Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar: A Plant-Powered Protein Snack

In the last few blog posts featuring Myprotein, we’ve focused less on protein and more on the other incredible new products introduced to the US, including THE Coffee Boost, Flav Drops, and THE Neuro-Restore.

Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar Graphic Two

Soft texture, delicious flavor, and 15g of plant-powered protein!

However, given their name, Myprotein is always working on something new that involves some sort of protein supplementation. Myprotein is clearly putting a lot more resources into functional foods such as bars, high protein baking mixes, and even lower calorie sweeteners.

Since Myprotein started in the UK, they have a much larger selection of high protein snacks, which the US is slowly getting a taste of. First, Myprotein launched the now-discontinued Triple Stack Bar and with how delicious and filling that bar was with 30g of protein per serving, we quickly realized that Myprotein has some serious potential for the functional food category in the US.

Myprotein Goes Plant-Based with Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar

Although they have some pretty tough competition, Myprotein knows what it takes to surpass other brands. The Triple Stack Bar was straight up addicting, but of course, it was a dairy-protein based bar. Therefore, people who employ more of a plant based diet were really missing out… until now!

Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar Single

Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar is packed with 15g of protein from a blend of pea and brown rice protein!

Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar is finally available in the states and it’s ready for everyone to enjoy! This protein bar is packed with 15g of plant-powered protein, is gluten free, soy free, and naturally flavored and sweetened.

Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar is a great snack to keep around the house or take with you on the go, allowing you to crush your cravings, stay on track, curb your appetite, and of course, hit your daily protein intake! Protein seems to be the most difficult macronutrients for everyone to get in, especially on a vegan or vegetarian diet.

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Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar Macronutrients

While the majority of plant based protein bars are loaded with soy protein with a little bit of brown rice sprinkled in, Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar has 15g of protein per serving coming from a solid blend of pea and brown rice protein – just like the best vegan protein powders!


Based on amino acid profiles, this combination is a much better option than soy protein alone for muscle building and recovery. Soy is one of the cheapest protein sources available (and it has good texture), which is why several other companies have it listed first on the label. Fortunately, Myprotein is taking the road less traveled by and giving you a solid plant-based protein bar!

And from a macronutrient perspective, Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar is very well-balanced, meaning it’s not too high in fats or carbs, and has a good amount of protein. This makes for a great snack between meals to hold you over, when the mid afternoon cravings kick in.

Here’s what you can expect from one serving (50g) of Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar:

  • Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar Nutrition Facts

    Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar has a very well rounded macronutrient profile!

    Calories: 190

  • Protein: 15g

  • Carbohydrates: 23g

  • Fiber: 1g

  • Sugars: 10g

  • Fat: 6g

Now that you know how Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar’s macronutrient profile stacks up, let’s see how Myprotein delivers that soft texture and delicious flavor!

Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar Ingredients

You can’t talk about a protein bar without mentioning the main protein sources, and when it comes to a plant-based product, it’s extremely important to get the right combination of amino acids down for optimal results.

  • Protein Sources: Brown Rice Protein and Pea Protein Blend

    Ingredients on any food label are in descending order, meaning that the first thing listed makes up the most amount of content by weight. So although Myprotein doesn’t fully disclose the amounts of each protein source, you can tell from the ingredient list that brown rice protein makes up at least half of the 15g of protein, followed by pea protein, and that’s it!

    Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar Ingredients

    Two sources of plant based proteins are included to deliver 15g of complete protein.

    There’s no inferior forms of plant protein such as soy hidden somewhere on the label, which is great to see! We’ve seen several bars that may have a high quality protein source advertised on the front of the bar, however when you look at the ingredients, soy protein is listed first. Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with soy protein, some would say it’s not ideal for muscle growth or testosterone levels. And there’s other better options available to use.

    Since the majority of plant proteins lack a sufficient amount of one or more essential amino acids, they’re considered to be incomplete. Essential amino acids (EAAs) need to be obtained from the diet since the body cannot synthesize them on its own. Therefore, it’s crucial to get enough complete sources of protein each day to ensure your body has all the EAAs it needs to carry out several physiological functions, with the main one being muscle protein synthesis.

    Complete protein sources are typically animal products such as red meat, poultry, fish, and dairy. There are some plants which are considered to be complete, however that’s pretty rare to find. This is why vegans and vegetarians need to combine various plants to get an adequate amount of EAAs. Luckily, Myprotein recognizes this and in an effort to create a high quality vegan protein bar, they used a combination of pea and brown rice protein to deliver 15g of complete protein.

  • Other Ingredients: Bring On The Delicious Flavor and Soft Texture!

    • Carbs: Rice Flour and Pea Starch

      The two primary carb sources in Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar are rice flour and pea starch. Rice flour is made by grinding the grain into a fine powder, allowing it to be used in bars or various other baked goods. Rice is a high quality source of carbohydrates and for the majority of people it’s extremely easy to digest. This is one of the reasons why rice is a staple food in many bodybuilders, powerlifters, and strongman’s diets.

      Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar Graphic

      Myprotein has created a high protein plant based bar that crushes cravings and fuels recovery!

      Pea Starch is another high quality carbohydrate, and it’s made by dry milling yellow peas. Staches are a odorless, tasteless, white powder derived from various plants and they are classified as a polysaccharide, meaning they take longer to digest because the body has to spend more time breaking down the glucose bonds. Whereas something like monosaccharides such as sugars, takes no time for the body to metabolize.

      We’re happy to see pea starch and rice flour in Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar because their higher quality sources of carbohydrates and are gluten free.

    • Sweeteners: Isomalto-oligosaccharides, Tapioca Syrup, Sugar, and Stevia

      One really nice feature of Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar is that it’s naturally sweetened, which is pretty rare these days in the functional food category. Although there’s no evidence suggesting that artificial sweeteners are inherently detrimental, eating a few bars, a protein shake, pre workout, and maybe some amino acids, the artificial sweetener content can really start adding up.

      Some people may be more sensitive to excessive amounts of artificial sweeteners and experience negative side effects. So it’s always good to see a bar that’s naturally sweetened to give people other options.

      You may look at the ingredients and only recognize two sweeteners, sugar and stevia, however isomalto-oligosaccharides (IMOs), tapioca syrup, and glycerin all provide some sort of sweet flavor and help create the soft texture of the bar.

      IMOs are a combination of short chain carbohydrates naturally found in some foods or synthetically manufactured. Despite the numerous claims that IMO is a fiber, the FDA recently put out a statement denying approval to classify it as a fiber.[1] However, it still is a slightly lower calorie, sweet tasting carbohydrate that makes it a popular ingredient for protein bars.[1]

      Tapioca syrup is sweet, sticky substance that helps bind ingredients together as well as add more flavor to the bar. It’s classified as an all-natural sweetener that’s commonly used in place of sugar, honey, corn syrup, molasses, and various artificial sweeteners.

      In addition to the various sources of carbohydrates in Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar, it also contains glycerin and calcium bicarbonate to help bind the ingredients together and give it a softer texture.

      Now, let’s move on to the fat sources!

    • Fats: Palm Kernel Oil, Almond Butter, Palm Oil, and Cocoa Butter

      Although the fat content is fairly low for Myprotein Vegan Protein bar, clocking in at just 6g, the majority of it comes from a mix of palm-based oils, almond butter, and cocoa butter. Although the palm oils add some saturated fat, 4g is really nothing to worry about and the bar wouldn’t taste nearly the same without them.

      Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar Single Mocha

      Mocha is the first flavor in the Vegan Protein Bar lineup!

      You’re also getting a few high quality fat sources with the almond butter and cocoa butter. The fats will help slow down digestion to keep you fuller for longer, which is exactly what you want with a protein bar. There’s nothing worse than being hungry 20 mins after having a snack because that just leads to more cravings.

      As we mentioned before, Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar has a great ratio of carbs:fats:proteins making it ideal for a snack and will practically fit in anyone’s diet!

    • Flavoring: Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavors, Sea Salt

      To help create a rich flavor naturally, Myprotein Vegan Protein bar uses cocoa powder, natural flavors and a bit of sea salt. This list may vary slightly depending on which flavor you’re looking at. However, you can count on all of them being naturally sweetened and flavored!

      Lastly, there’s a small amount of sunflower lecithin to help smooth out the texture and emulsify some of the ingredients together. This means that it improves the mixability of the mixture, you will also commonly find it in protein powders.

      Ultimately, you have a very low-allergen plant-based protein bar here from Myprotein!

Available Flavors

Myprotein is almost always spot on with their flavors, so this should be another delicious treat that you can enjoy guilt free. They’re always quick to add new flavors to their lineup, and Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar will be no exception.

Myprotein Protein Bars 2020

At the same time as this launch, Myprotein released the Myprotein Layered Bar, which is insanely delicious for dairy consumers!

The first flavor they introduced to the US for this product was mocha, which is a more unique flavor, typically chocolate or cookies n’ cream are among the first flavors to get released. We expect there to be a lot more flavors on the way so be on the lookout!

Here’s an updated list of all available flavors for Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar:

    When it comes to protein, supplementing with a plant-based protein shake or bar once or twice a day can be extremely helpful. It’s an easy, convenient, and delicious way to get high quality protein in without having to cook up an entire meal. Fortunately, Myprotein offers both vegan protein bars and powders at very affordable prices. No more excuses can be made as to why you couldn’t reach your daily protein intake!

    Myprotein Takes Vegan Protein Bars To Another Level!

    This launch happened at the same time as the Myprotein Layered Bar, which seems like direct competition to that delicious Triple Stack Bar. But a Myvegan Protein Bar? Almost zero good competition out there for this one!!

    Myprotein is starting to dominate the functional food industry, and it’s great to see them adding more options for their customers by adding a plant-based, naturally sweetened, and flavored protein bar. Despite all of the bars on the market, it’s still extremely difficult to find a good tasting vegan protein bar that has high quality ingredients. Fortunately, Myprotein decided to address this issue head on and answer their customers requests by coming out with Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar!

    Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar Box

    Looking for a solid plant based protein bar? Pick up Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar!

    Vegan and vegetarian diets are often lacking in protein, therefore having something like this on hand is a great way to ensure you’re not falling behind. Plus, Myprotein is known for creating delicious tasting protein bars and protein powders, therefore it will help satisfy your sweet tooth! Have it as a dessert, take it with you on the go, or enjoy post workout, the possibilities are endless.

    Myprotein may have just arrived in the US, but they’re making massive advancements quickly. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re glad that Myprotein is finally here. They’re known for creating high quality products at extremely affordable prices, which is always something PricePlow appreciates. If you want to try Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar, use Plow40 for an epic deal! Subscribe down below to get notified when more reviews, products, and flavors drop from Myprotein!

    Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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