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Nutrabolt IPO Rumors and Search Traffic

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Lots of search traffic on Nutrabolt here lately… read why below

Lately, we’ve noticed something very odd about the search traffic coming into this blog:

Due to a few other blog posts where we discuss investments and publicly held companies, combined with our ongoing coverage of NutraBolt-owned brands (Cellucor, Neon Sport, and Royal Sport), we’ve somehow begun seeing traffic for those inquiring about a Nutrabolt IPO.

We’re writing this page so that everyone finds the right information:

There is no announcement

Just to be certain, there has not been any announcement of a Cellucor / Woodbolt / Nutrabolt IPO, so it looks like those of you finding this blog are just hearing rumors or searching for rumors.

What really happened?

Nutrabolt IPO

Here’s what really happened. The rest sounds like rumors or wishful thinking

This got us to wondering — why are we getting this search traffic in the first place?

It turns out that Nutrabolt recently received a significant private minority investment from private equity firm, MidOcean Partners.[1]

Perhaps that’s where some rumors started? It seems that MidOcean Partners have been involved in some hush-hush IPO-esque acquisitions[2], so those familiar with them might know that something is coming (or are at least searching for it, and finding us).

But from the official looks of it, there is nothing happening yet.

We appreciate the traffic, and you’re welcome to use our site to compare prices on Cellucor’s incredible products or use the price comparison widgets below.

But what if…

But if it does happen, and Nutrabolt ever did decide to go public / IPO… we would be all in.

Cellucor COR-Performance Whey

With products like this one… Cellucor can do nearly no wrong with us

We’ve watched the brands owned by Nutrabolt (formerly known as Woodbolt) — Cellucor, Neon Sport, and Royal Sport — do basically everything right when it comes to branding, launching, taking care of partners, and taking care of employees.

These guys can nearly do no wrong in this industry, and they have the model down. Old, tired companies are running scared from Cellucor especially — which is now even in stores like Costco. We’re sure more is on the way.

Some of the other brands like Royal are higher in price, which conflicts with our model (we’re a price comparison engine for supplements), but clearly the users in their demographic don’t seem to mind – the stuff sells, and it does taste absolutely fantastic.

With their leadership, under the tutelage of CEO Doss Cunningham, we won’t be surprised to see this company grow ten fold, and would recommend anyone to get in on it while they could.

As for us, we need to stay unbiased to be a proper comparison engine and journalistic blog machine, and would likely watch from the sidelines.

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  1. MidOcean Partners Announces Significant Investment in Nutrabolt; Reuters
  2. Premium pet food company Freshpet taps banks for IPO-sources; Reuters
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