Axe & Sledge GDA+: Seth Feroce’s Secret Weapon

How can we crush more carbs? Hard working MFer Seth Feroce has the answer!

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Axe & Sledge makes supplements for the hardest workers in the gym.

In order to build a respectable physique, your training, sleep, recovery, supplementation, water intake, and most importantly nutrition needs to be on point. To maximize muscle growth, you should be high protein and in a slight caloric surplus, meaning you’re consuming anywhere from 250-300 calories above the amount of calories it takes to maintain your body weight.

It would be great if you could eat everything in sight and every ounce of weight gain that showed up on the scale was lean muscle mass… unfortunately that’s just not reality. Being in it for the long haul and taking a more slow approach is one way to minimize fat gain, but there are also some great supplements you can add in to help as well!

Axe & Sledge GDA+: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

Glucose disposal agents (GDAs) are a relatively hot topic in the sports supplement industry, and are gaining a lot more popularity since huge brands are coming out with incredible formulas.

In case you’re not familiar with glucose disposal agents, they are dietary supplements that help control insulin release and shuttle nutrients, such as carbohydrates, into the muscle opposed to fat. GDAs aren’t only useful on a bulk, they can also be used while trying to lose weight, to offset the damage of a cheat meal, and to similarly optimize nutrient partitioning.

Axe & Sledge GDA+ Cheat Meal

GDA+ will ensure that burger goes straight to the muscle and not fat!

However, when you’re purposely consuming an excessive amount of calories in hopes of putting on lean muscle opposed to fat, a GDA can help you reach that goal. There are several GDAs on the market, but one that really stands out is GDA+ from the hardworking MFers’ at Axe & Sledge. And let’s face, we all know that Seth Feroce enjoys his fair share of snacks and cheat meals once in a while. But he still wants to look and perform at an elite level, which is why GDA+ is his secret weapon!

They’re all about formulating the highest quality supplements by using patented ingredients, transparent labels, and efficacious dosages. We’ve written several blog posts about some of their best selling products, such as Hydraulic, The Grind, Seventh Gear, Demo Day, and Home Made. Believe us, Axe & Sledge has what it takes to beat out some of the top dogs in the industry, and GDA+ is just another example of that.

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GDA+ Ingredient Analysis

Axe & Sledge GDA+ Capsules

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or not get too fat after a cheat meal, GDA+ is for you!

When Axe & Sledge does something they go all out, so of course GDA+ is loaded with nine ingredients designed to optimize nutrient delivery to the muscles instead of fat!

Patrick Williams, the main formulator and co-founder of Axe & Sledge, is always a huge proponent of using patented or trademarked ingredients in nearly every product they come out with.

It just shows that Axe & Sledge is dedicated to producing a supplement unmatched quality, safety, and potency for their hard working customers. Therefore, you’ll find several tested and verified ingredients on GDA+ supplement facts panel, such as LipoSan Ultra Chitosan, GS4 Plus, DigeSEB, and Bioperine.

Furthermore, GDA+ has several complexes to assist your digestive system in processing large quantities of food, including a Fat Blocking and Carbohydrate Blocking Complex, along with digestive enzymes! We told you this product is fully loaded and the supplement facts panel says it all.

GDA+: How to take it

You may be wondering what’s the best way to take GDA+ for optimal results, well here’s what Axe & Sledge recommends!

Our ingredient analysis down below is based on the recommended serving size of two capsules, however that may not be enough depending on how much fat and carbohydrates you’re consuming at a given meal.

Axe & Sledge GDA+ Graph

Here’s how Axe & Sledge recommends taking GDA+.

In order to get the most out of GDA+, Axe & Sledge suggests:

  • Take two capsules if your meal consists of 45-64g of carbs and 8-15g of fat.

  • Take four capsules if your meal consists of 65-84g of carbs and 16-24g of fat.

  • Take six capsules if your meal consists of over 85g of carbs and over 25g of fat.

It makes sense to up the dosage based on how much carbs and fats you’re consuming at one meal. The more you eat, the more help your body needs to process all the food!

Now, let’s dive into what these ingredients are capable of! Here’s what one serving (two capsules) of GDA+ delivers:

  • Fat Blocking Complex: 625mg

    • LipoSan Ultra Chitosan (from shellfish) – 500mg

      The first ingredient to kick off the fat blocking complex in Axe & Sledge GDA+ is LipoSan Ultra Chitosan, which is derived from shellfish.

      LipoSan Ultra Chitosan comes from an icelandic marine biotech company and global leader in the production of chitosan known as Primex.[1] Their headquarters have been located in Iceland near the North Atlantic Ocean since 1999, allowing Primex to obtain the highest quality form of chitosan from the shells of North Atlantic coldwater shrimp.[1]

      LipoSan Ultra is a patented formulation that was designed to quickly diffuse within the stomach and bind to dietary fats.[2] As a result, less dietary fat is able to be absorbed in the small intestine and enter circulation to be stored as fat.

      Axe & Sledge GDA+ Ingredients

      Yet again, another stacked product from Axe & Sledge!

      It’s important to note that LipoSan Ultra can be taken directly at mealtime, whereas other chitosan supplements need to be taken 30 minutes prior to eating for optimal effects.[2] Therefore, LipoSan Ultra is one of the most practical, convenient, and effective forms of chitosan on the market.

      Now that you know a bit about this patented ingredient, let’s see what it can do to help minimize fat storage.

      Chitosan is classified as a cationic polysaccharide which is produced from a biopolymer called chitin found in the shells of crab, lobster, and shrimp.[3] Several studies have found that due to chitosans’ pH-dependent solubility and fat emulsification properties, it’s able to bind to bile acids and dietary lipids.[3]

      Research shows that chitosan supplementation along with a calorie deficit leads to a significant decrease in weight.[3] However, when chitosan was paired with a diet that was not under any restrictions, then the participants saw no statistically significant reductions in weight.[3]

      One of the reasons why there may be mixed results between the studies is due to the fact that chitosan’s ability to bind to fat largely depends on its molecular weight, solubility, and potency.[3] Fortunately, Primex formulated LipoSan Ultra to have excellent solubility and enhanced molecular weight, making it better able to bind onto lipids.[2,3]

      In one landmark study from 2001, researchers gave nearly 60 mildly obese females LipoSan Ultra and instructed them to folllow their normal diet,[3] meaning no calorie restrictions! After 8 weeks, the researchers concluded that LipoSan Ultra independent of a hypocaloric diet was capable of reducing body fat and promoting weight loss.[3] Furthermore, they found no adverse effects![3]

    • Prickly Pear Leaf – 75mg

      Prickly pear leaf is an ingredient that we’ve rarely covered on the blog, but there’s some good evidence showing that it may be effective at reducing fat absorption by binding to lipids in the digestive system, similarly to LipoSan Ultra.

      Axe & Sledge Double Time Graphic Two

      If you’re goal is fat loss, consider adding Double Time to your supplement stack!

      Opuntia ficus-indica is a specific type of cactus that’s found in Mexico, Latin America, the Mediterranean, and parts of South Africa.[4] Opuntia ficus-indica contains a fruit known as prickly pear or cactus pear and a leaf, also known as the cladode, which is commonly used for cooking.[4] However, they also have potent health benefits! Research reports prickly pear fruit has been implemented to treat wounds, ulcers, glaucoma, liver issues, fatigue, and dyspnea.[4]

      They also note that prickly pear fruit may have the potential to lower cholesterol and LDL levels, whereas the cladode is able to reduce fasting blood glucose levels.[4] Prickly pear fruit contains high amounts of antioxidants, specifically vitamin C, E, and carotenoids, and the cladode is a rich source of fiber.[4]

      Studies have found that the dietary fiber is what allows the prickly pear to lower the absorption of dietary fat.[4] A study published in 2014 concluded that cactus fiber was able to significantly enhance fecal fat excretion, leading to less fat storage and decreased body weight in healthy individuals.[4]

    • Cinnamon Bark Extract 4:1 – 50mg

      The last ingredient to round out the Fat Blocking Complex in GDA+ is none other than Cinnamon Bark Extract!

      Cinnamon is one of the most widely used spices in cooking and baking. We can’t deny that it’s downright delicious, but did you know that it also possesses some impressive health boosting properties?

      PricePlow is a big fan of cinnamon and not just because of the way it tastes… cinnamon contains several bioactive constituents, such as coumarin, cinnamaldehyde, cinnamic acid, eugenol, catechins, epicatechin, and most importantly for fat blocking, methyl chalcone.[5]

      Axe & Sledge Fyred Graphic Two

      And if you really want to crank up the heat, try our Fyred!

      Research shows that cinnamon expresses antioxidant, insulin-like, and lipid lowering effects due to all of its biological components.[5] At a sufficient dose, cinnamon is able to boost insulin sensitivity, lower fasting and postprandial blood glucose levels, hemoglobin A1C, body fat, total cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides, and blood pressure.[5]

      We could write an entire blog post dedicated to the power of cinnamon, but for this article, we’re going to focus on its ability to improve lipid profiles.

      As mentioned previously, the bioactive constituent, methyl chalcone, is the primary component attributed to cinnamon’s ability to enhance the activity of an enzyme called triacylglycerol lipase.[5] This enzyme is responsible for breaking down dietary fat, increasing glucose uptake into the muscles and glycogen storage within the liver, and stimulating insulin receptors on cells’ surface.[5]

      Several hypotheses are thrown around in the literature as to how cinnamon reduces lipid levels and fat storage, such as decreased lipid absorption within the intestinal tract, inhibition of adipocyte differentiation, and even increased fatty acid oxidation.[5] Studies show that cinnamon is able to help burn body fat, decrease blood sugar levels, and even enhance lean body mass.[5,6]

      More research needs to be done to fully understand cinnamon’s mechanism of action, however the research clearly show that cinnamon belongs in GDA+.

      That’s quite the mix of fat blocking ingredients, but now it’s time to see what GDA+ has in store to take on the carbohydrates!

  • Carbohydrate Blocking: 400mg

    • White Kidney Bean (phaseolus vulgaris) Extract – 250mg

      It turns out that white kidney beans are not just for cooking, but they can also help decrease carbohydrate absorption.

      Phaseolus vulgaris, more commonly known as white kidney bean extract has been shown in preliminary research that it’s able to inhibit a digestive enzyme called alpha-amylase.[7]

      Axe & Sledge GDA+ Graphic

      GDA+ is more than just a glucose disposal agent!

      Amylase is one of the key enzymes involved in the breakdown of carbohydrates, it’s most concentrated in the pancreatic fluid and saliva. Amylase helps the body turn glycogen and starches into simple sugars, which are easily absorbed. In theory, if white kidney bean extract supplementation can block amylase from breaking down complex carbohydrates, then the body will not uptake as many, leading to greater excretion.

      One study from 2007, recruited 25 healthy subjects and split them into two groups: one received a placebo pill, while the other got white kidney bean extract.[7] In conjunction with a proper diet and exercise program, the researchers found that the participants who ate the most carbohydrates and took the white kidney bean extract experienced a greater decrease in body weight and waist size than the other subjects.[7]

      Another study from 2011, reported that white kidney bean extract supplementation expresses the ability to facilitate weight loss and reduce spikes in blood sugar levels after eating a meal.[8] There’s also been little to no gastrointestinal distress noted with white kidney bean extract consumption.[8]

    • Garcinia Cambogia (fruit rind) Extract (standardized to 50% HCA) – 75mg

      To go along with white kidney bean extract, GDA+ also has 75mg of garcinia cambogia standardized to contain at least 50% of its main bioactive constituent, hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

      Axe & Sledge Farm Fed Cookies N Cream

      Instead of grabbing a pint of ice cream, reach for Farm Fed to crush your sweet tooth!

      Garcinia cambogia possesses several health benefits, however its most well known for its ability to promote weight loss.A research review from 2015 showed that garcinia cambogia expressed anti-obesity properties, such as decreased food intake and body fat by modulating serotonin levels, leading to increased satiety, enhanced fatty acid oxidation, and reduced endogenous lipogenesis.[9]

      All of these beneficial effects are attributed to HCA, which also exhibits anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, hypolipidemic, anticancer, hepatoprotective, and anticholinesterase properties.[9] HCA works by inhibiting an enzyme that’s most responsible for triglyceride, fatty acid, and cholesterol synthesis called adenosine triphosphate-citrate lyase.[9] The literature review also notes that garcinia cambogia is able to improve insulin sensitivity, promote better blood sugar control, and suppress appetite.[9]

      Even though garcinia cambogia is listed in the Carbohydrate Blocking Complex, it could also fit into the Fat Blocking Complex. Either way, it’s a powerful ingredient and research shows that extracts with 50-60% HCA content seem to provide the most profound health benefits![9]

    • Glucomannan (from Konjac Root) (Amorphophallus konjac) – 75mg

      To round out the Carbohydrate Blocking Complex, GDA+ has 75mg of glucomannan from Konjac Root, also known as amorphophallus konjac. Glucomannan is a classified water-soluble fiber, meaning it helps add bulk to stool by drawing water into the intentional track to essentially form a gel-like substance.

      Axe & Sledge Seth Bicep Curl

      GDA+ helps shuttle carbs into the muscles so you get an epic pump!

      Not only is fiber great for gut health, digestion, and making you feel fuller for longer, it can reduce the absorption of some carbs, fats, and even dietary cholesterol.[10,11] Research has shown that glucomannan supplementation has the ability to induce weight loss in overweight healthy subjects to a much greater degree than other types of fiber such as guar gum or alginate.[10]

      Another study from 2005 reported that glucomannan supplementation not only led to weight loss, but also improved lipid profiles and glycemic control.[11] Furthermore, it increased satiety and energy expenditure through fecal loss, meaning less calories were absorbed by the body and more were excreted.[11] Several people fail to get enough fiber each day which can wreak havoc on the gut and result in multiple health conditions, so that’s another reason why we’re happy to see this ingredient in GDA+.

      Furthermore, other research has reported that glucomannan can lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides levels.[12]

      We’ve made our way through both the fat and carbohydrate blocking blends, and while most glucose disposal agents stop there, GDA+ isn’t quite done yet! We have three more ingredients to go, so let’s wrap this up!

  • Enzyme Blend

    • Amylases, Lactase, Proteases, Lipase, Cellulase (as DigeSEB) – 50mg

      Let’s say you’ve been on a strict diet for 6-8 weeks and are ready to have an epic cheat meal to give your mind and body a bit of a break. When the majority of people have a cheat meal, they typically consume quite a lot of carbs and fats in one sitting, whether it’s ice cream, pizza, or a burger and fries, your digestive system may not feel so great afterwards.

      This is where GDA+ can come in to save the day, or at least make things a little better!

      Axe and Sledge Home Made

      DigeSEB is also found in Home Made from Axe & Sledge!

      Axe & Sledge decided to add in a trademarked enzyme blend known as DigeSEB, which consists of amylase, lactase, protease, lipase, and cellulase. You can tell that the Axe & Sledge crew is a huge advocate for digestive enzymes because they also include this ingredient in their protein powders, Home Made and Farm Fed.

      Digestive enzymes help the body break down food, and if you lack a sufficient amount of a certain enzyme, then a host of digestive issues can arise. For example, people with lactose intolerance lack an adequate amount of lactase, therefore they experience bloating, gas, and various other symptoms after eating dairy.

      And while some can eat a small amount of dairy and be fine, others can barely drink a glass of milk without running to the bathroom. Either way, having some extra digestive enzymes in your system may be able to significantly improve your ability to digest various foods and get the nutrients to the right places.

      Here’s a quick rundown of what compound each enzyme works on:

      • Amylase: carbohydrates
      • Lactase: lactose
      • Protease: protein
      • Lipase: lipids (fats)
      • Cellulase: cellulose (found in plants)

      Whether you decide to consume an entire pizza in one sitting or are trying to take in a large amount of calories to put on size, digestive enzymes are very helpful!

    • GS4 Plus (75% Gymnemic Acids) – 400mg

      Next we have GS4 Plus, a standardized phyto extract from a well respected ingredient developer, Sabinsa Corp. GS4 Plus is the trademarked name for gymnema sylvestre and as you can see from the label, it contains 75% of the bioactive constituent, gymnemic acid. Gymnema sylvestre, also known as the “miracle fruit”, is most commonly used for blood sugar control, however it also has several other health benefits.[13-15]

      Axe & Sledge Elbow Grease Capsules

      If you’re suffering from joint discomfort, then try out Elbow Grease!

      Gymnema sylvestre is a shrub which can be found growing in Africa, Australia, and India. Historically, it’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of several medical conditions, however it’s becoming more popular today as research has discovered that gymnema sylvestre is capable of reducing sugar cravings.[13-15]

      Studies have shown that the consumption of gymnema sylvestre before a sugary meal led to a decrease in sweetness perception.[13-15] They hypothesize that the gymnemic acids block sugar receptors, resulting in a reduced desire to consume more sugary foods or drinks.[13-15]

      We could argue all day if sugar is addictive or not, but you can’t deny that if one cookie tastes good, another five aren’t far behind. As soon as you get used to eating a lot of sugar, you can get to the point where nothing tastes sweet, not even fruit. And I think we all know that sugar can cause massive spikes in blood sugar levels, leading to the dreaded energy crash.

      In addition, other studies report that supplementing between 200mg-400mg of gymnemic acids can lower blood sugar levels by inhibiting sugar absorption within the digestive tract.[14] Lastly, there’s even some evidence suggesting that gymnema sylvestre positively affects lipid profiles via lowering LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.[15]

    • Black Pepper Extract (Piper nigrum) (fruit) (as BioPerine) – 5mg

      To wrap up this robust formula, Axe & Sledge wanted to ensure that you’re getting the most out of each ingredient with the addition of black pepper extract, in the trademarked form of BioPerine.

      It seems like nearly every new dietary supplement that enters the market from well respected brands are including something to help improve absorption and more often than not, BioPerine is on the list!

      BioPerine is another ingredient from Sabinsa Corp. and it’s one of the most potent black pepper extracts available because it contains at least 95% piperine.[16]


      Bioperine is the trusted, trademarked form of black pepper extract that promises 95% or greater piperine, the part of black pepper with all the activity!

      Several studies show that BioPerine is very effective at increasing the absorption and bioavailability of other ingredients and nutrients that may not get absorbed very well on their own.[16] The last thing you want to do is spend a large chunk of money on a supplement that’s essentially just passing right through you.

      Luckily ingredient developers have come out with solutions to this problem and it’s always great to see something such as BioPerine on the label to help solve this issue!

      Beyond helping other ingredients do their job, BioPerine also has some unique benefits of its own, especially when it comes to body composition. There’s some evidence that suggests that piperine is able to stimulate the release of multiple hormones that activate thermogenesis, leading to increased caloric expenditure.[17]

      The effect may not be big, but it’s better than nothing and there’s several other ingredients in GDA+ that all come together to make this formula truly a powerhouse!

GDA+: Fuel The Muscle, Starve The Fat

Axe & Sledge continues to impress and GDA+ is another epic product! GDA+ can be used in a wide variety of ways, whether you’re overweight looking to improve insulin sensitivity and lose a few pounds, are getting ready for a big cheat meal with your friends, or trying to bulk up while keeping fat gain at bay. If you can’t tell by the formula, GDA+ is going to deliver the results you’re after.

Axe & Sledge Seth GDA+

What can we say, Seth goes big when he has a cheat meal! Luckily he has GDA+ to use for damage control.

If you follow along with Seth Feroce or Dean Perrone on social media, it’s obvious that they enjoy a few cheat meals every once in a while, but somehow they still maintain a lean, muscular physique. Well… we may have just discovered their secret weapon and it’s GDA+. Of course they both train hard and follow a solid nutrition protocol the majority of the time, but they still like to live a little, and that’s where GDA+ comes in extremely handy for them.

Axe & Sledge’s goal with GDA+ was to help shuttle nutrients into the muscle, but keep them away from getting stored as fat. This allows you to be ready to train the next day and not feel weighed down from a higher calorie meal. If you’re looking to optimize nutrient delivery and still enjoy a bit more processed food here and there, then pick up a bottle of GDA+.

One more thing! Don’t forget to subscribe down below to get notified when deals, new products, flavors, reviews, and interviews go live from the hardest working company in the supplement industry, Axe & Sledge!

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About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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