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C4 Ultimate: Cellucor’s Pinnacle Pre Workout!

Cellucor C4 Ultimate

For years, customers have asked for it, and now it’s finally here. A decked out version of Cellucor’s C4 pre workout… with some serious ingredient doses.

The rumor mill has been ablaze with whispers of a brand new version of […]

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Cellucor Alpha Amino: New 2016 Formula Unveiled

Cellucor Alpha Amino G4

A while back, Cellucor initiated a massive overhaul of their best selling supplements when they unveiled the G4 Series. In the past 18 months, we’ve seen Cellucor’s best sellers get a facelift, and some newer “Xtreme” version of previous […]

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FitJoy Protein Bars: All-Natural, Non-GMO Bars!

FitJoy Collection

Non-GMO, gluten-free, No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives… all attributes that are very popular in the food industry lately, with a growing number of people living the all-natural life.

But there’s one problem for health-conscious consumers on the go: […]

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5 for $5! Limited-Supply Cellucor COR-Sport Protein Bar Deal!

Cellucor COR-Sport Protein Bars Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


That’s right – today PricePlow and Cellucor are proud to announce an exclusive limited-supply offer on their hot new COR-Sport Protein Bars, just $5.00 for 5 protein bars!

This offer only stands on the Chocolate Chip […]

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Cellucor Protein Bars are Here… It’s About Time!

Cellucor COR-Sports Protein Bar PB

As you may have noticed, we’ve been covering a lot of protein bars lately. Part of this is that the market’s growing and users don’t have always have time to cook a high protein snack and always need a quick […]

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SodaStream Pre Workout Hack: Upgrade Your C4 with FIZZ!

Cellucor C4 SodaStream

Today, we take a break from the breakdowns, studies, reviews, and exposés to bring you a unique hack that will decidedly upgrade your pre workout experience. Recently, we’ve been playing around with the SodaStream machine.

Why bother with carbonation?[…]

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Cellucor Weight Gainer: Mass for the Masses

Cellucor Weight Gainer

Recently, Cellucor announced the release of seven new products that will go towards expanding the Cor-Performance Series. The first of these we covered was COR-Casein, a micellar casein-based powder to complement the line’s incredibly popular and tasty COR-Performance Whey […]

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Cellucor Casein – Cellucor’s 2nd Protein Powder

Cellucor COR-Performance Casein

The mighty Cellucor has been teasing a huge release recently of all new products, most of which will be an expansion of their Cor Performance line of supplements. The first product revealed in the expansion was COR Casein.

Most […]

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10% Cellucor Coupon for NutraBolt’s Amazon Storefront

Cellucor Amazon Coupon

We’re pleased to announce a 10% off coupon Cellucor’s Amazon Storefront through March 31!

If you’re a fan of Cellucor, you like Amazon Prime free two-day shipping, and you want to get it directly from the source, then this will […]

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Cookies and Cream Protein Whoopie Pies by Chef Bob

Cookies and cream protein whoopie pies Support Cellucor!

Remember, use coupon code CellucorNation when buying any products on Cellucor.com, and stay tuned to PricePlow for more recipes using protein powder!!

We’ve had some innovative protein powder recipes on our site so far, but we’ve got […]

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