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American Made Nutrition is built to last!

Several brands come and go in the supplement industry, but very few thrive. What’s even more rare is when brand owners start and operate multiple supplement brands that each have their own unique attributes and become successful.

You may be wondering… what’s the point of starting different supplement brands? While some entrepreneurs decide to keep everything under one name, others see opportunities in various marketplaces. For example, one brand may be solely focused on delivering cutting-edge sports performance, while another is for mainstream health and wellness.

Many decide to start separate companies or brands focused on their specific niches, engaging with consumers with different concerns. This allows you to target a wider range of consumers and equally grow both brands, while keeping each message on point!

Introducing American Made Nutrition: From The Creators of Axe & Sledge

That brings us to American Made Nutrition (AMN) — a brand that was created by the same masterminds behind Axe & Sledge Supplements and All American Roughneck. What most people are unaware of is that AMN was founded in 2016, two years before Axe & Sledge Supplements burst onto the scene. At the time, Mike Rhoten and Patrick Williams were fed up with their current jobs and eager to start something new, and AMN was born.

AMN Female Athlete

AMN is a brand that’s passionate about both health and performance!

A few years later, after proving that they have what it takes to run a successful supplement company, Mike and Patrick met Bobby Dautrich and Seth Feroce. Within no time, the four men became inseparable, and teamed up to create two more brands in addition to AMN. Now, each one owns a stake in three different companies — Axe & Sledge Supplements, All American Roughneck, and American Made Nutrition.

We’ve covered plenty of content on Axe & Sledge, with a lot more on the way! But today, we’re going to rewind the clock and discuss what American Made Nutrition stands for, since it’s a completely different brand than Axe & Sledge.

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American Made Nutrition: United We Stand

AMN was created with the goal of making the world a better place one supplement at a time. Before starting AMN, Patrick Williams gained several years of experience working in supplement manufacturing, which gave him the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to formulate high quality products. Mike Rhoten was a collegiate athlete that earned a Master’s Degree in marketing, bringing his own unique skillset to the table.

AMN is committed to providing their customers with products made to the highest quality standards. The team spends months formulating, testing, researching, and developing supplements before putting them up for sale. In addition to that, AMN only uses contract manufacturers that are NSF and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified.

“One thing every customer can be sure of, when they order a product from us is that with the research and dedication we’ve put into these formulas. We have done absolutely everything we could possibly do to help you build the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Life is too short to not maximize your potential.”

— American Made Nutrition

This means that all AMN products are manufactured using strict processes and procedures to ensure they contain the right ingredients and amounts listed on the supplement facts panel. At the end of the day, the entire AMN team is passionate about both health and fitness, which is why they offer a comprehensive line of products in a variety of categories.

AMN Product Lineup: An All-Natural Approach To Supplements

AMN All-Natural

AMN now offers a wide selection of supplements made with all-natural ingredients!

In May of 2020, AMN announced that they were going “all-natural, which meant that they would offer an entire line of products that would only contain natural flavors and sweeteners.

By doing this, AMN’s goal was to satisfy the needs of people with even the most stringent dietary restrictions, including vegans, vegetarians, and consumers who prefer the ketogenic diet (low-carb, high fat). Regardless of what nutrition protocol you ascribe to, AMN has you covered!

We’re mainly going to highlight the products that use only all-natural ingredients for this blog post, but we’ll also give you an exclusive overview of what else they have to offer.

Without further ado, here are some of AMN’s supplements:

  • The All-Natural line:

    • VEGAMN

      AMN’s vegan-friendly protein powder goes by the name of VEGAMN — it features a blend of pea protein and rice protein to create a complete protein source. Furthermore, it’s all naturally flavored and sweetened with a combination of stevia leaf extract and monk fruit extract.

      AMN also added in DigSEB — a digestive enzyme blend that includes amylases, lactase, proteases, lipase, and cellulase. This will ensure that you properly digest the protein and have no gastrointestinal issues.

      Each scoop contains 110 calories, 20g protein, 3g fat, 1g carbohydrates, 1g fiber, and zero grams of sugar! It comes in several tasty flavors that are perfect for smoothies or shakes, such as Peanut Butter Banana and Strawberry!

    • Amino+

      AMN Amino Plus

      Aminos with an energy boost!

      Next we have Amino+, a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) formula with some extra ingredients for an energy boost! Similar to VEGAMN, Amino+ is naturally flavored and sweetened with stevia. It comes in several refreshing flavors such as Cherry Lime and Fruit Punch! Amino+ is a great product to use intra-workout or as a midday pick me up.

      Amino+ contains 3g of instantized BCAAs, 1g glutamine, 500mg citrulline malate, 500mg L-taurine, along with 100mg of natural caffeine from coffee beans, 50mg green coffee bean extract, and 50mg green tea extract. Last but not least, Amino+ contains a well-rounded hydration blend with 500mg of coconut water powder, and three key electrolytes — potassium, magnesium, and sodium!

      In summary, if you’re looking for a product that will deliver a nice and steady rise in energy, Amino+ is a must-try.

    • KetoFlo

      For everyone out there following a ketogenic or low-carb diet — or you’re even looking for an “alternative fuel source” to add to your carbs — KetoFlo is the product for you!

      AMN KetoFlo Blue Razz

      Fuel your body with KetoFlo from AMN!

      KetoFlo features a premium ketogenic formula that uses a patented ingredient called GoBHB from Compound Solutions. Each serving gives you the therapeutic dose of GoBHB at 11.7 grams and consists of both Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate and Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate.

      KetoFlo was designed to supply your body with exogenous ketones to fuel energy production. Expect to feel more energy, better performance, decreased cravings, and improved mental focus with KetoFlo! One serving contains only 35 calories and has no sugar, carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, or fillers. KetoFlo is also naturally flavored, sweetened with stevia, and comes in a variety of delicious flavors, including Clementine, Fruit Punch, and Blue Razz.

    • Sport Greens

      Unlike too many other greens powders, Sports Greens contain a wide variety of nutrient-packed ingredients designed to optimize health and performance. Each serving of Sports Greens has an organic greens blend, organic fruits and vegetables blend, a prebiotic and fiber blend, and 100 million CFUs of probiotics.

      In addition, Sports Greens are naturally flavored and sweetened, non-GMO, soy-free, dairy free, gluten free, and vegan friendly. One scoop of Sports Greens contains 45 calories, 0g fat, 11g carbohydrates, 2g protein, and 4g of fiber! So far the only flavor available is Apple Banana, which is great on its own or can easily be added to a smoothie. Be on the lookout for more flavors coming soon! Furthermore, you can always add in a scoop of VEGAMN for a protein and fiber packed snack.

      If you struggle to get in enough micronutrients throughout the day or are looking for something to improve your gut health, pick up a bottle of Sport Greens — you won’t be disappointed with the results or taste!

    • AMN MCT Powder

      AMN MCT

      A premium MCT Powder that’s extremely versatile!

      The last product in AMN’s all-natural line we’re going to discuss is AMN MCT Powder — their premium medium chain triglyceride powder that comes in both unflavored and flavored variations, including Salted Caramel!

      As the name suggests, medium chain triglycerides are fatty acids that have a chain length of 6-12 carbon acids. MCTs are known for digesting faster than long-chain fatty acids, thus they can serve as a quick source of energy, especially for those following a high fat/low carb diet.

      AMN MCT Powder is mess-free, delicious, extremely versatile, and delivers a rich and creamy consistency. Each serving of AMN contains 60 calories, 7.5g of fat, 2g of carbohydrates, and 2g of dietary fiber. Just like the other products in this lineup, AMN MCT Powder is sweetened with stevia and naturally flavored.

      Now that all of the supplements that contain only all-natural ingredients are covered, let’s briefly look at what else AMN has in their product arsenal!

  • Female Specific

    Unlike Axe & Sledge Supplements, AMN appeals to a larger percentage of women due to their comprehensive line of female-specific products.

    This product lineup includes:

    • Skinny Jeans

      AMN Cosmo

      Look and feel your best with AMN Cosmo!

      Skinny Jeans is a well-rounded fat burner formulated for women that offers metabolism support and increases thermogenesis.

    • B’Day Suit

      Birthday Suit is a product that’s formulated to balance hormone levels to encourage muscle building and fat loss.

    • Crop Top

      Crop Top is a water loss and toning agent that encourages weight loss by reducing bloating and water retention.

    • Cosmo

      Cosmo promotes healthier hair, skin, and nails with a robust blend of vitamins, minerals, and natural plant extracts.

  • Health & Wellness

    In addition to female specific supplements, AMN also offers a wide variety of health and wellness products that can be used by males or females!

    Here are some of the key products:

    • Men’s and Women’s Multi

      Two advanced multivitamins that are designed to fill any nutritional gaps left by your diet!

    • Dige-Pro

      AMN Collagen Peptides

      Promote skin, hair, nail, and joint health with AMN Collagen Peptides!

      Dige-Pro is a digestive enzyme and probiotic blend formulated to enhance nutrient absorption and support a healthy digestive system.

    • AMN Omega-3

      As the name suggests, AMN Omega-3 is a complete omega-3 fatty acid supplement that features EPA, DHA, ALA, and Oleic acid to support heart and brain health.

    • Daily Cleanse

      Daily Cleanse is a daily use toxin eliminator that decreases/prevents bloating, aids in weight loss, increases energy, and supports liver health, digestive system function, and metabolism.

    • AMN Collagen Peptides

      AMN Collagen Peptides delivers 11g of collagen peptides per serving to promote healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints.

  • Sports Performance

    Not only does AMN offer a well rounded line of all-natural, female specific, and health and wellness products, they also have supplements geared towards optimizing sports performance.

    Here’s what you can expect from their sports nutrition line:

    • Athlete’s Edge Performance Whey

      Athlete’s Edge Performance Whey is a blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate that provides your body with all of the essential amino acids required for muscle building, repair, and recovery.

      This protein powder is available in both 2lb and 5lb tubs with several flavors to choose from, including Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Ice Cream, Snickerdoodle, and Caramel Latte. Each scoop delivers 23g of protein and only 122 calories, but unlike VEGAMN, it’s artificially sweetened.

    • High Octane Pre Workout

      AMN Protein Powder

      Refuel with either Athlete’s Performance Edge Whey or VEGAMN!

      What’s a sports nutrition brand without a solid pre workout? AMN created High Octane Pre Workout to increase your energy, pump, focus, and overall performance.

    • Amino Hydro

      Amino Hydro is known as a 3-in-1 intra-workout supplement because it contains 10g of amino acids, 3g Creatine, along with a Hydration & Electrolyte formula to keep you fueled throughout your training session.

    • AMN Creatine

      AMN Creatine is a pure creatine powder that’s extremely affordable and can help increase strength, power, and lean muscle mass. Creatine should be taken daily for maximal results (3-5g/day).

    • AMN Beta Alanine

      AMN Beta Alanine is a single ingredient beta alanine powder that increases muscular endurance and is recommended to be taken daily for optimal results (2-4g per day).

    • AMN Glutamine

      AMN Glutamine is a single ingredient glutamine powder that may increase gut health, aid recovery, and support your immune system.

  • Weight Loss/Muscle Builders

    • Prototype

      AMN Weight Loss

      Shed the fat with AMN’s weight loss stack!

      Prototype is a natural testosterone booster that’s formulated to increase strength, libido, stamina, and help you build a< em>lean and muscular physique.

    • Shred Black

      Shred Black is a high energy fat burner that’s formulated for advanced athletes and competitors looking to get shredded.

    • AMN Weight Loss Maximum Strength

      AMN Weight Loss is a fat burner and thermogenic that features 250mg of caffeine per serving, along with two patented ingredients (Capsimax and TeaCrine). It’s formulated to increase energy, mental clarity, metabolism, and reduce appetite.

    • AMN CLA

      AMN CLA is a stand alone conjugated linoleic acid supplement that can be added to your current weight loss stack to further increase energy and boost your metabolism.

Meet Patrick Williams and Mike Rhoden

Patrick and Mike were on the “Supplement Industry Roundtable”, a podcast whose videos are on the PricePlow platform. Learn what they’re all about here:

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AMN is Made to Last

AMN started in 2016, but over the last four years they’ve established themselves as a well-respected supplement brand. As you can see from their product lineup, they place a much larger emphasis on health, wellness, and catering to people in very niche categories, such as vegans, vegetarians, and ketogenic dieters.

AMN Female Amino Hydro

Fuel your health and performance with AMN Supplements!

However, AMN has become successful because they offer products that suit nearly anyone’s goals or dietary needs. From protein powders, amino acids, and multivitamins to weight loss supplements and single ingredient products, AMN has it all.

Axe & Sledge Supplements is a perfect “brother” brand to AMN, since they both appeal to vastly different consumers. While AMN is focused on promoting both health and performance, Axe & Sledge is all about catering to that blue collar, hard working M’Fer, that’s more concerned with solely performance.

Needless to say, Patrick Williams, Mike Rhoten, Seth Feroce, and Bobby Dautrich have created two very successful supplement brands that continue to improve year after year. If you’re looking for all-natural products that are formulated with results in mind, check out American Made Nutrition!

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