DMAA Supplement List – What’s Still Available in 2017?

You asked for it, so here it is – a list of supplements containing DMAA / 1,3 Dimethylamylamine that are still available in stores on the market!

We keep this page up to date and comments are open. We also have some “legal discussion” about this below (with 2016 updates), but let’s cut to the chase:

What DMAA products are still out there?

  • Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – HydroxyElite


    How about that bottle! Look familiar? Click for the best deal (with coupon)

    Did you come here looking for OxyELITE Pro? Then this is by far about as “perfect” of an OxyELITE Pro clone as you’ll ever find!

    It was reverse-engineered to contain the exact same dosages and extracts as OxyELITE, except Hi-Tech also added garcinia cambogia extract as well, which may further extend the incredible appetite suppression properties that everyone misses.

    HydroxyElite was launched in 2014, with Hi-Tech claiming that the FDA never outright banned DMAA, and is in litigation with them. We will see how that ends up, but until it’s settled, you can buy this with no hassles.

    So this is essentially the original Oxy ELITE formula plus some Garcinia. But if you’re here, you know it’s the DMAA and the other great ingredients that are doing the real work, and HydroxyElite brings exactly what the original OEP had.

    It’s been selling well and reviews have been phenomenal – just like its predecessor.

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    • Read our blog post about HydroxyElite and sign up for price alerts above
  • Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – Lipodrene


    Click here to try out the #1 selling DMAA-based fat burner – and for good reason – Lipodrene feels fantastic!

    It’s our featured product this month, and for good reason – this stuff is intense!

    Not only that, but Hi-Tech Pharma has told use that each tablet contains 35mg DMAA, which is perfectly in our preferred dose range. One tablet is seriously all you need!

    There are a few versions of Lipodrene. Again, the original here does have DMAA (35mg per capsule), and is used in conjunction with 25mg of Hi-Tech’s Thermo-RX ephedrine-alkaloid-free ephedra extract.

    This is topped with 200mg of PEA alkaloids from acacia rigidula extract (which serves to “replace” the ephedrine alkaloids that the FDA no longer allows), and it becomes one of the most incredible focus-enhancing, energy-blasting experiences you’ll ever have.

    Note that several of the stores don’t show DMAA on the label, but it’s been in there since Lipodrene’s only re-formulation roughly six years ago.

    To say the very least, this is an extremely popular fat burner, and has been for over 15 years (with only that one reformulation)! If it’s been a while since you’ve tried Lipodrene, then you just must try this version with DMAA.

    If you want an even stronger version, you’ll have to try Lipodrene Hardcore discussed below – but one tablet of this is absolutely perfect as far as our DMAA concerns go (we like 25-50mg). Get ready to get rocked – especially if you take it on an empty stomach!

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    If you want to read more about the Thermo-Z extract, see our monstrous post on Ephedra that explains it all — including lab tests!

  • USPLabs OxyELITE Pro Original Formula (in and out of stock)

    OxyELITE Pro

    CRAZY popular (and effective). Still available… but not for long.

    This is quite possibly the best-selling and most successful fat burner ever, and definitely topped the charts from 2010 to 2013. The combination of DMAA, a light dose of caffeine (100mg), fat blockers, and thyroid boosting ingredients made it the perfect combination of fat burning, focus, energy, and best of all, appetite suppression.

    The real bottles are still occasionally still out there – but very little is available, and that means that it’s going to be expensive.

    Judging by the users who are still buying it, it’s clearly worth it to some. Most people simply don’t get into the diet zone like they do with OxyELITE.

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    Note: There are tons of imitation bottles on Amazon, such as “Oxy5001” or “Extreme Oxy”, which we definitely avoid. Sometimes the stores need to change the name a bit. We only allow the system to link to the OG OxyELITE – there were several bottles unloaded across the world by USPLabs before it was removed from the market.

  • APS Mesomorph

    APS Mesomorph

    Look for it labeled as ‘Naringin Geranaburn’

    This one was originally labeled as “geranium oil extract” labeled as Naringin Geranaburn. Like Jack’d Up, it’s recently been reformulated to include DMAA!

    65mg DMAA per scoop!

    Even better, APS has disclosed to us that each 1-scoop serving contains 65mg DMAA.

    This is a hefty dose, so it’s definitely best that beginners start with a half (or less!) of a scoop (which is what the label says). Later on, you could consider moving up to 2/3 or 3/4 of a scoop.

    We honestly don’t recommend going above one scoop in a day, and that’s what the labels states as well. Follow the directions!!!

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  • Lipodrene Elite

    Lipodrene Elite

    The newest version of Lipodrene is here, featuring an extract from Coca Leaf!

    Lipodrene users who need something stronger and new, your wishes have been granted!

    As if 2017 couldn’t get any crazier, Hi-Tech announced the next revolution in fat burners, and they’re doing it with COCA leaf extract!!

    Announced in May of 2017, the new thermogenic fat burner is named Lipodrene Elite, and it comes with 65mg DMAA next to 150mg caffeine in each tablet on top of this famed new Coca Leaf Extract!

    You can read the details on our Lipodrene Elite blog post and compare prices and check the label out below.

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    Lipodrene Elite Ingredients

    You read that right… on top of 65mg DMAA, Lipodrene Elite contains a brand new stimulant derived from the coca plant!

  • Gaspari SuperPump 250 (new 2016 version!)

    SuperPump 250!

    The one time king of pre workouts is BACK! Gaspari Nutrition has reformulated their outstanding pre workout SuperPump 250!

    The new SuperPump 250 is here, it’s in stock, and it’s the talk of the town at the end of 2016 and going into 2017! Why? Because this time, it has DMAA!

    Each scoop has 250mg caffeine and 70mg DMAA, as disclosed by Rich Gaspari. This is a serious dose – more than APS Mesomorph, our current top-rated pre workout listed above!

    But that’s definitely not all with this one, there’s tons of nitric oxide action from citrulline and silicate, which improve the bioavailability over regular citrulline and agmatine — meaning better pumps! And that’s only scratching the surface…

    This is the must-try pre workout supplement at the end of 2016 / beginning of 2017!

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    Gaspari SuperPump 250 Ingredients

    The new SuperPump 250 is LOADED and comes in both a DMAA and non-DMAA version!

  • Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – Jack’d Up

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Jack'd Up

    For being a new imitation, this actually looks pretty good. But keep it at two scoops max per day and don’t mix it with other stimulants.

    Old-school Jack3d lovers, you’re going to love this one!

    This is Hi-Tech’s Jack3d “clone”, and quite frankly, it’s easily the best one we’ve ever seen. These imitations were all over the place back in 2010, but this is one that actually made some improvements over the original!

    For instance, this includes creatine nitrate and creatine HCl as its first two creatine ingredients. Those are now incredibly popular in C4 Extreme and Con-Cret, amongst other products (but those don’t have DMAA).

    What’s crazy about this one is that it came out in 2014, well after everyone else stopped producing DMAA! It’s a long story discussed on our Jack’d Up page linked above and below, but the quick gist is that Hi-Tech is fighting the FDA (and even suing them) regarding the DMAA “ban”, which Hi-Tech argues was never officially put into law.

    Point is, Hi-Tech was far ahead of its time on this one, and it might even be BETTER than the original Jack3d thanks to the better pumps and endurance from the nitrate in creatine nitrate!

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    One thing, however: The label says to “Stir 3 scoops with 4-8 ounces of cold water”.. might not want to do that. Stay with two and a half servings max per 24 hour period with this product, now that we know how much DMAA is inside!

    Jack’d Up

    Want to try both? Get the “Hi-Tech DMAA Stack”

    Click the image below to go to the best deal on both products:

    Hi-Tech DMAA Stack

    Save when buying both, but please follow the labels and do not use them at the same time!

    The above two products really are the most “sure thing” right now.

    For the rest of the products listed below, note that many were reformulated to remove DMAA without changing the name. So there’s a possibility that a store is listing a 1,3-based formula, when that’s not what they have in stock. Check to confirm before you buy… or just stick with the two above.

  • Hi-Tech Off the Chain

    Hi-Tech Off the Chain

    Off the Chain is a brand new energy amino supplement from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals that combines aminos with caffeine AND a nice little dose of 20mg DMAA!

    Here’s one that’s different from everything else on this page!

    Off the Chain is in the category we call energy aminos — amino acid supplements with just a bit of energy.

    These are typically taken as “light pre workouts” or mid-afternoon pick-me-ups — a little bit of energy alongside some aminos to keep you and your muscles fresh

    Launched in March of 2016, Off the Chain features 5g amino acids, and Hi-Tech disclosed the stimulants for us in each scoop:

    Off the Chain Ingredients

    Off the Chain’s Ingredients – This is the version with DMAA. It includes 100mg of caffeine and 20mg of DMAA per scoop.

    • Caffeine: 100mg
    • 1,3 Dimethylamylamine: 20mg

    Absolutely perfect!

    In fact, if you’ve never tried this stimulant before, and want to test the waters very lightly, this is the product we’d recommend at one level scoop! We can almost guarantee it’s gonna feel good.

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  • iForce Dexaprine (original formula!)

    Dexaprine Original Ingredients

    Could it be?? This is the original Dexaprine formula. It was so strong that most people had to snap the tablets in half! This is a potent mix of citrus alkaloids, 1-3, caffeine, green tea, and the dioodo thyroid metabolites.

    Oh my! In December of 2015, iForce Nutrition re-released the original formula of their Dexaprine fat burner. This is for a limited time, so don’t expect it to last long!

    This stuff is strong. Seriously. Possibly the strongest stuff on this entire page.

    Dexaprine contains two thyroid metabolites, 3,5-Diiiodo-L-Thyronine and 3,3-Diiiodo-L-Thyronine, which boost the metabolism and we’ve noticed are incredible appetite suppressants.

    Mark our words: Dexaprine is for experts only! As in, snap a tablet in half for your first few times. You need to know your stimulant tolerance with this one!

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  • Blackstone Labs Dust Extreme

    Dust Extreme 2017 Yesenia Perez

    She’s back!

    After a brief hiatus from the magical stimulant in the spring of 2017 where Blackstone Labs had to switch Dust Extreme to DMHA, the epic pre workout supplement from PJ Braun and company is back in the fold, and back on its rightful place on this page!!

    The formula (shown below) is quite amazing – lots of pumps and lots of energy!

    Note: In the widget below, you’ll need to check with the store to make sure you’re getting the right version. If it has DMHA / 2-amino-6-methylheptane / 2-aminoisoheptane, then that is NOT the right version!

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    Blackstone Labs Dust Extreme 2017 DMAA Version Ingredients

    Notable ingredient changes in the new “reformulation” include DMAA coming back, DMHA and PEA going out and L-Tyrosine being replaced by NALT.

  • Blackstone Labs King Cobra

    King Cobra Blackstone Labs

    With the bottle and ingredients label out, we can now call this the next-most anticipated fat burner since Lipodrene Elite!

    Along with the June 2017 Dust Extreme announcement mentioned above, Blackstone Labs also announced the King Cobra fat burner, which could be the best-formulated new fat burner of the year!!

    On top of all over our favorite stimulants, this thermogenic powerhouse has all of our favorite non-stimulant ingredients too! This includes both Paradoxine grains of paradise extract and Capsimax brand capsaicin. So if you like it hot, you’re going to be feeling the heat with this one on top of the fantastic stimulant blend.

    See the label below after checking the prices and signing up for price alerts:

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    Blackstone Labs King Cobra

    Blackstone Labs King Cobra is here!

  • APS White Lightning

    APS White Lightning

    Ahead of its time with Coleus Forskohlii!

    The sister product to Mesomorph mentioned above, this also has the primary ingredient described as Geranaburn (geranium oil extract) Naringin.

    Interesting to see them ahead of their time here, including coleus forskohlii. Forskolin is now far more accepted as a very good fat burning ingredient, and is in more and more new fat burners.

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  • APS Phenadrine

    Phenadrine is older than the two APS products above, and has a very aggressive label. Not only does it have DMAA, it also has PEA derivatives from acacia rigidula alkaloids, methylsynephrine (also from the Acacia extract), followed by the tamer yet still effective focus-boosting N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, caffeine, and finally theobromine.

    If you’re a PEA lover (it’s a quick mood booster), you should enjoy this, but the serving is for one capsule and you won’t want to exceed that at any one given time!

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  • Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Fastin

    Fastin is a nearly-legendary fat burner that’s been around for ages, and for quite some time, the latest formulation has come with 1,3 inside.

    The full formula is 100mg caffeine with a 245mg “Thermo-Rx” proprietary formula of Phenylethylamine HCL, Methylsynephrine HCL, Theobromine Anhydrous, 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCL, Synephrine HCL, N-Methyl-Phenylethylamine HCL, and Yohimbine HCL.

    Hi-Tech states to take 1-2 tablets in the morning and 1 tablet after lunch. Do not exceed 4 tablets daily.

    Unlike many of the other Hi-Tech fat burners on this page, Fastin is ephedra-free.

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  • Innovative Labs – Wicked Pre Workout

    Innovative Labs Wicked DMAA Pre Workout

    New in January 2016!

    There weren’t enough pre workout supplements on this list, so Innovative Labs also went and put together a new one that hit the market in January of 2016!

    Ingredient Disclosure!

    Innovative Labs has confirmed the two key ingredient doses:

    • 300mg caffeine
    • 70mg DMAA

    This is going to pack a punch – we’d urge you to start at one-half to two-thirds of a scoop!!!!!

    Also, don’t get too fooled by the label — 2-Aminoethanesulfronic acid Silicate is just taurine.

    Besides those proprietary caffeine and Methylhexamine Hcl doses that are now confirmed above, there’s also Rauwolfia serpentina extract, otherwise known as alpha-yohimbine, which may make for a nice and aggressive workout experience!

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  • Innovative Labs HellFire EPH 150

    HellFire EPH 150

    HellFire EPH 150 will get you the most Thermo-Z in a day. But make sure you get the Thermo-Z based version, new in 2015 (90 Capsules)!

    When Innovative Labs was bought by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, HellFire EPH 150 kept the same 150mg caffeine formula, as well as 150mg ephedra. However, now, the ephedra has been changed from the lesser-known Ephdran to the better-known / lab-tested / FDA-approved Thermo-Z, we’re now comfortably happy to have it litsed on this page!

    But more importantly… after the Innovative Labs acquisition, HellFire was now reformulated to bring DMAA back!

    If you’re interested in testing ephedra – which is now legal and ephedrine-free – this is the best way to get the most Thermo-Z bang for your buck. Think of this extract as an advanced form of green tea – the ephedrine alkaloids have been removed, so the actual stimulation is going to come from the DMAA and the hard-hitting acacia rigidula alkaloids.

    Note: It’s the 90 Capsules size that contains the 1,3 after the Hi-Tech reformulation!

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  • Innovative Labs Black Mamba HyperRush

    Black Mamba HyperRush

    Black Mamba is a comprehensive, ephedra-based fat burner with a higher-than-average caffeine dose.

    In the same vein as HellFire mentioned above, Black Mamba HyperRush is a new version of the Black Mamba fat burner that Hi-Tech Pharma upgraded with DMAA when they purchased Innovative Labs.

    This one also has a ‘boosted’ dose of the ephedrine-free ephedra extract – at 65mg – but it’s the stim profile we’re most interested in here.

    With the mixture of 200mg caffeine and 150mg acacia alkaloids, alongside the DMAA, this is going to pack a wallop. Most of the other fat burners here have lower doses of caffeine (because the other stims like 1,3 easily pick up the slack), but Black Mamba is a bit different in that aspect.

    Because of that, consider this “Advanced User Territory”. Definitely not the first fat burner you want to ever try… but it could be the one the experienced caffeine-lovers are looking for!

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  • Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – Black Widow

    Knowing that you have 25mg of ephedra, you can understand mostly what’s in here. They’re all at dosages of less than 25 or 20mg, so that’s good news.

    We now have confirmation that new ephedra supplements that are still legal on the market have the ephedrine alkaloids removed, so there shouldn’t be too much stim added from the ephedra side of things.

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  • Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – Lipodrene Hardcore

    For serious stimulant tolerances only!

    This is yet another fat burner that combines the epic blend of 1-3 dimethyl with ephedra and quite a few other other stimulants, including those from acacia rigidula. If for some reason Lipodrene isn’t enough for you, then this Hardcore version will knock your socks off.

    Lipodrene and Lipodrene Hardcore are unbelievably popular weight loss supplements, but seriously, you should only use this one if you’ve already run a bottle of standard Lipodrene and want more.

    Those of you who just don’t seem to feel anything else will want to try this though, and then report back!

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  • Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – Lipodrene Xtreme

    To finish out the Lipodrene family, Lipodrene Xtreme is the one that has DMAA, but no ephedra. It also has various aggressive PEA extracts from Acacia Rigidula.

    Interestingly, some stores show a label that claims the 1,3 dose as geranium extract 70:1 [leaves] [yielding 1,3-dimethylamylamine HCL], something we’ve never seen before.

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  • Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – Stimerex-ES

    Ironically, the Stimerex with added Ephedra is also the one with some added 1,3… or so state some of the stores that have it in stock.

    The vast amount of stimulants in here seems very aggressive. This is quite likely a very potent product, but hey, that’s exactly what some of you with crazy strong stimulant tolerances want. Still, be careful with this one!

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  • Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – Stimerex Hardcore

    Stimerex Hardcore


    This one also has a ton of stimulants, but at least seems a bit lighter than the one above because every ingredient has 25mg or less. In the product above, the acacia rigidula extract was much more, with 125mg.

    This seems like a slightly very reasonable choice, but it does still have a lot of different stims in it.

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  • Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – Yellow Scorpion

    Last one by Hi-Tech Pharma, we promise!

    We’re not sure if ingesting a product named “yellow scorpion” is the best idea, but apparently “Black Widow” worked out, so why not this?

    At this point, these Hi-Tech products are a blur. They all have a bunch of the same stuff, just in different order and with different extracts.

    This one changes it up with a touch of chromium and uses kola nut extract for its caffeine source.

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  • Greymark Pharmaceuticals Octadrene

    Greymark Pharmaceuticals Octadrine

    What’s this? A brand new fat burner NOT from the Hi-Tech Family?! Contains no Octodrine.

    Launched in March of 2016, this is a new brand that we know nothing about. They clearly have some balls, as they’re one of the few non Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals companies willing to produce a DMAA supplement.

    It contains both 28mg ephedra and an undisclosed amount of 1,3, as well as some PEA, synephrine, and rauwolscine. It will likely be extremely strong. The honest truth is that we don’t trust any new brand as much as we trust Hi-Tech, so take caution.

    Does not contain Octodrine!

    Note that the product name is a play on the stimulant “Octodrine”, which is also known as DMHA, or 2-amino-6-methylheptane, a new stimulant on the market that can be considered a lighter competitor to DMAA. But Octadrine does not contain any octodrine, it’s just a clever (yet semi-confusing) product name.

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  • USPLabs Jack3d (in and out of stock)

    Jack3d with DMAA

    Some believe it’s STILL the one true king

    Whoa, it looks like someone has unleashed a stash of Jack3d in late August 2015 that they’ve kept under wraps for quite a while. By the time you read this, they might be gone again, so see the price widget below to check if it’s still available!

    It’s obviously no longer $20, but if you’re slumping and want a fired up workout for a month (or need to write your entire thesis), this just might be the kick you need.

    It’s been six months since we’ve seen any available, so this update has us impressed.

    Jack3d Original - Best Deals and Price Drop Notifications

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    This was the undeniable king of pre workouts from 2010-2012. There really isn’t any comparison — so often imitated but never duplicated!

  • Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Fastin-XR (Usually Out of Stock)

    Fastin-XR seems to be out of stock everywhere, but you can still find the standard Fastin above.

    If you want, you can sign up for alerts below to get notified if it ever comes back in stock:

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January 2016 Update: Major news – A federal court has dismissed with prejudice a wrongful death lawsuit against USPLabs and Jack3d! The court ultimately found no scientific evidence that the product is harmful or hazardous, thus exonerating USPlabs and adding to the Hi-Tech case discussed below.
2015 Update: We have new information regarding the DMAA lawsuit between Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and the FDA. The case is on its way to court, as Hi-Tech is arguing that it was never outright banned, and that the FDA’s warning letters do not constitute as actual law.

The above links are critical reading for anyone who’s interested in DMAA!

Isn’t DMAA illegal? The short answer is NO. The FDA “forbids” it to be marketed and sold as a supplement[1] – so it currently remains in an odd, gray-area status and is elusively hard to find since most manufacturers are afraid to create supplements using it.

However, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is arguing that the ingredient has never been formally banned, and that there was never any “Final Agency Action”. This is now underway in court, and you can stay updated on the links above.

This entire situation makes the products above the easiest way to get your last purchase in, for the time being.

The FDA has been vigilant in removing DMAA from the market, but at the manufacturer / distributor level. They removed nearly $2 million worth from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals in November of 2013,[3] which is what spurred a portion of the lawsuit discussed above. Interestingly, the FDA never served Hi-Tech with a warning letter, and Hi-Tech argues that the FDA apparently tried to limit their due process.

A more recent warning letter would be the one that RegeneSlim was ‘forced’ to recall in August 2014.[4]

Overall, it seems that the FDA is going after the sources, not the stores or consumers. This makes sense, since the stores are likely to sell out over time anyway.

Stay tuned to the DMAA lawsuit page for more updates in 2015 through 2016!

The safety

This is a relatively strong stimulant. It behaves slightly similarly to ephedrine (which you can also get in limited amounts at your local pharmacy), and it does raise blood pressure.[2]

Note, however, that in the blood pressure study, they used 75mg, which is more than we’d ever take. It also did not raise heart rate in that same study, despite the dosage.

It should only be used by users who have had a full physical and the approval of their doctor, and are in great cardiovascular condition. Fact is, elevated blood pressure could put you at risk, and there’s no way around that.

Taking too much is never a good idea – stick with one serving or less of any of the above products.

The FDA does not say that it is safe.[1]

Interestingly, a 2013 Department of Defense report stated that serious adverse events that occurred could not be causally linked to DMAA use. The review interviewed 1,700 military service members and is 109 pages long.[6] If you’re really interested in this compound, that report is worth reading.

Our thoughts on DMAA

Make no mistake: we love this stimulant when used properly and in low dosages (25mg or less in a day). We also believe it is your right to use what you want, so long as you know the risks.

Despite the FDA finding 86 adverse events with it[1], one must realize that over a billion servings were sold of Jack3d and OxyELITE alone – neverminding everything else that included the ingredient as well. Any stimulant used improperly can lead to these rates. The dosages just got too out of control, and the users got too overconfident with it.

But it’s not DSHEA Compliant?

That said, it was also never fully proven to the FDA’s satisfaction that DMAA can be found in nature, and until it is, it cannot be marketed as a dietary supplement in the US.[5] Hi-Tech may have a say in that, though.

This is what leaves it in the legal gray area. It’s not completely illegal, the FDA just doesn’t want it as a supplement. Time will tell.

Hi-Tech is fighting the FDA

Of course, the most interesting part is that Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, who has products all over this page, has been fighting the FDA on this since 2013. In 2014, they decided to release two of the most popular products on this page – Jack’d Up and HydroxyElite – and are actively suing the FDA over it!

The battle will be interesting, to say the least. You can read more of the details on the links above.

Note on “geranium oil extracts”

As a note, several other products also use “geranium oil extract” to signify the ingredient. It’s highly unlikely that the ingredients were actually extracted from geranium, as most DMAA in these supplements is likely synthetically created (which we’re okay with, as long as we know the dose).

Until the ingredient is undoubtedly found in nature, the FDA deems it all to be non-DSHEA compliant and unfit to be marketed as a supplement, while companies like Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals argue that it is naturally-occurring and has never been outright banned.

So what’s the next big thing?

When Driven Sports CRAZE came out, it seemed that Dendrobium was the next big thing. Turns out, that wasn’t the case – there was some “other” stuff in CRAZE instead. Several legit products have dendrobium, and it seems to be “pretty good”, but it’s clearly not shaking the industry like 1,3 did.

OK, so after Dendrobium, then what?

The next answer seemed to be an ingredient known as AMP Citrate, but that also got squashed.

Many consider it to be “DMAA-lite”, but it’s clearly not natural and has been removed from the market.

Interestingly, Hi-Tech Pharma never produced anything with AMP Citrate in it – they do not believe it has enough basis in nature like DMAA and geranium do.

There’s not a ton of information out there about this AMP Citrate, unfortunately, so DMAA seems to be the better-researched option.

Next stop up: DMHA in 2016


DMHA: A new workout/focus stimulant that’s roughly ~90% the strength of DMAA, has animal research, and seems to be compliant? Healthy and experienced stimulant users read on!

In January 2016, we detailed a post on DMHA, which is similar to DMAA but a bit less intense. It’s short for 1,5-Dimethylhexylamine, but also has the names 2-Aminoisoheptane, octodrine, and 2-amino-6-methylheptane.

We’re still yet to see if DMHA will take off, and DMAA is admittedly more intense, but it’s worth knowing about and following throughout 2017. But DMAA is still king.

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  4. RegeneSlim Appetite Control Recall
  5. Q&A on Dietary Supplements
  6. Col John Lammie; Report of the Department of Defense 1,3 Dimethylamylamine (DMAA) Safety Review Panel; Department of Defense; June 2013
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  • gainzer

    Fastin by Hi Tech seemed to work well for me (345 mg, not super booster) and I can’t seem to find it anymore. It was available a couple of months ago. Any info would be great. Thanks for the awesome info, very helpful!

    • Hey, looks like we have three stores that potentially have it:

      The reasons it’s not listed is because most stores don’t show 1,3 as being on the label. But one store DOES! Yet that one doesn’t mention 345mg anywhere.

      Has this product had multiple versions? Should we list it on this page with an disclaimer?

      You might need to contact the stores to see if they have exactly what you want. To PricePlow, “Fastin” is “Fastin”.

      Thanks for the kind words – glad someone’s reading it… it obviously took a bit of time to put together.

      Good luck in your hunt!

      • gainzer

        Well the new version is without DMAA and it has 100 mg more of caffeine (445 mg) and the new version box looks different and is worded differently. The old version is 345 mg. Thanks so much for your help and time. If I cannot find it, which of the above that contain DMAA would you suggest?

      • Good question. Right now out of the products I see here, I trust the original OxyELITE formula the most, but that’s extremely expensive anymore.

        After that, my trust goes with VPX – Redline Black on Blue. When it comes to this stuff, sticking with major brands is the smart choice.

        At some point, I’m going to have to try Hi-Tech HydroxyElite and compare it to the original OEP. That stuff is gaining a lot of interest as it’s a new product with DMAA, but I haven’t seen a well-done review yet. Since you already seem to trust them, it could be worth a shot right out of the gate (start with minimum serving size).

      • gainzer

        I never did try the original OEP, but I heard nothing but good things about it. I was also leaning towards Hi Tech’s HydroxyElite since the ingredients are very similar to OEP, but like you said, I haven’t seen many reviews on the product. I did see a couple that liked it and saw results, but also saw a couple of people bashing on the product because of the company. Never had any problems with the company or any of their products of that matter, so I may give it a try. I will let you know how it goes if I can’t get my hands on any of the original Fastin. Again, thanks for your time, it is very appreciated!

      • Ryan Manchesta

        I have it been taking it for 3 weeks now like most fat burners your first dose hits you hard after about a week your tolerance catches up to it. So i take 2 days off than right back to 2 pills and gives me that surge back.

  • David

    I think the FDA bans supplements like DMAA because if they don’t these supplements will replace coffee and destroy the coffee industry. Some of these supements are being compared to meth and are legal. When’s the last time you saw a meth head begging for coffee in the morning to wake up? NEVER! This stuff could eventually replace caffine! Coffee has enough money to buy off the FDA. Just think, when is the last time a coffee drinker died of a heart attack and coffee was blamed? And why shouldn’t it be? If you drink one sip of beer and have a heart attack, it’s alcohol related. If you take Jack3D and get in a car accident, it will be related to DMAA. One or two deaths out of millions of people who use DMAA is extreamly low. Figure out who the FDA is going after and figure out why. You will realize, consumer saftey has nothing to do with it.

  • JB314

    The FDA bans anything that works for weight loss. Being fat is a money making industry.

  • Tony Garcia

    Are those retailers or websites trust worthy? I’ve seen some reviews for I-Supplments and they weren’t too good.

    • Sorry for the late response here. We’ve been working closely with many of the stores and have had ZERO complaints. The stores that do not do well get de-listed at PricePlow. It’s that simple.

      Our biggest issue lately is when a smaller store doesn’t have proper geographical settings in place, and sometimes allows a stimulant (such as yohimbine) to get sent to a country that doesn’t allow it (such as Canada). The package sometimes gets stuck in customs. Not sure who’s fault that is, but many customers think it’s worth the risk of losing their product.

      We can’t possibly police every store and every ingredient and every customs rule for every country..

      But anyway, those stores are doing well.

  • Tim

    Ok has anybody tried HE??? Is it anything like OEP?!?! About to buy it but gonna wait a while til someone tells me about this stuff

    • We really need to get a log going on the site. It’s reviewing phenomenally from everyone we’ve talked to, but we need a legit log from a trusted/unbiased reviewer for certain!

  • Will Werneck Carvalho

    you guys know where i could buy dmaa in bulk powder ?

  • Tiffany

    Great article. I’m saving to buy the OEP on Amazon. It was a miracle worker, totally worth the ridiculous inflated price to see the results I know it will bring. I just hope I actually get the original formula. I wish I listened to my gut and bought a couple of bottles at gnc when it first rolled out.

    • Thanks but that price is SO high right now. But why not give HydroxyElite a run first? Can’t imagine OEP being “$150 BETTER” you know?

      • Ryan Manchesta

        Uh 175 now CRAZZY!
        (But I did think about buying it also)

  • Ryan Manchesta

    Go figure prozac is legal but an ingrediant in prozac is in a dietary supp and its illegal. Its such B.S. So 50 ppl die from probably having bad tickers and its a dmaa is a demon drug. Yet cigarettes kill more in one day. And has been legal forever. Go figure. Supplement companies just dont have the big time lawyers and lobbyists like cigarette and alcohol companies do. Shows you just how big brother operates.

  • Ryan Manchesta

    Anyone ever try lipodrene i just bought it and was looking for some reviews on it.

    • Lipodrene is downright awesome. Yes, Hi-Tech is sponsoring us this month, but we chose them as much as they chose us. Here’s an email I just got from one user who ran it and cycled off for a bit:

      “Also I think if I go back to a dmaa based I’ll have to stick with the Lipodrene. I think the overall experience was better than what I had with the original OxyElite honestly. Which is a bold statement. Not as sweaty and jittery, and I lost more fat and kept more muscle than I did previously with OxyElite – though that could be attributed to smarter nutrition and better experience as that was years ago.”

      So a fair and balanced opinion…. it’s been 5 years since OEP so we’ve all changed and learned some new tricks and it’s tough to compare, but taking one of those yellow tablets is simply fun.

  • Ken

    I just received my lipodrene (through priceplow of course ) and the formula does not have 1,3 or acacia Ridgula in it. Was there more than one formula? I got it through suppz

    • It now says “methylhexaneamine” for the 1,3 — and they recently changed acacia to senegalia berlandieri. You should see that instead. I updated our Lipodrene post but forgot about this page – will make that change for you now.

      Give it a shot tomorrow morning and you’ll DEFINITELY get the Lipodrene feel if you see these two ingredients on the label!!

      • Ken

        Awesome, I see it listed. By the APS mesomorph is awesome.

  • RKT

    Can the author of this post (or anyone) give me an idea of which of these supplements might be close to the old V3? It was a weight loss pill that included a great mood boost (not sure of the ingredient that did it) and a ton of B-12 and whatever else for energy. It worked like nothing else. I dropped 20 pounds so easily and it helped me get through work meetings. Thanks for any info!

  • Michael

    Hey guys was wondering if somebody could give me some advice on which product to try based on what in seeking. I’m looking for something that’s gonna help me wake my ass up in the morning to get a run/cardio/circuit style workout before I go to work from 7am to 3pm. 4 days out of the week I will also be strength training with weights after work. So I’m looking for something that will, as I mentioned earlier, wake my ass up, but then still carry me through the work day and will keep me remotely energized for my strength workouts after work. I don’t want something that’s going to kill my appetite that much but that doesn’t necessarily mean it would be a complete deal breaker. Thanks in advance

    • Early morning cardio? Right now OFF THE CHAIN is the weapon du jour. Stuff is absolutely perfect for me, plus some aminos (although not the best amino blend) which are great for cardio / circuits too.

      Off the Chain is 100mg caffeine / 20mg DMAA, so it depends on if that stim ratio will work for you. What it made me realize is that I really don’t need a crapload of this stim to get me going!! So it’s a perfect edge.

      That’s where I’m at right now. Thanks for reading!

  • Erin

    I am looking for any recommendations… I took Saba ACE several years ago and absolutely loved it! I had so much more energy, much more focus and was always in such a great mood… All while losing weight. I also ate well and exercised regularly, but it was the perfect boost I needed without a ton of caffeine to get through the day and still get in my workouts at the end of the day. Then they changed the formula and no more DMAA. I am looking for something that is comparable to the old Saba ACE with hopes that there is something comparable out there.

    • This is a tough one because there’s absolutely nothing like it out there. A good recommendation could be to pick something basic here, like APS White Lightning and then adding in some epicatechin, which can help replace the cocoa powder they had in there. Read about it here:

    • Katherine Smitm

      Have you tried the white lighting like he suggested yet ? wondering if it worked for you because like you i too had been taking saba ace when it had the dmaa in it but since they have changed it 4 times now it doesn’t work for me

    • MommaMaria

      Have you found anything? I too was taking the ‘old’ ACE and had great results. I havent found anything quite like it yet :(

  • Kia

    I tried OEP when it first came out, and it was amazing. What would be the best alternative since OEP is $180 and that’s a bit too much.

    • HydroxyElite is an OEP clone:

      But honestly I’m still liking Lipodrene better. It’s a bit more intense, so it depends on what you want!

      • Kia

        I want appetite control, that’s the most important for me. I’m always hungry, OEP was helpful with eliminating my cravings.

      • HydroxyElite is probably your safest bet since it’s closest to something you already know you like… but… I still prefer Lipodrene personally. I take one of those and I literally forget to eat, which for me is a bad thing if trying to keep protein high!

      • Kia

        Okay thanks I will try the Lipodrene,

      • Juan Cossio

        Same think happens to me with HTP black widow