EVL Pump Mode Capsules Use Inception to Deliver PURE Glycerol Pumps

Back in the day before pre workout supplements really took off, there were actually more capsule-based nitric oxide boosters than powders. There are a couple of advantages to those pills, and sometimes a smart company can take advantage of them to make a unique and powerful product.

EVL Pump Mode Capsules

Are you ready for capsule-in-a-capsule inception? PumpMode’s innovation gives you 100% glycerol!

Nowadays there are hundreds of pump supplements on the market, and most rely on similar designs: a powder delivery, a decent dose of citrulline, taurine or a bonded form of glycerol, and maybe some nitrates if the customers are lucky. EVL, as per usual, took a different route, with some of the most interesting capsules we’ve seen lately.

Introducing Pump Mode Capsules: a double-capsule pre workout pill that promises to deliver massive pumps through a convenient pill delivery form. Take a look at these pictures — now this is how you deliver pure glycerol! But first, let’s show the prices (we’re talking about the Capsule version in this post obviously) and let you sign up for EVL’s news alerts since they’re always coming out with interesting stuff:

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What makes this different?

EVL Pump Mode Caps

That there’s straight glycerol. No need to bind to silica or stearic acid here!!

Whether it’s for convenience, avoiding the mess, or bypassing the extra “other” ingredients on a pre workout powder’s label, capsules have their place. Pump Mode Capsules were designed for the gym rat on the go. But what’s really different is that Pump Mode Caps are supported by a unique capsule-in-a-capsule design. It’s Pump Mode Inception!

The surrounding shell’s capsule contains a solid 900mg of glycerol (you can see the liquid!) while the inner capsule contains supporting vitamins and nitrate. Through this design, Pump Mode can keep doses high without losing convenience. Who cares about glycerol clumping when you have it in its liquid form?!

Pump Mode Capsule Ingredients

Just like the Pump Mode powder, it’s a simple and cost-effective formula:

  • Glycerol – 900mg

    The star of the show here, Glycerol is an ingredient that delivers massive pumps when used correctly. Glycerol encourages cells to take in more water than usual through an increase in osmotic pressure. We refer to this process as “the water pump,” but “cell hydration” is probably a bit more accurate.

    EVL Pump Mode Capsule Ingredients

    This bottle comes fresh from the 2018 Mr. Olympia!

    The enhanced hydration also may boost endurance and reduce feelings of fatigue.[7,8]

    No “watered-down” glycerol here!

    The issue with glycerol (typically!) is that it’s a liquid, goopy mess. So it needs to be bonded to something like stearic acid (to form glycerol monostearate) or silica — but those then add extra unwanted ingredients, and they dilute the actual percent of glycerol you’re getting.

    For instance, glycerol monostearate is about 25% glycerol by weight. But guess what — when you use straight glycerol in a capsule, you get 100%! This means that 900mg glycerol in Pump Mode capsules is the same as 3.6g of glycerol monostearate – a dose that nobody would use because it’s a clumpy disaster.

    EVL outsmarted everyone by figuring out how to get you the full yield at a dose you can feel — if you chug enough water with it!

    So to really experience glycerol in all of its glory, make sure you take in plenty of fluids when you use Pump Mode. Try to combine Pump Mode with a serving of creatine as creatine also enhances the body’s ability to hold on to water.

    Note that because glycerol is technically a sugar alcohol, EVL is properly labeling these as having 1g carbohydrate.

    Next it’s time to get nitric oxide levels up:

  • Betaine Nitrate – NO3-T (1g)

    Betaine Nitrate is an ambitious patented blend of nitrates and betaine. Developed by Thermolife International, NO3-T tries to harvest the beneficial ergogenic properties of betaine while giving the body more nitrates to use in nitric oxide production. We’re talking about a pump ingredient, so the real thing that matters is that nitrates are potent vasodilators in the body. Therefore, nitrate supplementation will increase blood flow to your muscle tissue and lower your blood pressure. The enhanced blood delivery improves athletic performance by making the body a more efficient machine.[9-10]

    EVL BCAA Energy

    Energy aminos are a dime a dozen, until you taste the Fruit Punch BCAA Energy from EVL Nutrition that you can stack in with Pump Mode!

    Betaine is more of a bonus in this formula. Nitrates need to be bonded to something, so brands can choose which ingredient to bond it to — and EVL chose one of our favorites!

    Betaine, a choline derivative, is a PricePlow house standard, and is still underrated despite so much beneficial research out about it in both males and females. It may improve power output, endurance, help natural creatine production, and may reduce DOMs. However, betaine is often studied in doses around or over 2.5g. We know we’re not hitting that level in a capsule, but even the little we’re getting is a nice bonus. Betaine also may help the muscles keep water[11,12] — so it may add to the pump punch in Pump Mode, especially because you’ll be drinking a lot of water to get that glycerol where it belongs.

    Since NO3-T provides nitrates for the body to use, next we need to talk about bioavailability and tolerance avoidance, which is where Vitamin C comes in with Pump Mode:

  • Vitamin C – 167% Daily Value

    While Vitamin C is often overlooked by lifters and companies alike, science shows it could be relevant to the nitrate users – because it may avoid nitrate tolerance! When taken alongside each other, Vitamin C prevents nitrate tolerance build-up,[13] which is why you see it inside of nitrate-based formulas so frequently. The scientists who conducted that study think that it has a stabilizing effect on the enzymes that help with the nitric oxide conversion.

    EVL PumpMode

    Still want to go powdered (and tasty) form? Don’t forget to check out the OG PumpMode!

    Meanwhile, high doses of Vitamin C themselves may enhance production of nitric oxide in the body and for a longer time[1,2] The heightened nitric oxide levels translates to more vasodilation — so your damaged muscle tissue will receive nutrients more efficiently. And we can’t forget the last part… it’ll protect you from scurvy!

  • Vitamin D3 – 500IU – 125% Daily Value

    Vitamin D needs little introduction for long-time PricePlow supporters. This skin-generated hormone plays a huge role in hormonal pathways in mammalian organisms. It turns out that most Americans are deficient in this lovely fat-soluble cholesterol derivative, so we can improve our hormonal health through supplementation.[3] Correcting a Vitamin D imbalance will improve your quality of life, enhance your cognition, boost your testosterone levels, and may reduce your fat mass.[4-6]

Pump Mode Dosage

Take just two capsules about 45 minutes before training in order to get the doses discussed above. And drink lots of water! You can stack with EVL’s other pre workouts like ENGN (higher-caffeine), ENGN Shred, or BCAA Energy (lower-caffeine).

EVL Just Made Capsules Cool

EVL Z-Matrix

Just like they did here, EVL’s Z-Matrix took something we love (ZMA), with something else we love (L-Theanine and Vitamin D), and made a sleep supplement that’s simply smart!

After looking at thousands of these products, we’d gotten bored with the capsules. There’s only so many you can take and so many things you can do with them. But EVL found a really sweet spot here, and made them uber-cool with this cap-in-a-cap inception!

Pump Mode’s Capsule version is a well-developed, simple product. When a company takes what’s often considered as a negative to many of us (lower doses) and turns it into a positive (higher doses of glycerol), we’re always thrilled.

Typically we’re huge fans of EVL’s flavor systems, so we were confused to see more capsules coming. But now we know why — they delivered on some innovation here.

If you’re sick of the powder game, or just want to see these killer capsules, Pump Mode Caps are an easy addition to any stack. And if you still want powder, then check out our Pump Mode Powder blog post — prices are shown for both below:

EVLution Nutrition PumpMode – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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