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Vegan Protein

GHOST 2023 Fall Flavors for Whey, Vegan Protein, and Greens

GHOST Fall LTO Flavors

The athletic nutrition industry is a fickle beast. Ingredients come and go, brands rise and fall, and it seems like everyone is at the mercy of the 15-minute trends that pervade social media.

Everyone except for GHOST Lifestyle, that is. In many ways, GHOST controls the trends, and they seem to catch every wave. […]
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Ghost Vegan Coconut Ice Cream Returns for Summer 2023

Ghost Vegan Protein Coconut Ice Cream

The summer heat is in full effect and we at PricePlow have had coconut on our mind. Why so? Back in June 2019, Ghost introduced a refreshingly creamy limited-edition Coconut Ice Cream Ghost Whey flavor. Customers couldn’t get enough. So Ghost brought it back for a limited time just before Mother’s Day the next year. […]
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Ghost X CINNABON Collab Announced for Vegan and Whey!

Ghost Cinnabon

It’s that time again – Ghost Lifestyle is back with another flavor collab, and this one sounds truly legendary.

In typical Ghost fashion, the announcement was steeped in a bit of mystery. It all began with an opaque promotional video featuring a delivery man with a couple light blue boxes in tow.

As some of […]
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AstroFlav VeganMix: Complete Plant Protein with Out of This World Flavor!

AstroFlav VeganMix Plant-Based Protein Powder

Since bursting onto the supplement scene in 2019, AstroFlav has established themselves as a cut above the rest when it comes to customer relationships and flavors. Their development process is driven by a constant loop of feedback from their fanbase, leading to products that just keep getting better. This is a refreshing approach in an […]
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Alpha Prime Supps Vegan: Plant Protein with a Carrot Cake Flavor!

AP Regimen Vegan Protein Carrot Cake Flavor

Lately, the AP Prime Bites Protein Brownies have really stolen the show for Alpha Prime Supps. We recently had AP’s Brian Ikalina and Europa’s Justin Weeks on the PricePlow Podcast (Episode #071) to celebrate their retail-exclusive Purple Velvet flavor.

But remember, Alpha Prime Supps makes supplements besides protein brownies. Going beyond supplements like the Legacy […]
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Myprotein “Whey Forward”: Animal-Free Protein Fermented from GMO Fungus by Perfect Day

Myprotein Whey FWRD

Just when you thought Myprotein couldn’t possibly come out with any new types of protein — they’ve got everything from whey protein to bars and snacks to plant proteins, after all — they stun the industry with something completely different.

Today, we’re going to talk in depth about their new animal-free whey protein alternative: Myprotein […]
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Arms Race Nutrition Vegan Brings Inclusions to Dairy-Free Protein!

Arms Race Nutrition Vegan

Arms Race Nutrition VEGAN protein powder has launched… and it has inclusions!

One thing that people on a plant-based diet discover is that it can be difficult to get enough protein from whole-food plant sources. That applies for those who are dairy-free as well.

Generally speaking, plant proteins are less digestible and, hence, […]
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Black Magic Supply 100% Vegan Protein Now in Peanut Butter

Black Magic Supply 100% Vegan Protein

Earlier this year, we scooped the industry with news that Black Magic Supply was tooling up for 2022, giving a recap of where the edgy brand was and where it was going. Taking a break from the heroic BZRK Voodoo limited-edition pre-workout and underrated Ecto Plasm stim-free pre-workout, it’s time to get those protein […]
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Myprotein Vegan Protein Flavor Updates: Spring 2022

Myprotein Vegan Flavors Spring 2022

Unsurprisingly well-known for their protein supplements, Myprotein has kept their fans busy with some incredible new pre-workout flavors like their Mike and Ike collab in The Pre-Workout, as well as an incredible Eddie Hall Pre-Workout.

Getting back to protein, they snuck out a few incredible new Layered Bar Flavors: Peanut Butter Jelly, Chocolate […]
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CORE Vegan: Strawberry Cream & Frosted Cinnamon Bun Released

CORE Vegan Protein

CORE Nutritionals VEGAN protein powder has two new flavors: Strawberry Cream and Frosted Cinnamon Bun!

Nearly a year after the latest Core VEGAN flavor — Vanilla Créme — Core Nutritionals is back at it with two new flavors:

Strawberry Cream and Frosted Cinnamon Bun Core Vegan are here!

Core VEGAN is a vegan protein […]
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