iForce Nutrition Acquired by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

The Hi-Tech Takeover Continues!

iForce Joins the Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Brands

iForce officially joins the Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Brands

Early this morning, a press release made it official: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has acquired iForce Nutrition.[1]

This comes hot on the heels of their recent acquisition of LG Sciences, further demonstrating that Hi-Tech is the most aggressive and quickly-growing supplement company out there.

Expanding Further into Sports Nutrition

Hi-Tech has always been a monster in the diet and weight loss niche, but this move expands their empire deeper into sports nutrition, as iForce is a highly-respected brand with athletes and bodybuilders.

From the press release, Hi-Tech’s CEO stated,

“The combination of these two great companies accelerates Hi-Tech’s Sports Nutrition growth strategy, substantially boosts our Sports Nutrition portfolio and diversifies our business stream,” — Jared Wheat, Hi-Tech Chairman, President and CEO

What’s New?

iForce Hi-Tech Pharma

This is definitely not going to be a dull acquisition / merger. Take a look at what’s in store below — and that’s just the short-term stuff!

The press release then goes on to discuss Hi-Tech’s new manufacturing capacity, which includes the acquisition of Nittany Pharmaceuticals (OTC and prescription drug manufacturing).

Why mention Nittany? Because RTDs!

  • HemaVO2 Xtreme RTD

    Per the release, the Nittany acquisition “will enhance Hi-Techs’ capabilities in the rapidly growing area of nutritional beverages and energy shots.” It then alludes to a new HemaVO2 Xtreme RTD!

    We asked Hi-Tech’s representatives if they’d be willing to share any more with us, and they gave us a doozy:

  • The original Dexaprine!

    That’s right – Hi-Tech confirmed that they will be returning the original Dexaprine — as in the one with the OG stim! We’re still getting tons of traffic for Dexaprine XR, which is powered by a very strong dose of acacia rigidula extract, but many still want the original version back, and they’re going to get it.

    Hi-Tech is well-known for their legal battle against the FDA, and while that case gets taken into Federal court, they continued selling the stimulant at hand..

    Dexaprine Original Ingredients

    Could it be?? This is the original Dexaprine formula. It was so strong that most people had to snap the tablets in half! Such a potent mix of citrus alkaloids, 1-3, caffeine, green tea, and the dioodo thyroid metabolites. Perhaps Hi-Tech can double the caplets and half the dose this time around?

  • The original Maximize, also with 1,3

    In the same breath, iForce will be able to manufacture the original Maximize pre workout supplement, which also once had 1,3.

    Currently, iForce Maximize Intense is still on the market (and is on our Supplement Deals page since it’s at a fantastic price right now), but like Dexaprine XR, this version uses strong acacia rigidula extract.

    We are not sure which formula this will be based off of, but a popular one was Maximize V2, whose image is shown below.

  • More Protean Flavors, Possibly some IsoTean Flavors

    iForce has already been teasing a few new Protean flavors, and that will continue to happen. They may also add to the batch if iForce Isotean flavors. Isotean is their pure whey protein isolate powder for lactose intolerant customers and extreme low-carbers.

    Both products review fantastically well and have incredibly unique flavor systems:

    iForce Protean Flavors

    The flavors taste as good as they sound. Wonder what will come next!

  • CUTTING EDGE to come in the Medium Term

    The good news is that the product releases above seem like they’ll be happening sooner than later (we have no dates to hazard a guess, but “short term” was stated).

    The better news is that medium term, they are going to launch “Quite a few products that are on the ‘cutting-edge'”, per Hi-Tech. Could this be the HemaVO2 Xtreme RTD discussed above, or even more?

    The unfortunate news is that we have no additional details, but you can guess that it’s going to be some wild stuff, given the combination of iForce Dave, Vaughn, and Hi-Tech’s capabilities.

And on that note…

What will become of Dave and Vaughn?

iForce was founded in 2006 by Dave Nelson, who will remain on board and will be instrumental in helping to build all brands.

“No more plans but to grow what we have with all the acquisitions.” — Hi-Tech Pharma

Meanwhile, PricePlow fan favorite, R&D researcher, and discussion forum rep extraordinaire, Vaughn (known as VaughnTrue), will also remain on board. His role may be expanded, as he can now assist with the formulation other brands’ products as well.

It goes further than that, though. Hi-Tech’s representatives have told us that they will use iForce’s California warehouse for some shipping, and can also use their main office to house all of their outside reps and demo reps nearby.

Putting things together

The biggest point for everyone to understand is that this is not an acquisition where a company buys a brand, lays off their employees, and profits from the products already created.

This is the exact opposite!

iForce has a very solid team and infrastructure in California that Hi-Tech will be using for all of their businesses. Meanwhile, iForce can take advantage of Hi-Tech’s new manufacturing capacities.

Given the products at hand, this seems like a very sensible match. Each company has something the other wants, and from a consumer’s standpoint, we should only see the improvements.

Our request to Hi-Tech / iForce

iForce Maximize v2

Remember this stuff? If not… then get ready to remember it!

Our biggest hope is that iForce / Hi-Tech will put the stimulant doses on the label, or allow us to publish it. We believe in an informed consumer, and tend to enjoy this stimulant most at 25-50mg doses. Others may certainly like more, but this is our sweet spot.

The Hi-Tech Supplement Empire

So at this point (October 9, 2015), how many supplement companies does Hi-Tech own?!

  1. APS Nutrition, creators of our 2016 top-rated pre workout
  2. Formutech Nutrition
  3. ALR Industries
  4. Innovative Labs
  5. LG Sciences (news release here)
  6. Sports One, and now…
  7. iForce Nutrition

The only question that remains is, “Who’s next?”

But at this time, Hi-Tech stated that there are “No more plans but to grow what we have with all the acquisitions.”

Fair Warning Disclaimer: PricePlow will continue to troll Vaughn, under any and all circumstances.

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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