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For years, we’ve been huge fans of Kaged’s Supplements, which all began with the epic Pre-Kaged pre-workout supplement – one of the first major supplements to advertise naturally-sourced caffeine. The brand’s legendary status was solidified with their release of Hydra-Charge, a unique and insanely delicious hydration formula that doubles as a flavor system for your raw ingredient powders.

One Kaged release that slipped by us, however, was the energized version of Hydra-Charge, launched in May of 2021. Better late than never:

Hydra-Charge Amped – Electrolytes with a 200mg Spark of Energy

Kaged Hydra-Charge Amped

Electrolytes, incredible flavor, and energy from naturally-sourced caffeine. Can Hydra-Charge Amped get any better?!

So today we’re talking about Kaged’s Hydra-Charge AMPED, a hydration supplement formula that’s designed to keep you functioning optimally during exercise or while under stress.

What makes this supplement AMPED? The hefty dose of naturally-sourced caffeine, a phenomenal ergogenic aid that helps your body more efficiently burn both fats and carbohydrates for energy, thus increasing your physical and mental performance.

And if you have raw ingredients like Kaged’s CreaClear, you can still use it as a custom flavor system just like the OG Hydra-Charge… only this time with energy.

The story and science are below, but first, take a look at our PricePlow-powered prices and sign up for Kaged news, we have more content from the team coming!

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Why a hydration formula?

Kaged Hydra-Charge Amped

The coolest thing about Hydra-Charge Amped? It comes in convenient stick packs!

We all know the incredible power of exercise to improve human health, and the importance of staying as active as we can, especially as we age.

But most of us don’t give much thought to how we can support and optimize that activity.

When you exercise, or are even just subjected to stress, your body will lose a lot of water-soluble vitamins and minerals. Some of these minerals, known as “electrolytes,” are crucial for the basic functioning of your cells, and particularly your muscles.

Your body needs these compounds to function optimally: that’s why it’s important to replenish these compounds as your activity continues.

Hydra-Charged AMPED will help you do that, with almost no caloric content or insulinogenic activity.

Hydra-Charge Amped Ingredients

  • Niacin (as niacinamide) – 10mg (63% DV)

    Niacin is a precursor to several important coenzymes, including nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD),[1] which is crucial for the proper functioning of the electron transport chain, the body’s most fundamental metabolic system.[1]

    Kaged Hydra Charge Amped Hydration Formula Sports Drink Mix Supplement Facts Ingredient Label

    The ingredients in Hydra-Charge AMPED from Kaged

    People who don’t get enough niacin may eventually develop a condition called pellagra, whose symptoms include diarrhea, dermatitis, and, eventually, dementia.[1] Certain other conditions increase the risk of niacin deficiency: examples of these are anorexia, cancer, and AIDS. Chemotherapy in particular seems to deplete the body of niacin.[1]

  • Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl) – 2mg (118% DV)

    Just like niacin, Vitamin B6 is a precursor for important coenzymes. Among these are pyridoxal 5′ phosphate (PLP) and and pyridoxamine 5′ phosphate (PMP), which are necessary for hundreds of different metabolic reactions in the human body.[2] Both of these enzymes are crucial for optimal protein metabolism.[2]

    Vitamin B6 also facilitates the synthesis of neurotransmitters, thus helping ensure proper cognitive function, and regulates homocysteine,[2] an amino acid whose excess can cause problems for the cardiovascular system. Vitamin B6 is also implicated in hemoglobin formation, immunity, gluconeogenesis, and glycogenolysis.[2]

    Vitamin B6 supplementation may reduce one’s risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and cognitive dysfunction.[2]

  • Vitamin B12 (as Hydroxocobalmin) (from Chlorella) – 6mcg (250% DV)

    Like niacin and vitamin B6, vitamin B12 is a cofactor for many important enzymes in the human body. Along with folate, adequate levels of vitamin B12 are necessary for the proper functioning of the methionine-homocysteine cycle, the process by which excess homocysteine is converted to methionine via methylation.[3] If this process is compromised, hyper-homocysteinemia and cardiovascular disease can result,[4] so it’s definitely worth supporting.

    B12 is also needed for the synthesis of DNA, the production of red blood cells, and healthy cognitive function,[3] meaning that B12 deficiencies can lead to anemia, cognitive decline, and depression.[4]

  • Electrolyte blend – calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium

    Potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium are important as electrolytes — conductive metals that help facilitate muscular contractions. Maintaining adequate levels of electrolytes is important for peak performance, as they promote hydration and prevent muscle cramping.[5] Although not usually mentioned as one, phosphorus is an electrolyte.[6]

    Himalayan Salt

    Himalayan pink salt is an excellent source of electrolytes. Don’t fear the sodium!! We need it for optimal training!

    There are a couple of reasons why you typically see at least some light electrolyte support in hydration formulas such as this one. First, people who use hydration formulas typically engage in activities in which they exert themselves And since electrolytes are lost as sweat during exercise, they must be replenished. Second, drinking water that’s bereft of electrolytes can actually “wash” electrolytes out of the body due to its low osmotic pressure, so adding some electrolytes to your water can help prevent that from happening.

  • Taurine – 1g

    In the context of hydration, taurine is important because it’s an osmolyte, meaning that it helps maintain the water balance of cells.[7]

    Most often used for its ability to increase endurance, taurine was shown in a recent meta-analysis to promote endurance acutely, upon its first use.[8] The minimum effective dose for this reaction is 1 gram, so we’re glad to see 1 gram being used in Hydra-Charge AMPED.

    Taurine Benefits

    Taurine’s Benefits (endurance-wise) can be seen after a single use![8]

    Taurine can also help protect the body against free radicals, improve calcium signaling in muscle cells (necessary for muscular contractions), and boost cognition, among many other things. The impressive benefits of taurine are why it’s considered a “conditionally essential” amino[7-9] — although your body can produce some taurine, getting more taurine (from food and supplements) is generally better.Taurine also helps to promote focus by enhancing the function of GABA receptors in the brain, and reducing inflammation in the brain while facilitating synaptic and mitochondrial function.[9]So taurine is an excellent supplement for overall performance—both mental and physical. It makes perfect sense to see taurine in a hydration formula.

  • L-Tyrosine – 500 mg

    Tyrosine is a precursor to catecholamines and neurotransmitters, such as epinephrine, dopamine, and norepinephrine.[10] Since catecholamines are responsible for mobilizing energy and triggering the “fight or flight” response, and dopamine is responsible for improving mood, focus, and motivation, supplying your body with tyrosine is a great strategy for pushing through fatigue during exertion.

    Because caffeine acts on many of the same systems, combining tyrosine with caffeine is a good example of biochemical synergy: while tyrosine increases the production of catecholamines, caffeine triggers their release into systemic circulation. This will significantly improve mood and energy utilization.[11]

    Tyrosine can also help manage stress, especially in sleep-deprived people.[12]

  • Coconut Fruit Water Powder – 500 mg

    Coconut Water Electrolytes

    Coconut Water is often used for its naturally-occurring electrolytes. Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

    Coconut water has been shown to improve whole-body hydration, and even to act as an osmolyte by helping the body retain more water with its naturally-occurring electrolytes.[13] Adding coconut water powder is sort of like adding powdered spring water — it’s a great way to add some balanced electrolytes to hydration formulas.

  • Caffeine (as PurCaf caffeine from organic green coffee bean) – 200mg

    Kris Gethin of Kaged is a huge fan of PurCaf, and for good reason: PurCaf is derived exclusively from organic green coffee beans,[14] meaning that the risk of toxic impurity is lower than some competing synthetic stimulants. PurCaf is standardized for 95% caffeine, is Non-GMO Project Verified, and certified organic.[14] Anecdotally speaking, we have found that naturally-sourced caffeine gives the user a smoother, steadier, and more sustained rise in energy than synthetic forms of caffeine that act quickly and leave the user in the throes of withdrawal.Caffeine is a great fat-burning substance, good at boosting energy levels, keeping appetite under control, and improving the body’s ability to use energy as heat.[15,16]

    Kaged PurCaf

    Why does Kaged only use PurCaf caffeine? Outside of it being naturally-derived, there may be some fringe benefits to keeping caffeine with its natural counterparts.

    Much of caffeine’s effectiveness comes from its ability to inhibit adenosine and phosphodiesterase.[15,16] Adenosine is a molecule that induces fatigue when it binds to its receptor, which causes a downregulation of neural activity.[15,16] So, inhibiting adenosine fights fatigue directly.

    Phosphodiesterase is a little more complicated. It’s an enzyme that breaks down a messenger molecule called cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate).[15,16] Since cAMP plays a central role in the metabolism of both fats and carbohydrates, keeping levels of cAMP elevated by inhibiting phosphodiesterase will give your body more energy for exercise and even daily activity.[17]

    Not convinced of caffeine’s incredible power as an ergogenic aid? Excited about caffeine and want to learn more? Head to this link and read our long-form article about PurCaf: Why Kaged Uses PurCaf (Natural Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans)

  • SPECTRA Total ORAC Antioxidant Blend – 100mg

    As you can see in the massive list on the label, Spectra consists of over 30 different plant extracts.*

    Spectra Nitric Oxide

    Influence of SPECTRA on circulating NO concentration in blood of human volunteers.[18]

    In a 2014 study, researchers found that human subjects who were given 100 milligrams of Spectra per day had significantly lower levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) or “free radicals,” thus decreasing the burden of oxidative stress on the body.[18] Free radicals are an unstable type of molecule that can damage cells, tissues, and even enzymes and DNA if the body’s antioxidant defenses are not adequate. By alleviating this free-radical burden, Spectra was able to actually increase the metabolic activity of cells.[18] Another way Spectra can boost performance is by increasing nitric oxide levels, which results in better pumps and exercise performance due to improved delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles.[18]

    Kaged Darin Decker

    Kaged’s Darin Decker comes on for Episode #047 to discuss his history and what Kaged will be bringing in 2021 and beyond!

    *(Coffee arabica Extract, Green Tea Extract, Broccoli Sprout, Onion Extract, Apple Extract, Quercetin, Acerola Extract, Tomato, Broccoli, Acai, Basil, Cinnamon, Garlic, Oregano, Turmeric, Carrot, Elderberry, Mangosteen, Camu Camu, Blackberry, Blackcurrant Extract, Blueberry Extract, Raspberry, Spinach, Chokeberry, Kale, Sweet Cherry, Bilberry Extract, Brussels Sprout)

And remember, if you don’t want the caffeine, you can still get the original Hydra-Charge!


With the inclusion of ingredients like taurine, tyrosine, and SPECTRA, Hydra-Charge AMPED from Kaged goes beyond the scope of a standard hydration mix. It doesn’t just replenish what we lose during exercise, but also helps optimize some subtler dimensions of performance such as energy availability, focus, and motivation.

One thing to note about Hydra-Charge AMPED is the caffeine content: 200mg is a sizable dose, so this isn’t a product that you can absent-mindedly sip on throughout the day. You have to be mindful of your overall intake and make sure you’re not getting too much caffeine.

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

About the Author: PricePlow Staff

PricePlow Staff

PricePlow is a team of supplement industry veterans that include medical students, competitive strength athletes, and scientific researchers who all became involved with dieting and supplements out of personal need.

The team's collective experiences and research target athletic performance and body composition goals, relying on low-toxicity meat-based diets.

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