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Cellucor G4 4th Generation Chrome Series Announced

Cellucor C4 New Formula (G4)

The Cellucor C4 New Formula (G4) is out!

Update: The products have been released! They’re listed below:

We’ve been waiting for Cellucor’s next major move, since everything’s been quiet over there (except for the recent Wal-Mart release of the C4 Sport pre workout).

It is now upon us:

The Cellucor G4 4th Generation Chrome Series has been announced!

You can see the release video below:

About the G4 Series

So far, here’s what we know about it:

  • There will be eight new products
  • The teaser above shows C4 Extreme, Alpha Amino, and Super HD
  • Is there an RTD here?
  • The release date is December 11, 2014
  • Cellucor is hosting a contest for a year’s supply of supplements![1] The contest goes through January 4, 2015.

Note that Cellucor also needs a protein bar still!

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Other NutraBolt-owned Brands and Products

Nutrabolt Logo

Lots of Nutrabolt activity stirring up!

Don’t forget about the other brands owned by NutraBolt, Cellucor’s parent company: NEON Sport and Royal Sport.

Before learning of the C4 New Formula, we also alluded to other possible brands and products, such as HERSPORT, and other new products from new trademarks taken out by NutraBolt / WoodBolt. Perhaps this is part of the new series?

On the note of NEON Sport, the new Thermo-Rev fat burner is expected in the mail any day now, so NutraBolt has been incredibly busy!

Cellucor G4

Cellucor G4 Series is coming… but what does that mean?

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