Performax Labs PowerMax XT: Daily Performance Builder

Powermax XT

Performax has released the daily muscle-builder PowerMax XT that contains everything you’d want or need to boost power and GAINS! This is a replacement for CreMax XT

When companies manufacture well-dosed products, it makes our job incredibly easy and enjoyable on the PricePlow blog. Fortunately, with Performax Labs, as of late they’ve been producing nothing short of outstanding products.

Count us in on this next one!

With their upgraded high-stim pre workout HyperMax XT, Performax has been landing on “21” constantly. PowerMax XT is the latest release from Performax and it’s a doozy of a stim-free pre workout / once-daily muscle-builder that can be used alone or in conjunction with HyperMax XT.

PowerMax XT is a replacement product for CreMax XT, and brings a few improvements.

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PowerMax XT Ingredients

When we said well dosed, we weren’t kidding! PowerMax XT contains clinical doses of important muscle and power-boosters like creatine and betaine along with a host of other ergogenics to enhance and optimize each workout you have. Don’t be shocked to notice that there’s quite a bit of overlap between PowerMax XT and CreMax XT as well…

  • Strength – Power – Recovery

    The daily basics: All athletes should seriously look into using these:

    • Creatine Monohydrate (5g)

      Performax PowerMax XT Ingredients

      PowerMax XT contains clinical doses of powerful ergogenics like creatine and betaine as well as pump boosters like glycerol and taurine.

      The most well known, and proven, muscle builder of all time, creatine monohydrate, leads off this cast of characters in PowerMax XT. Sure, Performax could have gone with one of the sexier forms of creatine such as Magnesium Creatine Chelate (which was in the original PowerMax), but instead they’ve gone with the form of creatine shown time and again to be the superior form. No other form of creatine has continually been documented to:

      • Increase power and strength[1,2]
      • Support lean mass gains[3,4]
      • Decrease fatigue[5]
      • Improve cellular hydration[6,7]

You get the full clinical dose of creatine (5g) so there’s no need to worry about adding some bulk mono to make up for the “pixie-dusting” that so many other creatine products do.

    • Betaine Anhydrous (2.5g)

      Betaine Anhydrous, a.k.a. trimethylglycine, is a proven power-booster that’s become a stalwart in most pre workouts hitting the market these days. There’s a good reason for this, as numerous clinical trials have documented its ability to enhance power, endurance, as well as protein synthesis.[8,9]

      Furthermore, betaine supplementation has also been shown to alleviate muscle soreness[10] and support creatine production in the body.[11] Just like our previous ingredient, we get the full clinical dosage of 2.5g of betaine.

    • L-Alanyl L-Glutamine (2.5g)

      HyperMax XT Skin-Tearing Pumps

      Stacking HyperMax XT and PowerMax XT gives you everything you’d possibly want for focus, energy, stamina, and PUMPS!

      L-Alanyl L-Glutamine is a combination of the two amino acids L-Glutamine and L-Alanine. This ingredient is most frequently encountered in post workout formulas due to Glutamine’s ability to quicken recovery and prevent muscular soreness.[12] Alanine’s attachment to Glutamine is due to its ability to improve the bioavailability and absorption of Glutamine[13,14], which otherwise glutamine would be degraded in the stomach before it could reach the intestines for absorption, thereby negating its recovery benefits.

      Additionally, L-Alanyl L-Glutamine (a.k.a. Sustamine) is also great for increasing cellular hydration and electrolyte levels, which lead to increased endurance and time to exhaustion.[15,16] This ultimately allows you to get more work done before succumbing to fatigue.

  • Endurance – Performance

    • Creatinol-O-Phosphate (2g)

      Rarely encountered in pre workouts is our next ingredient: Creatinol-O-Phosphate (COP). Known as a potent fatigue-fighter, COP prevents the pH level in skeletal muscle from bottoming out and thereby creating an acidic environment, which is felt as a “burning sensation.” Offsetting this drop in pH enables working muscles to keep firing long after they normally would.[17,18]

      It’s also important to note that COP donates a phosphate group back to skeletal muscle during the ATP process. This further enhances the effects of creatine, and betaine.

      As much as we love having betaine and creatine in stim-free pre workouts, adding COP to the mix should without a doubt give you a significant strength increase! Unfortunately, we do wish there were more studies on this one, but the one thing we notice when taking it is an increase in strength. Reps just come easier and more fully flexed all at once. Your mileage may vary.

    • Selaginella tamariscina (100mg)

      Performax Labs Alison Sawyer

      With consistent hard work, dedication, and the help of Performax Labs supplements, Alison Sawyer has gone from awesome to phenomenal over the course of three years

      Another rarely utilized ingredient that’s beginning to show up a little more frequently is the active component of the Chinese plant Selaginella tamariscina, amentoflavone. Performax uses a top-quality extract of the Chinese plant that supplies 90% Amentoflavone. Often referred to as amentoflavone, this ingredient inhibits phosphodiesterase (PDE) and prevents the metabolism of cGMP as well as cAMP.[19]

      The most well known PDE5 inhibitor (i.e. Viagra) acts similar to Amento in that it  enhances blood flow throughout the body. This leads to greater vasodilation, more pronounced pumps, and better performance during training.

      Amentoflavone also improves muscle contractions by enhancing the amount of calcium transported into muscle cells, making it a premium strength booster.[20]

      As if that’s not enough, amentoflavone also increases fat burning, mood, and alertness.[21,22,23] For an ingredient that carries as many benefits as this one, we still can’t figure out why more companies don’t make use of this potent ergogenic.

  • Pumps – Fullness – Hydration

    • Taurine (1.5g)

      Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid that gets depleted rapidly during bouts of high exercise. Although it’s stored in the brain, heart and muscle, we’re mostly interested in its actions on skeletal muscle.

      In muscle, taurine acts as a cell volumizer helping draw water and nutrientsinto muscle cells.[24] This improves overall hydration and gives more fullness to the muscle resulting in what we like to call “water-based” pumps. Additional research shows that taurine can alleviate symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)[25] as well as heighten focus.[26]

    • Glycerol Powder 65% (1g)

      Performax PowerMax XT Increase

      PowerMax XT is a one-stop shop for better performance, strength and recovery.

      When companies typically include glycerol products in their pre workouts, it’s almost always glycerol monostearate (GMS), which contains at most 25% glycerol. That’s not good enough for Performax as they’ve opted to include a much higher quality form of glycerol powder that is 65% glycerol.

      Much like our previous ingredient, glycerol turns your muscles into a sponge and enables them to absorb a lot more water, thereby improving both hydration and endurance.[27,28] As before, you’ll also get some great “water-based” pumps and much rounder, fuller shaped muscles!.

    • Sodium Phosphate (200mg) & Potassium Phosphate (150mg)

      To round out the hydration component of PowerMax XT, Performax includes two of the most important electrolytes in the body: sodium and potassium. These two electrolytes are vital for nerve, muscle, and CNS function and even as little as a 2% drop in hydration levels can lead to impaired performance and other undesirable consequences, like severe cramping!

  • Absorption Maximizer

    • Black Pepper Extract (5mg)

      Last but not least, we have the ultimate absorption enhancer, black pepper extract standardized for 95% piperine. This ingredient allows the body to absorb each and every milligram of ergogenic goodness in PowerMax XT helping ensure you’re getting the most from your pre workout dosing.

Flavors Available

Performax Labs Tiger Fitness

Set yourself up for some EPIC gains with PowerMax XT.

As great as PowerMax XT looks, unfortunately it’s only available in one flavor: Orange Dream. Hopefully, if PowerMax is a big seller for Performax, they’ll consider adding some additional flavors to the lineup in the not too distant future.


Hell. Yeah.

As we stated at the beginning, well-dosed products make our jobs really, really easy when it comes to writing these breakdowns. Performax has been on a rampage lately with their comprehensive lineup of properly formulated products, and this muscle builder is no different.

Athletes need to get in here. If you’re looking for a great stim-free pre to use while on a stim break, looking for a comprehensive muscle-builder, or you really want to amp up HyperMax XT’s experience…. PowerMax XT fits any scenario you could imagine.

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