Note: Mike has authored a full 48 page analysis of the times DMAA has been discovered in geranium, with three highly questionable studies picked apart. Stay tuned to our social media – this one’s going to be a whopper!


Court documents reveal that you have been lied to. And we now have the evidence.

Please compare the following two images, retrieved from court documents in the Hi-Tech Pharma vs. FDA DMAA lawsuit:

The Unpublished Zhang 2012 Study

DMAA FOUND in Geranium - Unpublished Zhang Study

Hey, they found DMAA in geranium!!!

But wait, why didn’t we ever see this??

Here’s what was really published:

The published Zhang 2012 Study

DMAA FOUND in Geranium - The doctored Zhang Study

See what they did there? And who is Zachary S. Breitbach?

See what they did there???

After finding DMAA in natural products, they purposefully modified their research to “claim” that it didn’t exist!

Interestingly, here’s an email from researchers discussing another study that also claims DMAA “wasn’t found”:

Mahmoud ElSohly Conspiracy

This may not be “illegal”, but it certainly seems like they were conspiring… (Wenik, Exhibit 14)

Noticing a pattern?

Where is this from?

This is from the Jack Wenik Declaration in the case, the Hi-Tech Pharma attorney who unearthed the above lies – and others – perpetrated by the “anti-DMAA lobby”.

Inside of this declaration, which contains over 2000 pages of evidence, you will find lies, deceit, and corruption that you never knew existed with something as simple as a natural dietary ingredient. You will find sealed documents from Dr. Daniel Fabricant, former Director of the Division of Dietary Supplement Programs at the U.S. FDA.

Now take a look at this letter from the FDA to USPLabs. Look at how many times the FDA referenced this bullshit Zhang study! Did they know it was doctored? What is in those sealed Fabricant emails?

This is only the tip of the iceberg, folks. There’s more evidence just like this, but this is just to show what USPLabs and Hi-Tech Pharma have been up against. DMAA continually gets detected, then “something happens”, and it’s not mentioned in papers funded by anti-DMAA organizations. Again and again.

Stay tuned to this blog, because there is a lot more coming, including a press release from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

DMAA Found in Geranium and Covered Up

Just ONE part of this cover-up.

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