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DMAA Banned From Supplements: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Loses Appeal

DMAA Banned

Update April 17, 2020: Hi-Tech Pharma’s request for an En Banc Review (filed October 15, 2019) has been denied. See the Judge’s final response here.

This effectively ends the Hi-Tech DMAA Lawsuit, unless they were to somehow take this to the Supreme Court, which seems unlikely given the current political climate.

On August […]
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APS Chain’d Reaction – Moved from ALR to Bring BCAAs & More!

APS Nutrition Chain'd Reaction

When Hi-Tech recently acquired it’s cavalcade of companies, two of the big names it brought together were ALR Industries and APS Nutrition. Once together, these two did a “swap” of sorts with one of their products: Chain’d Reaction.

It was formerly a carb product with ALR, but now it’s a BCAA powder with […]
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Isomorph Pumpkin Protein Bars Recipe

Isomorph Pumpkin Protein Bars

So from the months of October to December, the whole country goes a little pumpkin-nuts — us included (see our high-protein pumpkin spice latte for an example!)

But in the midst of all these pies and coffees flying around, can you think of anyone ever trying to do a pumpkin protein bar? We don’t […]
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APS Nutrition Isomorph 28: Low-Sucralose Whey Isolate

APS Isomorph

Protein powders are a dime-a-dozen in the sports supplement industry. Nearly every company has their own version of the “perfect” protein needed to fuel your anabolic needs in the crucial post-workout window.

However, as you’ve no doubt realized, there are “good” protein powder and then there are the junk powders that are spiked and contain […]
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iForce Nutrition Acquired by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

iForce Joins the Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Brands

The Hi-Tech Takeover Continues!

Early this morning, a press release made it official: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has acquired iForce Nutrition.[1]

This comes hot on the heels of their recent acquisition of LG Sciences, further demonstrating that Hi-Tech is the most aggressive and quickly-growing supplement company out there.

Expanding Further into Sports Nutrition

Hi-Tech has always […]
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APS Mesomorph: Powerhouse Pre Workout Reformulated

APS Mesomorph

All hope is not lost, because just when things looked their bleakest Hi-Tech and APS Nutrition went back to the drawing board and came up with a revamped (and possibly more intense) version of the strongest pre workout on the market — Mesomorph

Before we reveal the details, take a second to check the best […]
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