EndurElite PerformElite X: The ULTIMATE Endurance Supplement!

Every endurance athlete has been there before. We sign up for a race, get really excited, start training… and then life happens. Training doesn’t always go our way, an injury slows things down, or we’re just not hitting the numbers we thought we should.

EndurElite Matt Mosman

You’ve got a big bridge to cross, and not a lot of time to cross it. It’s time for the kitchen sink. And EndurElite has just what will help take you across and beyond.

Now you’re a month out from the race, and it’s time to put the hammer down. In an effort to throw literally everything you can at the problem in a short amount of time, you start researching endurance supplements, and are willing to throw in the kitchen sink at rescuing and even dominating your race performance.

The “kitchen sink” of endurance supplements is here

Today, your research time (and race concerns) just got a whole lot smaller – because one man has been there before, and he’s put together what he calls “The Formulator’s Cut” – the most badass, loaded-up endurance supplement for those of you who need a month of total training supremacy before (and on!) the big day.

This is that kitchen sink supplement, and below, we explain why, with over 40 citations and all.

Meet Matt Mosman of EndurElite

Matt Mosman

He’s formulated for bodybuilding / sports nutrition companies, but now Chief Endurance Officer Matt Mosman is back where he belongs: in the endurance world.

Originally rising within the ranks of top research-based sports supplement companies like NutraBio and MusclePharm, “Chief Endurance Officer” Matt Mosman set out on his own to take over his corner of the supplement industry – and that meant endurance sports, given that he’s an elite endurance athlete himself. After years of research in formulating products for the bodybuilding community, he realized that there were no serious supplements made specifically for endurance athletes like himself! It was just a bunch of waffles and carbs!

In launching EndurElite in early 2017, he boldly announced his arrival, and based on what EndurElite has formulated so far, they sure are making their presence known. It all started with a product named PerformElite, an incredible pre training supplement for athletes like Matt himself.

A no-holds barred endurance training aid

But then the genius inside started wondering… “What if I were to make a supplement with no holds barred?! What would I put in it?”

PerformElite X: The Formulator’s Cut

EndurElite PerformElite X: The Formulator's Cut

When the world’s best endurance supplement formulator puts together “The Formulator’s Cut”, it’s time to take a look. Especially if you’re close to race time.

What came out was EndurElite PerformElite X, and after throwing the first batch up on Instagram, he sold out nearly instantly. Apparently he wasn’t alone in his quest for the kitchen sink. Luckily for us, and the rest of you out there looking for a longer, more intense workout, Mosman is gearing up to release Round 2 and beyond!

EndurElite’s PerformElite X aims to do exactly what its name suggests – enable you to perform at an elite level. It’s packed full of science-backed ingredients, each of which serving a specific purpose in helping you crush PRs and enhance your endurance. Through 4 different matrices – VO2 Boost, Lactic Acid Neutralizer, Anti-Fatigue & Focus Matrix, and Extended Energy & Endurance Blend – you’ll be getting everything you need, whether you’re training for a marathon or even for a squat PR if you want to use it in the gym.

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Alright, let’s get into what separates PerformElite X from the rest of the pack. We’re going to break this phenomenal endurance-based pre workout by the different sections on the open formula label, highlighting why each ingredient is in a specific matrix!

  • VO2 Boost Complex

    • Beet Root Powder – 2,000mg

      EndureElite PerformElite X: The Formulator's Cut Ingredients

      So. Loaded. This is what every endurance athlete should consider a few weeks before the big race!

      If you’re familiar with any endurance products, then seeing beet root powder high up on this label should be no surprise! It’s one of the most researched ingredients in the supplement industry, and it continues to prove its worth. Beet root powder often has a high concentration of nitrates, which is really where the magic is at.

      Decrease time to exhaustion

      The primary function of beet root powder, in this case, is how it can decrease time to exhaustion while training. A study published in 2013 showed significant enhancement in the ability to maintain intensity at 60%, 70%, and 80% of peak power during exercise.[1] In addition, while they couldn’t confirm it statistically, the researchers noted a trend toward increased endurance at 100% peak power.[1]

      Another study tested whether beet root powder had any effect on O2 spending in submaximal exercise. In a double-blind, placebo study, 8 men between 19 and 38 years old were either given 500 ml/day of either beet root powder or placebo for six days. The study showed that the group taking beet root powder saw a 19% reduction in pulmonary O2 uptake in moderate exercise, plus significant reduction in the same metric in severe exercise.[2] Because the subjects were preserving more oxygen, they also found an extended time to exhaustion.[2]

      How? Improved mitochondrial energy kinetics
      Beet Root Time to Exhaustion

      No matter the intensity, beet root increases the time it takes to get exhausted![1]

      How exactly can the nitrates in beet root powder accomplish this? Well, they seem to have quite the effect on your mitochondria, which are crucial for the processes of breathing and energy production. Research has shown that nitrates from beet root powder improve oxidative phosphorylation efficiency (P/O ratio).[3] This is the process by which the body utilizes oxygen to create ATP, which we all know is what allows our muscles to function. By improving the P/O ratio, beet root powder forces the mitochondria into operate more efficiently, which in turn can decrease your time to exhaustion. When you have more oxygen to spend, you can exercise longer!

      Less muscle damage, and faster recovery

      Research from 2015 cites even another endurance benefit of beet root powder. In testing 30 recreationally active males, researchers found that those given either 150ml or 250ml of beet root juice, when compared to placebo, had recovered from exercise 28.9% faster than placebo.[4] This is significant, as recovering faster from exercise means you can get back on the road (or in the water), and get to your goals faster!

      Increase power output
      Beet Root Power Output

      More beet root, more power![1]

      Last but certainly not least, beet root powder also has potential in increasing how much power you can exert in exercise. Research published in 2018 cites improved muscle power output via a faster muscle-shortening velocity caused by the nitrates within beet root powder.[5] No doubt, this effect is tied to the efficiency uptick in the mitochondria, but nonetheless means you can exert more force at a higher rate, for a longer period of time!

      With this being an endurance-focused supplement, having beet root powder listed as the first ingredient on the label is expected. Few other ingredients compare in its ability to help endurance athletes, and at a 2000mg dose, you’ll be getting all the nitrates you need to keep going!

    • Taurine – 1,500mg

      Taurine, a conditionally essential amino acid, serves many purposes within the body. It’s found within the brain, eyes, heart, and muscles, and helps regulate a number of bodily functions.[5] However, research has shown that it offers a lot in regards to enhancing exercise performance, specifically in endurance.

      Reduces fatigue

      When we exercise, our muscles get tired due to damage and interaction with waste compounds within the body. However, taurine supplementation offers a way to limit such exposure, effectively increasing our endurance.


      A great new meta analysis shows that Taurine, long used for a ‘filler’ amino acid, turns out to be legit for endurance… and after a single use![43]

      Research from 2012 compared acute taurine supplementation (1000mg) versus placebo in performance in a 3km run. Citing an interaction within the muscle membrane, researchers found that the subjects who were given taurine saw a 2% increase in performance compared to placebo.[6] By simply taking taurine, these runners were able to run faster, and their perceived tiredness seemed to decrease.

      A study conducted on mice may offer some insight into how exactly taurine can have these effects on muscles. Scientists saw a decrease in lactic acid build-up in mice given taurine, compared to placebo.[7] We all know the kind of effect lactic acid can have when exercising, and any way we can increase the time it takes to affect us is worth it.

      Similarly to beet root powder, it seems taurine can help decrease oxidative stress and improve time to exhaustion. In 2003, 11 male cyclists were given taurine in order to assess its effects on their body post-workout. After completing their exercise, researchers found significant increases in VO2 max, exercise time to exhaustion, and maximal workload.[8] They also found significant prevention of cellular oxidative stress,[8] offering an explanation for how taurine can achieve these results.

      Decreases muscle damage
      Taurine Benefits

      Taurine’s Benefits (endurance-wise) can be seen after a single use![43]

      More technically an “organic acid” than an amino acid, taurine also operates as a combatant of muscle damage. Research has shown that taurine increased strength levels, decreased muscle soreness, and decreased oxidative damage in men after completing weightlifting routines.[9] Again, this effect only amplifies the time to exhaustion benefits. Not only can you exercise longer, but you can return to exercise faster!

      And of course, we must always point out the recent meta-analysis that ran data across nine different studies that not only showed taurine improving endurance, but it can improve it immediately upon the first use![43]

    • PeakO2 – 1,000mg

      Whether or not you’re familiar with medicinal mushrooms, if you’re interested in increasing your endurance, you better be incorporating them into your daily regimen! EndurElite PerformElite X realizes the potential they offer, which is why PeakO2 is utilized here.

      PeakO2 Benefits

      Sold by Compound Solutions, PeakO2 has several benefits for hard-training athletes, especially those who need a bump of endurance

      PeakO2 is a medicinal mushroom blend that seems to be growing in popularity by the day. It’s powered by Cordyceps militaris, and has been shown to maximize power output and improve oxygen uptake. What science out there can explain what this blend of Cordyceps, Reishi, King Trumpet, Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, and Turkey Tail mushrooms can do in regards to your training?

      Improved aerobic performance, thanks to cordyceps

      Cordyceps militaris, while having roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is becoming a focus in modern research due to its reported versatility. In 2016, researchers stated that chronic use of a mushroom blend headlined by Cordyceps “may be an effective method for enhancing aerobic performance and delaying fatigue by improving oxygen kinetics.”[10] They made this claim due to the fact that the subjects tested saw significant increases in VO2 max, endurance, and peak power output.[10] Now, this evidence falls right in line with everything else on this label, proving the potency of Cordyceps. But, what about the other mushrooms used in PeakO2? Well, it just so happens that the aforementioned study actually used PeakO2, thus proving the worth of this fantastic endurance-enhancing blend!

      It even works at lower doses
      PeakO2 Benefits

      2g/day of PeakO2 helped bring blood lactate down for athletes after 4 weeks of supplementation

      Now, we must mention that the previous PeakO2 study mentioned used a rather high dose, giving their athletes 4g daily for a three-week period. That’s a lot, and frankly, the dose we have in PerformElite X doesn’t even come close (good luck finding any product packing that much PeakO2). However, that doesn’t mean that lower doses still don’t yield results!

      In 2017, a study hailing from the College of Charleston tested different dosing practices of PeakO2. One group was given 2g daily for 28 days, another 12g for 7 days, and both were compared to placebo. The lower-dose group saw significant decreases in time to exhaustion, decreases in blood lactate levels, and increases in VO2 max![11] The higher-dose group saw all the same results, in addition to decreases in submaximal heart rate and improved peak power output.[11]


      PeakO2 is a research-backed performance-enhancing extract of several mushroom varieties what will significantly boost endurance.

      While the above findings suggest that a “high-dosing loading phase” may be worthwhile prior to an important competition, it also shows benefits for regular, everyday use. These tests were conducted using “recreationally active adults”.[11] In other words, PeakO2 can be useful for everyone, whether you’re an elite athlete or a normal person looking to get fit!

      Yes, PeakO2 uses a full portfolio of medicinal mushrooms, but Cordyceps militaris is the real start of the show here. The research backs up its potency, and it’s truly the driving force behind PeakO2. We love this stuff, and the potential endurance and power benefits it offers fits right at home with this product!

    • Theobromine – 100mg

      Found commonly in cacao plants,[12] theobromine is, at first, a peculiar finding on this label. However, based on the research that’s out there, it can be a worthy tool in boosting your VO2 uptake!

      Theobromine Half Life

      Taken from a related patent application, this is actually about its antitussive effect, and shows that it certainly lasts a while.

      While theobromine appears to have a variety of affects, ranging from brain health to anti-inflammatory properties, the compound plays a key role in breathing. Specifically, it actually helps open up pathways for the lungs, enhancing your breathing.[12] In fact, theobromine has even showed promise as a treatment for asthma due to its performance as a bronchodilator.[13]

      Obviously, this relates to exercise. In order to keep endurance levels high, you need to be able to breathe efficiently. Having the ability to take in more oxygen keeps you from getting gassed too quickly, prolonging your activity. This is especially important for a runner or cyclist, as that extra advantage could be the difference between first and second place in your next competition!

  • Lactic Acid Neutralizer

    Beta Alanine for Endurance

    Beta alanine boosts how long athletes last, which then turns into more overall workload…

    Lactic acid is often viewed as the enemy for endurance athletes. Therefore, it makes sense that EndurElite focuses part of its label on combating it. It just so happens that this matrix lists only one ingredient, but it may just be the best ingredient at fighting off the effects of lactic acid!

    • Beta-Alanine – 3,200mg

      If you’re familiar with virtually any pre workout supplement, there’s a good chance you’ve seen beta alanine before. This isn’t just coincidence though, as this ingredient is one of the most effective, most researched compounds in the supplement industry. It’s typically used for endurance benefits, making it a perfect weapon for PerformElite X!

      If you’re not really familiar with how beta-alanine works once ingested, it’s actually quite interesting. Unlike most ingredients, it actually works synergistically with histidine, an amino acid your body produces. Together, they form muscle carnosine,[14] which actually helps ward off lactic acid, thus increasing muscular endurance![15]

      Increases work capacity, and reduces fatigue
      Beta Alanine Boosts Exercise Performance

      Beta Alanine Boosts Exercise Performance when taken 3.2g per day (but that was split amongst four separate doses)

      As for the surplus of research on beta-alanine that’s out there, it all reinforces its ability to boost muscular endurance. Because it can deflect lactic acid build-up, beta-alanine has proved capable of increasing total work capacity,[16,17] delaying onset fatigue,[18] and boosting peak power output![19]

      While 3.2g is the clinical dosage used in most of these studies, it’s important to note that researchers usually separate the dose into four separate 800mg pieces per day. However, it’s much more convenient to get all 3.2g in in one shot. Plus, because these effects seem to be linked to overall muscle saturation, rather than nutrient timing, we think the 3.2g in each scoop of PerformElite X is perfect!

  • Anti-Fatigue & Focus Matrix

    • Ornithine HCL – 2,000mg


      PerformElite, awesome in its own right, is the original pre-training aid from EndurElite. The Black Version we’re talking abou today just takes things to another stratosphere

      Ornithine, a non-protein forming amino acid, kicks off PerformElite X’s “Anti-Fatigue & Focus” component. Bonded with hydrochloric acid to enhance absorption, research on this ingredient helps form its strong reputation as a fighter of fatigue.

      While lactic acid build-up is widely regarded as a key component of fatigue, ammonia levels within the body somehow slip past the public eye. Research has shown that excess levels of ammonia result in reduced muscle functioning,[20] which is troublesome for us athletes. To make matters worse, ammonia production is actually a result of muscle contractions [21] – in other words, simply by exercising, our body creates something that eventually causes us to stop exercising! How can we defend ourselves from this ruthless, seemingly never-ending cycle?

      Ornithine Benefits Ammonia

      Ornithine supplementation leads to vastly decreased ammonia levels[22]

      Enter ornithine. The amino acid actually bonds itself to ammonia to create citrulline (which we’ll get to later!), a compound that’s very beneficial to the body. Acting somewhat as an eraser of ammonia, ornithine has been shown to reduce the feeling of fatigue.[22] A study from 2008 showed that a daily dose of 2g for 6 days (plus a whopping 6g the day of testing) reduced fatigue by 52% when compared to placebo.[22] As expected, the researchers then discovered that the subjects given ornithine had lower ammonia levels, giving further credibility to ornithine ability to regulate those levels.

      Also, if you find that you have a tough day of training ahead after a late night out, ornithine may be able to help you out. It’s anti-fatigue effects have also been translated to people on the morning after drinking alcohol.[23] While not entirely relevant to this product specifically, we think it’s something worth knowing!

    • Choline Bitartrate – 1,000mg

      Next up is 1000mg of choline bitartrate, which yields around 410mg of actual choline – more than you get in a few eggs. While this form isn’t the most bioavailable, it does have a lot choline by weight, and the large dose makes up for those often smaller doses of more expensive forms of choline. In PerformElite X, we will actually get two forms!


      No need to ask this question when you have a formulator like Mosman who says ‘Why not do both?’

      Choline is an essential nutrient,[24] commonly found in foods like eggs, salmon, and chicken liver. It’s integral in regulating a number of bodily functions, most of which pertain to the liver, brain, and central nervous system. It’s a precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that triggers functions in the aforementioned parts of the body. Because of the effects it can have on cognition, we typically see choline used as a nootropic, as is the case in PerformElite X!

      Helps you stay focused

      In 2011, research focused on how dietary choline affected cognitive function was published. It discovered that choline intake and cognitive performance were proportional, meaning that higher levels of choline yielded better cognitive functioning, specifically in memory.[25] Therefore, we can justify choline use for enhanced focus, as it can help us stay a bit more “dialed in” while exercising. So, it’s clear it has a cognitive effect, which is commonly linked to the “mind-muscle connection” aspect of weight training, but does it do anything additionally for endurance?

      Choline depletion is an issue for endurance athletes

      Interestingly, extremely strenuous and lengthy physical activity, such as running long distances, can severely deplete choline levels as it’s used for fat oxidation and other mechanisms. This can tire you out rather quickly, and is obviously not conducive to your training. Research suggests that supplementing with choline may increase endurance performance in these kinds of activities.[26] In a supplement mainly concerned with endurance, we’ll take any peripheral endurance boosts we can get!

    • AlphaSizeⓇ (Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline) – 600mg


      A new study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition finds that 600mg daily of Alpha GPC significantly improves leg strength.

      Remember when we said choline bitartrate isn’t the most bioavailable form of choline supplementation? Well that’s because of alpha-glyceryl phosphoryl choline, also known as Alpha-GPC! AlphaSize is actually 50% Alpha-GPC by weight (it’s a sticky substance so it needs to be bound to silica), so this is effectively a 300mg dose, but 600mg AlphaSize is also the clinical dose, and we’re expecting even more given the bitartrate above. So you’re probably wondering, what’s different about Alpha-GPC?

      Another, and better brain booster!
      Mid Thigh Pull Results

      Alpha GPC isn’t just good for enhancing brain function, it can also deliver some big strength gains (when dosed at 600mg).

      Everything we said about choline bitartrate? That all holds true here, too, and then some. Alpha-GPC has actually been shown to be more easily absorbed by cells, making it a much better booster of acetylcholine production.[27] Specifically, it elevates acetylcholine levels in the frontal cortex of the brain,[28] which is the part of the brain that controls the mechanisms related to motor function and attention management.[29] That makes it a better nootropic, on top what it offers as an endurance-enhancer, as discussed with choline!

      Leg strength gains too

      There was even a study performed using AlphaSize at this dose showing increased leg strength, where the isometric mid-thigh pull peak force significantly increased from initial testing baseline compared to placebo.[42]

      When talking about leg strength gains, we know exactly where your mind goes: to the bike!

    • ActiGinⓇ (Panax Notoginseng [root] & Rosa Roxburghii [fruit]) – 50mg

      ActiGin Glycogen Graph

      Oral Rg1 supplementations accelerated glycogen recovery in human skeletal muscle after an acute bout of 1 h exercise (70% VO2max). Rg1 was orally delivered 1 night and 1 h before exercise. Glucose (A) and insulin (B) levels in blood after a post-exercise meal. Glycogen depletion rate during 1 h exercise (C) and glycogen accumulation rate (D) during 3 h recovery invastus lateralis muscle.

      Combining two plants from Traditional Chinese Medicine, panax notoginseng and rosa roxburghii, ActiGinⓇ claims to help shuttle glycogen to the muscles. This blend from NuLiv Science has gotten a lot of attention in recent years, and based on the results, we can see why!

      ActiGinⓇ has been shown to decrease muscular inflammation, increase VO2 max, and improve time to exhaustion.[30,31] It seems to be able to accomplish this through defending cells from autophagy, or cellular destruction (sometimes this is good, but not when we’re trying to race). By keeping muscle cells from breaking down, ActiGinⓇ is able to boost both the endurance and recovery of your muscles, in addition to further enhancing recovery through glycogen restoration.

    • Huperzine-A (Huperzia serrata standardized extract) – 0.2mg


      Acetylcholinesterase breaks down our acetylcholine. Huperzine A helps slow this process down.

      While supplementing with choline is great and all, your body still does break it down through acetylcholinesterase. The duration of the effects choline can have decreases the faster this process operates. Ideally, we want to inhibit this breakdown as best as we can. That’s where something like huperzine-A comes into play.

      Huperzine-A may be the most potent inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase,[32,33,34] meaning it significantly prolongs the effects of choline within the brain. We’ve already discussed the anti-fatigue and cognitive benefits of choline, and by simply playing active defense with huperzine-A, you can enjoy those effects for longer!

  • Extended Energy & Endurance Blend

    We’ve covered a ton of ingredients on this label, yet, we haven’t yet discussed the energy matrix! Don’t worry, EndurElite didn’t forget – nothing keeps you from getting tired better than a good, energetic jolt!

    • Cluster Dextrin – 10,000mg

      Nothing fuels performance like carbohydrates, the all-time, most commonly used legal performance-enhancing drug! With low-carb diets like keto being all the rage nowadays (and for good reason, they do work for ultra-endurance athletes!), there’s no denying the power of the carbohydrate for sprints, mid distance, and even “regular” long distance training. Your body is adapted to run off of carbs, especially for fast bursts, but certain kinds are definitely more conducive for exercise.

      HBCD Cyclic Cluster Dextrin Benefits

      The Borg Scale shows the rate of perceived exertion, meaning Cluster Dextrin makes it feel like you’re working less hard than maltodextrin![37]

      Also known as Highly-Branched Cyclic Dextrin (or HBCD), Cluster Dextrin is derived from amylopectin, a form of glucose contained within plants. It has a higher osmolality and molecular weight than the most common types of carbohydrates we use,[35] meaning it is digested at an insanely fast rate. In turn, it’s quickly shuttled to your muscles for faster glycogen restoration, giving you the energy to continue exercising.

      This pre-workout “super carb” has also been shown to both increase endurance and improve recovery by decreasing delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS).[36,37] In summary, it does everything you could possibly want in a pre-workout fuel source – faster energy, longer-lasting fuel, and better recovery!

      The 10g dose is a good pre-workout starter, and you can always add more accordingly. Even fat-adapted endurance athletes can crush 10g and switch back over to ketones with no problem, so this is a perfect sweet spot for everyone.

    • Citrulline Malate – 6,000mg

      Citrulline malate is essentially citrulline that has been bonded with malic acid, and while it’s not pure citrulline, it nonetheless has the same effects and this here is the clinical dose!

      EndurElite Supplements

      Love at first sight

      Like beetroot, supplemental citrulline is commonly used as a “nitric oxide booster”, promoting blood flow through an increase in blood arginine levels.[38] By inducing more blood circulation, citrulline malate can amplify the absorption of the Cluster Dextrin mentioned above by getting these nutrients to your muscles faster.

      One specific study from 2007 actually found that citrulline malate actually enhances amino acid utilization, which effectively can keep you from feeling fatigued during exercise.[39] While there are no cited direct energy influences of this ingredient, it nonetheless still promotes an energetic, less fatigued feeling!

      The 6g EndurElite is packing here does give you the studied dose, and man are we happy about that. This ingredient fits perfectly on an endurance-focused label, and we have no doubt you’ll come to appreciate it for more than just the “nitric oxide pump!”

    • elevATPⓇ (Ancient Peat & Apple Extracts) – 200mg

      elevATP Research

      Individual Changes in Total Strength. The trend is your friend!

      For some more “stimulant-free” energy, look no further than elevATPⓇ from FutureCeuticals. A patented ingredient utilizing ancient peat and apple extracts, elevATPⓇ does what the name implies – it elevates ATP production within the body.[40] Your cells don’t deal with “calories”, they deal in the “energy currency” of ATP. Short for adenosine triphosphate, this is the form of energy actually used by the muscles, and by having more of it, you can feel more energized!

      Research has shown that a 150mg dose of this stuff increases “intracellular ATP in blood cells”,[41] and EndurElite is giving you more than that dosage here! At 200mg, you’re getting all the energy, strength, and power-boosting benefits elevATPⓇ has shown, and then some!

    • Caffeine Anhydrous – 150mg

      Ah, our old friend caffeine! Caffeine anhydrous is the quickest-hitting form of supplemental caffeine, and will give you that quick shot of energy you’re looking for in a pre-workout. While caffeine does offer some thermogenic benefits, we’re pretty sure it’s here for only one reason – energy. You’re getting a conservative dose of 150mg here, too, so you don’t have to be worried about getting too wired too quickly. Alternatively, if you are worried that it’s not enough, well…

    • Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate – 135mg


      Part of the stim blend. Infinergy helps prolong the initial stim kick from caffeine anhydrous and citrate giving you longer-lasting energy without any nasty crash.

      There’s more stims! Dicaffeine malate, caffeine bound to malic acid, yields around 73% pure caffeine, just about 100mg in this case. The presence of malic acid here increases the time it takes for Infinergy to take hold, meaning it gives you a bit of a longer-lasting form of energy.

      By giving you two forms of caffeine, both with different rates of absorption, PerformElite X is doing exactly what it should. It’s giving a quick-hitting jolt to get you going, while also feeding you energy as you’re going. Now, that sure does sound like an energy matrix we’d expect to find in an endurance supplement!

      So for those of you who don’t want to do the math, we’re looking at a total of 250mg caffeine.


While PerformElite X has you absolutely covered when it comes to your pre-workout endurance needs, it allows a little bit of flexibility when it comes to both your intra-workout supplementation and post-workout nutrition.

Endurance Supplements

EndurElite has a fantastic stack for you, and more. In our case, we’re upgrading the ‘Pre’ part of things just a bit today!

Looking into an intra-workout drink such as SustainElite is a great place to start. Packing a solid amino acids blend (including a 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs, best used to fight muscle breakdown!) plus additional carbohydrates and electrolytes, this product will no doubt aid you in your fight to keep moving!

Post-exercise, getting in some high-quality protein should be a priority. While EndurElite does offer a solid whey protein, they have something that may be a bit more advantageous for endurance athletes. RecoverElite hits you with protein, glycogen-replenishing carbs, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals – all things you need to be getting after rigorous training!

A little more about Matt…

If you’re interested in Matt’s story, check out these couple of videos from the PricePlow YouTube channel! Mike interviewed Matt, and he’s an extremely enthusiastic, energetic guy.

Subscribe to PricePlow on YouTube!

Subscribe to PricePlow on YouTube!

If you want a dose of entertaining yet relevant knowledge, you may also want to take a look at Matt on social media — you can find him easiest on Instagram at @EndurEliteCEO and @EndurElite but be sure to subscribe to the EndurElite YouTube channel!

Conclusion – THE pre-workout for endurance training!

Whether you’re training for a marathon, a triathlon, or are even just an athlete facing multiple workouts in a day, PerformElite X was formulated for you! Matt Mosman originally made this product for his personal training needs, but realized that there were other people who would benefit from such a supplement. We love seeing “all out war” supplements from brilliant minds like his. Anytime Matt talks, you should listen – even if it’s for a good laugh when he’s ranting about overweight people adding butter to their coffee.


#FuelingFast. This is a must-follow brand led by a similarly must-follow man!

Anyway, there are times when you’ve gotta train, and then there are times when you’ve gotta TRAIN. PerformElite X is for the latter.

PerformElite X: The Formulator’s Cut gives you everything you need to remain at the peak of your training – VO2 enhancement, endurance improvement, fatigue fighters, focus inducers, and both fast and extended energy. This formula will not only help you get going, but it’ll help you keep going. In endurance training specifically, sometimes that’s the biggest hurdle you face!

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Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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