The Myoblox Loco Guerrilla Chemist Pre Workout is NOT Coming

Update: Shortly after posting this, we received reliable confirmation that Guerilla Chemist is no longer with Myoblox and that this will almost definitely not happen.

Myoblox Guerrilla Chemist Pre-Workout

How will the new Guerrilla Chemist Pre-Workout compare to the original Myoblox Loco? Excited to find out!

We’re excited to announce that MyoBlox has provided an update to the long-awaited, highly anticipated Guerrilla Chemist Loco formula, showing the innovative formula behind this wild-sounding pre-workout.

The process dates back all the way to March of 2018, when the brand originally confirmed that it was working on a spin-off of its Loco pre workout. Fast forward to October the company has finally revealed a full ingredient profile to really keep the fans on the edge of their seats.

Myoblox has become well-known for developing effective sports nutrition products, which are loaded with high-quality ingredients. Although there are some similarities among the ingredients in the formula of Loco, you will find that the Myoblox Team.

What we know about Guerrilla Chemist’s MyoBlox Loco Version

The new pre-workout does carry over a number of features from their regular version of Loco, along with ingredients specific to the Guerrilla Chemist product. The formula contains four fully transparent ingredients and one proprietary blend.

What we do know from the transparent ingredients per 2 scoops is:

MyoBlox Loco Guerrilla Chemist Version

How will the new Guerrilla Chemist Pre-Workout compare to Myoblox Loco? Excited to find out.

  • 2g of PeakO2, which has been shown through research to improve VO2 max and oxygen output. There’s also a new study showing benefits at 1-2g/day since the original study was done at 4g/day – stay tuned for information from Compound Solutions about that!
  • 2g of GlycerPump (65% Glycerol by weight) has been shown to increase osmotic pressure where cells take in more water than usual to improve your pumps.
  • There is 1g of Kanna, which is a unique ingredient to improve mood and energy. This provides sceletium tortuosum, a fantastic mood booster that we absolutely love in Performax Labs StimMax (high-energy pre workout) or the NootropiMax energy nootropic.
  • The last open-label ingredient is 600mg of Lion’s Mane, which is a mushroom extract known to improve memory recall and cognitive function.

The prop blend portion looks like serious energy and focus

What we don’t know is the specifics in the 2.5g Psychoactive Matrix blend. Breaking down the ingredients we can see long-time favorites like caffeine, higenamine, eria jarensis, and the controversial (and hopefully minimally-dosed) alpha yohimbine as the primary factors behind the energy and stimulant in the pre-workout. L-Tyrosine, DMAE for choline support, noopept, and huperzine A will help bring the focus and intensify the energy surge when taking the product. Tons of nootropics, dopamine-boosters, and feel-good ingredients in here, just as we’d expect from the Guerilla!

The Guerilla Chemist

The studly Guerilla Chemist (@TheGuerillaChemist) shows his October ‘do which matches the above label pretty well!

The most unique ingredient used in the Myoblox pre-workout is isopropylnorsynephrine. This ingredient, which is as aggressive as it sounds, is a derivative of synephrine, and is what Hi-Tech switched to when reformulating APS Mesomorph away from DMAA. This unique and very powerful fat loss agent is seriously no joke, but we’re not surprised Guerilla included it as well. It’s really going to come down to the dosing, and that’s something that’s clearly under wraps. When it was in Psycho Pharma’s Edge of Insanity, it was a bit much for us!!

Focusing on Focus

It’s clear that Myoblox let Guerilla have his way with this one, getting a ton of Kanna for the mood enhancement, but a lot of serious nootropics. We’ll be pitting this one against other “hardcore” feel-good formulas like the aforementioned StimMax, Olympus Labs Re1gn, and Outbreak Nutrition’s Pathogen, whose new Nuka Colada flavor we’ll be testing shortly. Note that Re1gn and Pathogen are using the J. Regia form of DMHA, so we expect them to be different, but in the same line of “hardcore-ness”. Guerilla’s noopept and huge kanna dose will need to be epic to compete.

Guerilla Chemist Interview at the 2018 Olympia

You can check out the interview between Mike and The Guerrilla Chemist at the Olympia:

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How will it compare to the original MyoBlox Loco? Only one way to find out…

Guerilla + Myoblox = Awesome

One thing’s for sure: This Guerilla Chemist + Myoblox combination looks like a winner. An aggressive formulator matched with a quick-moving, flashy brand who may even exceed his challenges… can’t wait to try.

Now that we’ve got a look at the ingredients in MyoBlox Guerrilla Chemist Loco, it’s expected to be released soon from the company. Turning on your Myoblox PricePlow alerts will keep you ahead of the curve on where to buy it. This is also a great way to get the best coupons and deals for future purchases.

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