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Performax Labs HyperMax EXTREME Pre Workout: Downright LOADED

Performax Labs HyperMax Extreme

It’s here, and it’s extreme. We’re talking about the next generation pre workout supplement from Performax Labs, HyperMax Extreme.

The HyperMax pre workout series has been through a couple revisions over the years, starting with HyperMax XT […]

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Sparta Nutrition Kraken BLACK: A Beta-2 Attack Stack!

Sparta Nutrition Kraken Black

Along with a fantastic re-branding we have been covering here at PricePlow, Sparta Nutrition has recently introduced a stunning arsenal of new formulas and products. Among these new additions is Kraken Black, a pre-workout for all the stim freaks […]

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Ionamin: Fat Burner by Hi-Tech Pharma at the Local Store

Hi-Tech Ionamin

For those of you unaware, there’s a company named Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals that’s absolutely taken over the diet and weight loss industry. They have several top-rated fat burners, including the legendary Lipodrene and the hugely popular HydroxyElite (which is an OxyELITE […]

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Stimerex Hardcore: Fat Burner for Stimulant Experts Only!

Stimerex Hardcore

So let’s say you’ve tried Lipodrene or Stimerex-ES, and somehow, the stim content wasn’t enough to do it for you. What else is left?

At this point, you’ve got two choices, and we’ve covered one already. There’s Lipodrene Hardcore[…]

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