Cellucor.com No More?! NutraBolt Redirects to C4Energy.com (for SEO)

Is an end of an era here?

On Fri, Feb 7, 2020, the PricePlow system discovered that Cellucor.com was now redirecting to C4Energy.com, a decision confirmed by NutraBolt. The @Cellucor Twitter handle is also now gone.

We have since learned from John Hardesty, Executive Vice President of Marketing at NutraBolt, that the Cellucor products are staying, but this was simply an SEO play (for search engine optimization). John’s statement is below.

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We don’t have any other details, but given the popularity of the C4 platform, especially the C4 on the Go carbonated RTD pre workout energy drinks, the company looks to be doubling down on C4 Energy and utilizing it’s ever-increasing brand equity.

Cellucor Cor-Performance Whey

Once a top seller on BBcom in it’s heyday, this bad boy shouldn’t be going anywhere!

If you’re fan of supplements such as COR-Performance Whey, the Super HD fat burner, the P6 testosterone booster, or the M5 creatine / muscle builder, your products are safe for now, as the brand confirmed that no products are moving – they’ll just be sold on a different website.

Until further changes, you can sign up for alerts on PricePlow.com/cellucor!

Official Statement / Response from NutraBolt

John Hardesty of NutraBolt / Cellucor emailed us with the following statement:

For more than 18 years, Nutrabolt has been focused on driving the sports nutrition industry forward through performance innovation. We’ve built our broader company platform on the strong foundation of the Cellucor brand and the products created within that portfolio. Products like M5, P6, Alpha Amino, NO3, Cor-Performance Whey, the C4 line itself, and many others are still critical components of our ongoing mission to innovate, inspire, and create products that maximize human potential.

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our personalized C4 pre-workout family, we have made the strategic decision to use that brand as our first touchpoint to bring more consumers into the sports nutrition category. Part of our mission is to be “accessible to all”—to serve your specific goal, starting point, shopping preference, or price point. C4’s brand awareness is amongst the highest in the industry because of its rich legacy of performance and global distribution. It’s growing even more rapidly now with the explosive growth behind our performance energy drink lineup. We believe that the beverage format is an even more accessible way to invite users into the sports nutrition space.

While we’re leaning into the power of the C4 brand, we also have strong positions in adjacent categories that support the total solutions our consumers want. In 2020, Nutrabolt has new innovations planned around many of the product lines within the Cellucor portfolio. You will see unique innovation in ingredients, flavor, and format delivered across categories in protein, post-workout, testosterone, and others. All of these innovations will also be built under our Project Clear Evolution (PCE) umbrella with fully transparent formulas, no proprietary blends, and cutting-edge ingredients.

The Cellucor brand is a crucial part of our overall mission. It’s our platform to push innovation and support our millions of consumers across the globe with complete solutions based on their goals. In short, Cellucor isn’t going away; it’s going to become an even bigger part of our story.

— John Hardesty, Nutrabolt Chief Marketing Officer

Similar to the Scivation Acquisition for the Xtend Brand

This is reminiscent of the time when NutraBolt purchased Scivation mainly for the Xtend trademark (and those flavor systems!) and built an entire brand and platform around Xtend, yet in that case, they ditched the rest of Scivation’s product line.

More info to come, but for now, leave your comments on social media or in our discussion forum below. Was this the right move? Or did Cellucor.com still have a lot of equity in the tank worth keeping?

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