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Myprotein has a ton of these types of products in Europe, and is now bringing many of them to the America shores!

Myprotein is back with some new supplements, but this time they’re not innovative protein powders, muscle building pancakes, coffee, or insane calorie-free flavor drops. Today, Myprotein has turned their attention towards improving the quality of your sleep, with the release of THE Neuro-Restore!

This is another product that’s included in THE Pro Range, a line of products that feature more advanced ingredients and comprehensive formulas. THE Pro Range was designed “for those who want it most” and who are looking for an extra edge. If you want to take your training to the next level, then THE Pro Range is a great place to start!

We’ve already covered a few products included in THE Pro Range, such as THE EAAs and THE Coffee Boost. Both had simple, yet effective formulas, transparent labels, and generous dosages of ingredients backed by research.

THE Neuro Range: Boost Your Brain Power

After finding out that Myprotein released THE Neuro Range, a subcategory underneath THE Pro Range, we knew it would include some brain-boosting products!

Myprotein The Neuro Restore

Myprotein The Neuro Restore is a potent sleep aid that leaves you feeling recharged and ready to go!

As of writing this post, THE Neuro Range includes THE Neuro-Restore and THE Neuro-Engage, both specifically formulated to boost brain power by increasing attention, cognition, memory, and overall brain health.

Although you can use each product separately, for optimal results, Myprotein recommends stacking them together. THE Neuro-Engage is a nootropic that helps keep you alert and stress-free throughout the entire day. Whereas, THE Neuro-Restore is designed to be used prior to sleep, and that’s the first supplement we’re going to be analyzing!

THE Neuro-Restore: Optimal Sleep, Optimal Performance

THE Neuro-Restore features several ingredients that help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and relax at the end of a long day. Proper sleep is crucial for both mental and physical health, and it can make or break your performance. Nowadays it seems that sleep is the first thing to take a hit when we’re busy or stressed out, but that only leads to more problems in the future.

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THE Neuro-Restore Formula Breakdown

Almost everyone knows that they should be getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep per night, however for some that’s very challenging. A large amount of people have an extremely hard time falling asleep, while others wake up multiple times throughout the night, which is commonly referred to as insomnia.

Myprotein The Neuro Restore Ingredients

Myprotein The Neuro Restore packs some solid ingredients to help you fall asleep and stay asleep!

Either way you’re reducing the amount of time you’re spending in a deep sleep, which is one of the most crucial phases of the sleep cycle. That’s why some people greatly benefit from sleep-aids and they’re starting to become a lot more popular.

THE Neuro-Restore features seven ingredients to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and improve sleep quality. It’s a capsule-based product and Myprotein recommends taking three capsules 30-60 minutes before going to sleep. With 90 capsules total, you get a full months supply for a very competitive price!

Now, let’s see what THE Neuro-Restore has to offer! Here’s what each serving delivers:

  • Relaxation & Stress Support Complex (800mg)

    • L-Theanine – 200mg

      You may have seen L-Theanine listed on the supplement facts panel of your pre workout, but what’s it doing in a sleep-aid? Well, regardless of what product L-theanine is included in, it has the same effect, relaxation. The reason why it’s commonly included in pre workouts is to reduce the jitters, anxiety, nervousness, rapid heart rate, and increased blood pressure that occur with the higher doses of caffeine.[1,2]

      Fortunately, a moderate dose of theanine can take the edge off. While theanine definitely has its place in a pre workout, but it can also be a great addition to sleep-aid formula!

      What is L-Theanine and how does it relax us?

      Myprotein Brain Power

      The combination of THE Neuro-Restore and THE Neuro-Engage gives you unrivaled brain power!

      Theanine is a non-proteinogenic amino acid found in tea leaves and it’s been shown to be very effective at inducing relaxation and calming the mind, without causing drowsiness.[1-5] Research shows that oral supplementation of theanine boosts levels of three key neurotransmitters heavily concentrated in the brain: dopamine, serotonin, and gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA).[1-5]

      Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that help the brain communicate with the rest of the body, they essentially relay signals between neurons and cells. Mental and physical fatigue are often associated with depleted levels of neurotransmitters, thus restoring them at night can be very beneficial for the next day.

      Dopamine is involved in feelings of pleasure, motivation, memory, attention, and movement. Whereas, serotonin contributes to your overall sense of well-being and happiness. Lastly, GABA is known as an inhibitory neurotransmitter since it actually decreases neural activity, which is ideal before going to sleep!

      Due to these effects, L-Theanine may help you fall asleep faster, but the majority of the literature concludes that it improves overall sleep quality.[5]

    • Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) – 300mg

      Lemon Balm, also known as Melissa offinicnalis, is a herb that comes from the same family as mint. It has a slight lemon scent and primarily grows in parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Lemon balm is known for being mildly sedative and calming.

      Myprotein Workout Tips

      Get to sleep early so you can crush a workout the next day!

      Lemon balm contains high amounts of rosmarinic acid, caffeic acid, and melitric acid,[6,7] which are attributed to its benefits. Lemon balm is commonly used as a tea or in cosmetic products. However, it’s now being added into various supplements at higher dosages.

      Studies show that anywhere from 300mg-600mg of lemon balm supplementation can improve cognitive performance and mood, while reducing stress and anxiety.[8-10]

      Sleep synergy with valerian!

      In regards to insomnia, one study from 2006, found that a combination of valerian extract and lemon balm significantly improved symptoms of insomnia in children.[11,12] Fortunately, THE Neuro-Restore has both ingredients included in its formula!

      Although more research is needed, the bioactive constituents of lemon balm seem to express their effects by interacting with GABA-A and cholinergic receptors.[8] We would like to see more studies done assessing lemon balm’s effects on sleep in isolation, however the research is promising thus far.

    • KSM-66 Ashwagandha – 300mg

      Over the years, ashwagandha has grown tremendously in popularity within the sports supplement industry because of its ability to help you adapt to both physical and mental stressors![13] Throughout the literature you’ll also see ashwagandha referred to as withania somnifera, and it’s a known for being a medicinal plant commonly used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

      Myprotein THE Neuro Engage

      Take THE Neuro-Restore at night and THE Neuro-Engage during the day for optimal results!

      Several studies have shown that due to ashwaganha’s high content of withanolides, it expresses immunomodulatory, neuroprotective, anti-stress, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, chondro-protective, and antidiabetic effects.[13]

      Furthermore, researchers have found that ashwagandha supplementation can boost libido, memory, cognition, as well as mental and physical performance.[13] It’s no surprise that ashwagandha is now included in sleep-aids, multi-vitamins, stress relief products, and pre workouts. Although ashwagandha has been studied for years, a new body of literature has emerged assessing its effects on sleep quality.[13,14]

      One of the most recent studies, published in 2019, found that ashwagandha was able to reduce anxiety, enhance sleep quality, and improve the onset of sleep latency in adults diagnosed with insomnia.[13] Another study from 2020, also saw improvements in mental alertness, sleep, and quality of life in the elderly as a result of ashwagandha supplementation.[14]

      And to top it all off, THE Neuro-Restore uses a trusted trademarked form, KSM-66, from Ixoreal Biomed to ensure the quality, potency, and safety of the ingredient. Not all forms of ashwagandha are created equal, which is why ingredient suppliers have started to develop trademarked forms to avoid adulteration.

      Ashwagandha is a great way to round out the Relaxation & Stress Support Complex, now let’s see what the Rest Sleep Complex has in store!

  • Rest Sleep Complex (625mg)

    • Melatonin – 5mg

      Melatonin in sleep-aids is like caffeine in a pre workout – it’s just not the same without them!

      Melatonin is a hormone endogenously produced by the pineal gland, which resides within the brain. During the daytime the pineal gland isn’t actively secreting melatonin, but as soon as the sun goes down, it begins to let your body know it’s time for sleep by releasing melatonin into circulation. Throughout the night melatonin levels will reach a peak, then slowly start to fall off and once you’re awake in the morning, they are at an all time low.

      Myprotein THE MCT Boost Graphic

      Need an extra boost in the morning? Add THE MCT Boost to your morning coffee.

      Melatonin is crucial for regulating your sleep-wake cycle. However, it’s important to note that bright light can drastically affect melatonin levels. This is why staring at your phone, laptop, or watching just one more episode of Netflix late at night can take a toll on your ability to fall asleep. Your body senses the bright light and no longer feels the need to go to sleep, mainly because melatonin secretion is inhibited.

      Therefore, many people turn to melatonin supplementation to get them back on track with their sleep cycle. It’s one of the only hormones sold over the counter since it’s naturally found in some foods.

      Several studies have shown that melatonin supplementation improves sleep quality, reduces the time it takes to fall asleep, and decreases the frequency that people wake up throughout the night.[15-17] Thus, melatonin on its own is considered to be an effective treatment for patients who suffer from insomnia.[15-17]

    • Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) – 500mg

      We previously discussed how some studies report improved sleep quality with the combination of lemon balm and valerian, which is likely one of the reasons that they’re both in THE Neuro-Restore!

      Myprotein THE Coffee Boost Hype

      THE Neuro-Restore helps you sleep and THE Coffee BoostTHE Coffee Boost gets you running on full speed.

      Valerian root, also known as valeriana offinicinalis in the scientific literature, is an herb native to Europe, Asia, and parts of North America. Valerian is most commonly used to treat various anxiety and sleep disorders.[18] The root portion of Valerian is a rich source of antioxidants, but the main bioactive constituents attributed to its benefits are valerenic acid and isovaleric acid.[18] These compounds have been found to interact with GABA, causing relaxation, and reduced stress and anxiety.[18]

      You would think that valerian is great for helping you fall asleep faster, however the research seems to be mixed on how effective it really is.[19-22] Anecdotally it seems to work better for some people than others for reducing sleep onset latency. However, multiple clinical trials have found that valerian improves sleep quality.[19,22] Either way, it’s a solid addition to this formula and there’s a decent amount of research supporting its use.

    • Hops Extract 4:1 – 120mg

      It turns out that hops aren’t only good for making your favorite drink on a saturday night, it also may improve your sleep!

      Extremely synergistic with valerian

      Myprotein Female Athlete

      The Pro Range from Myprotein is getting rave reviews ever since it landed in the states!

      Hops, the common name for Humulus lupulus L., is a plant that’s mainly used for brewing because it has a strong aroma and it’s also been traditionally used as a soothing agent.[23] Hops aren’t talked about very often in regards to sleep-aids since the majority of research has been done on the combination of hops and valerian.[24-29] But since valerian is also included in this formula, then it makes complete sense to add in some hops!

      However, there is one study from 2012 that gave nurses a non-alcoholic beverage containing hops to determine its effects on sleep.[23] After consuming the drink for two weeks, they found that it improved sleep across several parameters.[23] They also noted that the sedative effects of hops were attributed to its bitter acids, which increase the activity of GABA within the brain through the modulation of GABA-A receptors.[23]

      In regards to the combination of valerian and hops, multiple studies report improved sleep quality.[24-29] One study even showed that this mixture is as effective as benzodiazepine solution.[25] A study published in 2008, concluded that participants who took both valerian and hops spent a greater proportion of time in deep sleep and stayed asleep much longer compared to the placebo.[26]

      The literature is clear that this is quite the dynamic duo, so we’re happy to see both in THE Neuro-Restore!

    • Peppermint Extract – 50mg

      If you can’t tell by now, THE Neuro-Restore is stacked with everything you need to get a great nights’ sleep. And Myprotein even decided to add in 50mg of Peppermint extract to complete this comprehensive formula!

      Hops isn’t just for making beer and peppermint isn’t just for adding flavor to toothpaste, gum, or tea! Peppermint extract has several health benefits, but in regards to sleep there’s need for more research to fully determine its effectiveness.

      Myprotein Male Athlete Two

      If you want to perform at your best then sleep is crucial.

      Peppermint’s bioactive components primarily consists of phenolic compounds, such as rosmarinic acid, along with various flavonoids, including luteolin, hesperidin, and eriocitrin.[30] Preclinical trials have shown that peppermint extract expresses potent antiviral, antimicrobial, antitumor, antioxidant, and anti-allergenic properties.[30] It’s also well-known for easing symptoms associated with gastrointestinal distress.[30]

      Anecdotally, peppermint is commonly used as an essential oil, which may help induce relaxation and promote sleep. However, there’s more research needed in regards to oral supplementation of peppermint extract on sleep quality.

      If you want to be the very best when it comes to your job, school, or in the gym, sleep has to be a priority. And if you’re one of the thousands of people that struggle to get a good night’s rest, then THE Neuro-Restore may be a game changer!

THE Neuro Restore: Optimize Your Sleep and Recovery!

THE Pro Range is one of PricePlow’s favorite series from Myprotein because it contains products with more advanced formulas at extremely affordable prices. Every supplement we’ve covered so far has been very impressive and THE Neuro-Restore may be the best one yet!

Getting enough high quality sleep consistently is one of the most important things for optimal mental and physical performance. Regardless of how much caffeine you intake, nothing will make you feel better then getting 6-8 hours of sleep each night.

We could go on and on about how important sleep is, but we’re confident that you’ve heard that a million times. There are multiple reasons why people don’t get enough sleep, such as being on facebook too long, eating late at night, or maybe you’re just one of those unlucky people who’ve always suffered from insomnia.

Myprotein THE Neuro RangeBefore taking any supplements, we would always suggest addressing sleep hygiene first. By developing a pre-bed routine that includes going to sleep and waking up at specific times, avoiding bright light exposure late in the day, and of course staying off of technology. That will likely make the biggest difference in improving your sleep. However, if you need an extra boost than THE Neuro-Restore is a great option!

Myprotein has only been in the US for a very short period of time, but they’re ready to show us why they’ve dominated the UK for several years. Slowly, but surely, Myprotein is expanding their line and we can’t wait to see what’s next. If you want to get exclusive access to Myprotein news, deals, reviews, and interviews, just subscribe down below!

Myprotein THE Neuro-Restore – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public. Mike is currently experimenting with a low Vitamin A diet.

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