Cellucor Cans the Color in C4 On-the-Go Carbonated’s 4th Flavor, Purple Frost!

What do you do when you have the industry’s best-selling pre workout supplement in C4 Original, have achieved long-term success in the supplement market, and have been growing as a company since 2002? Do you sit back to enjoy the ride and hope it will never end? Not a good idea in this industry… and definitely not if you are NutraBolt, the company that owns Cellucor.

Cellucor C4 Original Carbonated Purple Frost

We asked and they listened.. for the fourth flavor (Purple Frost) and future batches… no artificial colors!

Having dominated the pre-workout category with C4 Original, with an unprecedented level of market penetration, Cellucor recently entered the Ready-to-Drink energy category with C4 Original Carbonated canned pre workout energy drink.

This RTD is a pre-canned pre workout best served cold that originally launched with four flavors:

  • Frozen Bombsicle
  • Twisted Limeade
  • Tropical Blast
  • Strawberry Watermelon

But there was something always bothering us with these drinks… artificial colors. Sure, many consumers enjoy them in the powdered formulas, but do you really need them in a can? Since these colors won’t even be seen when drank from the can, we, and many of our followers declared that we did not want nor need them.

We asked, and Cellucor listened! No artificial colors in Purple Frost!

So when Cellucor decided to launch their fourth flavor — Purple Frost — they decided that they were tired of listening to us complain about artificial colors — so they removed them from the formula!

This is great news and ultimately shows a company listening to consumers, trends, and perhaps even us!! This move is about what a growing number of customers want, based on what people don’t need.

Mike and Matt reviewed them below:

Our C4 Carbonated Purple Frost Review

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More big news: All flavors to go dye-free

After we posted that video, Cellucor’s media team reached out to us to thank us for the honest feedback, and told us that they’re removing the colors in all of the flavors!

This is a great move in a growing energy drink market that’s been “invaded” by the likes of VPX Bang, BSN’s EndoRush, Repp Sports RAZE Energy, and ProSupps’ Mr. Hyde Power Potion. The C4 series, which includes these C4 Carbonated as well as the C4 Ultimate Carbonated cans are far and away the most suited for pre workout purposes, and while we don’t always want them for pre workout, the decision is clearly working out for the brand, and obviously the choice move if you’re going to put it under the C4 name, a sub-brand synonymous with workout energy.

You can compare prices using PricePlow and sign up for Cellucor news and deal alerts below — we doubt this is the last flavor they’ll be launching if they keep the sales up!

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