Cellucor NO3 Chrome New Formula – Ingredient Upgrade!

Cellucor NO3 Chrome New Formula

The new formula is out – same Arginine Nitrate, but now with NitroSigine arginine silicate!

Today is a big day, as we discuss the 4th Generation release of the Cellucor product line.

One of the cooler upgrades was with the NO3 Chrome New Formula, which is the stimulant-free nitric oxide pill formula that we believe is highly underrated (but a bit expensive when paying retail at the local store).

With the new NO3 Chrome formula, Cellucor kept the beloved arginine nitrate ingredient as the primary pump ingredient, but dropped L-Norvaline and pycnogenol (pine tree extract) in lieu of the new Nitrogine brand inositol-stabilized arginine silicate, which has been a hot topic as of late.

There is some concern that losing pycnogenol may hurt a bit, but the addition of any amount of arginine siliate should more than make up for it.

The ingredient comparison

Let’s take a side-by-side look at the ingredients to catch the differences, and then we’ll analyze each part of the new formula soon:

Cellucor NO3 Chrome Original Formula Ingredients

The original formula ingredients

Cellucor NO3 Chrome New Formula Ingredients

The new formula ingredients

Analyzing the new formula and the research behind the ingredients:

  • Arginine Nitrate (NO3-T) – 1250mg

    Arginine nitrate delivers the same beneficial properties we’ve come to know and love nitrates for (they’re potent and last a long time), but with a unique twist:

    You won’t become tolerant to it like you would with other forms of nitrates. This is due to the fact that arginine significantly reduces nitrate tolerance.[1]

    This is easily one of the best pump ingredients on the market, but you won’t find it anywhere due to licensing – Cellucor is one of the companies lucky enough to be able to sell it.

  • Extreme Vascularity Complex (750mg)

    Honestly, arginine nitrate alone makes for a great product. But to get our money’s worth, we want more, and Cellucor delivers with these supporting nitric oxide boosters:

    • Nitrosigine® Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate

      Nitrosigine® is a form of arginine that’s been bonded with silicon.

      Not only will you experience the individual benefits of both arginine and silicon, but the real potential comes from the extreme synergy between the two components.

      It’s been clinically proven that the combination of the two ingredients increases nitric oxide levels substantially.[2]

      You can learn more about Nitrosigine® in an article we wrote back in 2013, click here to check it out.

    • Citrulline Malate

      The Citrulline Pathway

      The Citrulline Pathway

      Citrulline is precursor to arginine, in fact, it’s actually capable of raising arginine levels to a greater extent than supplementing with arginine itself.[3,4]

      This is simply due to the fact that it has a better bioavailability.[5]

      For you, this not only equates to increased NO levels, but you’ll also benefit from citrullines unique properties as well, which you can read about here.

    • Grape seed extract (95% OPC)

      Grape seed extract is most prominently known for it’s capacity to act as an extraordinarily powerful antioxidant.

      What’s it doing in NO3 Chrome?

      Well, grape seed extract may be prized for it’s antioxidant properties, and rightfully so – but that’s not the only trick it has up it’s sleeve.

      In studies it’s also been proven to provide phenomenal support to the cardiovascular system through a number of mechanisms, such as it’s ability to improve the regulation of blood pressure and it’s potential to improve blood flow.[6,7]

  • Vitamin C – 83mg (138%)

  • Calcium – 10mg (1%)

    As with every micro-nutrient, vitamin C and calcium play dozens of roles in the body so I’m not going to get into detail here, but we have an excellent reference page on multivitamins if you’re interested in more information.

The release schedule

We assume that this will be released on the same schedule as the new Cellucor C4 formula (also released today), so we expect it to roll out like this:

  • December 2014: GNC stores only
  • January 2014: BB.com also gets it
  • Afterward: Everyone else on PricePlow gets it.

The issue with the PricePlow Price Comparisons

Here at PricePlow, we’re a price comparison service so you save money by comparing prices.

The issue in this case is that NO3 Chrome is keeping the same name, so in our comparisons, the old formula and the new formula will both be listed together on our official Cellucor NO3 Chrome page.

So if you want to try the new one, make sure you take note of the store schedule above, and then check their pictures and ingredient labels. Ask them if you’re not sure, and if all else fails, just ask us and we’ll figure out the best deal on the new one with arginine silicate.

You can see some of the price comparisons below, and sign up for price drop alert notifications. Our system will email you when new stores start dropping the prices!

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Mike Roberto

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