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Performax Labs StimMax Takes Stims to the MAX

Performax Labs StimMax Coming Soon

Performax Labs is taking pre workout stimulants to the MAX with StimMax, including a whopping 423mg caffeine along with Dynamine and nootropics.

Performax Labs is absolutely unstoppable.

The maximum-powered supplement experts went through a major rebrand in 2017, upgrading […]

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Cocaine Energy Drink Review: A Spicy Energy Drink?!

Cocaine Energy Drink Review

This one was simply too good to pass on.

The PricePlow gang convened to try their hand at a tasting of Cocaine Energy Drink.

Have you ever tried cocaine? Witness PricePlow’s reaction to a live testing of Cocaine.

You […]

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Monster Energy Drink Ultra Series Review

Monster Ultra Series Review

PricePlow’s Robert and CJ review six flavors of Monster Ultra Series Energy drink. White Monster still reigns supreme as the top Monster!

No one can deny the insane popularity of Monster Energy Drinks. They’re quite possibly the most well-known, […]

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LA Fit Expo 2018: PricePlow’s Adventure to LA

LA Fit Expo 2018

Check out the whole story of PricePlow’s journey to CA for the 2018 LA Fit Expo!

The 2018 LA Fit Expo has come and gone, but PricePlow was there in force to cover the latest happenings, newest product releases, and […]

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Gaspari Hyper Amino: Low-Cost Energy Aminos that Kick!

Gaspari Hyper Amino

Gaspari Nutrition has stepped into the energy amino arena with the release of Hyper Amino, an all day amino blend to support recovery and muscle growth.

Reviewing the landscape of the supplement industry these past 18 months, we’ve seen two […]

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Plexus Edge: Questionably Overpriced Energy Pill?

Plexus Edge

Edge from Plexus looks to be the answer to every individual’s daily energy crisis. But is it worth the high price tag?

In case you weren’t aware the entire world is in an energy crisis!

Just take a look […]

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Alphamine Reformulated (ie Downgraded) for the Masses

Alphamine and Shift

PES announced recently that they have reformulated their popular fat burner Alphamine into an “energy drink.” Sadly, we’re viewing this as a downgrade from one of our favorite supplements… but it can now reach a wider market

When PEScience comes […]

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Gaspari Nutrition Co-Ownership Acquired by Hi-Tech’s Jared Wheat

Jared Wheat Gaspari Nutrition

Gaspari Nutrition has found a home — with Rich Gaspari and Jared Wheat teaming up for what might be an unstoppable duo!

It’s been a wild ride for Gaspari over the past few years, but they’ve finally found a home: […]

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Symyx ELEVATE – BCAAs at Target by Scivation

Scivation Symyx Elevate

Symyx Elevate is a new entry from Scivation that looks to capitalize on the growing energy amino and RTD (Ready-to-Drink) markets.

Scivation, makers of the always popular BCAA supplement Xtend, are now taking things well outside of the scope […]

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FatWater: A 20 Calorie Fat-Powered “Energy” Drink?

Bulletproof FatWater

FatWater is the latest fad from the maker of Bulletproof Coffee, Dave Asprey. It promises energy and better hydration, but is this true? Image courtesy Beverage Daily[1]

You may remember a certain fad diet blowing up a few years ago […]

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