least, but the the beast is back!

DMAA is BACK in Dust Extreme from Blackstone Labs, restoring it to its former glory.

First, they discontinued their previous DMAA […]

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Primeval Labs Adrenal Rush V2: Upgraded Flavors, Same Kick

Primeval Labs Adrenal Rush V2

Primeval Labs has recently tweaked Adrenal Rush V2 to improve the flavoring but kept the profile the same.

Primeval Labs has been one of the busiest supplement companies in the industry the past 12 months, and things are only getting […]

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