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Is the Combo of Carbs and Fats Duping Your Brain.. and Diet?

Carbs Fats Combination

Is one of our bigger diet problems when we mix carbs and fats together? Because our brains sure get confused by the situation…

It’s no secret that the best tasting foods are usually dosed with a higher amount of both […]

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How Much Protein Per Meal to Build Muscle? Bout ‘Four Fiddy’, Say Aragon & Schoenfeld

Protein Per Meal

Yes! The industry’s favorite two researchers have gotten us one step closer to answering one of the most frequent muscle building arguments around – how much protein per meal?! Image Courtesy LookGreatNaked

Gyms are filled to the brim with old-heads […]

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Study: The Blood Sugar / Alzheimer’s Disease Link Continues to Grow

Alzheimer's Diabetes

Does a higher-carb diet contribute (or even cause) diabetes? A recent longitudinal study showed that higher blood sugar just might, adding to the evidence that questions why non-athletes should eat so many carbs. Can intermittent fasting help prevent it?

In […]

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Mice Live Better and Longer on the Keto Diet, But Will You? …and Do You Care?

Keto Diet Longevity

The cyclic keto diet didn’t improve longevity for all mice, but it sure made a significant number of them die later into middle age, and fewer die early. This warrants serious investigation in humans.

Recent studies show that showing low-carb […]

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Iron and the Keto Diet: Despite the Beef, You Still May Not Get Enough

Iron and the Keto Diet

Iron is an extremely important mineral that serves several functions in the human body. It provides oxygen to muscles, aids in the synthesis of hormones, and plays a role in cellular functioning.[1] It’s an integral part of every diet, and […]

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Keto Dieters Were Right: Low-Fat Diets DO Increase Death

Low Fat Diets Death

It looks like decades of death, deceit, and damage done by Ancel Keys, D. Mark Hegsted, Fredrick J. Stare, and the sugar lobby will slowly come to an end as the real truth behind Western metabolic disorders continues to unfold.[…]

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Keto Supplements: Mike’s Ketosis Supplement Experiment

Keto Supplements

Keto Supplements like these are talk of the town – but will they really help keto dieters, and if so, how and when?

The keto diet has been exploding in popularity, which meant that the supplement industry would soon follow. […]

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Study: Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet Impairs Performance

Low Carb Study Figure 4

No other graphic explains the results of this study better. You can clearly see that the Low Carb, High Fat group actually did WORSE in their performance compared to the other two groups.[1]

There’s an endless debate in the fitness […]

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Yes, Your Urine Color DOES Have Meaning

US Army Urine Poster

Here’s an image you’ll find posted inside various US Military bathrooms for people to check on their hydration levels.

Water: the essential nutrient of all life on earth. Without it, you wither away a die just like an unwatered bed […]

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Is Drinking Vinegar the Next “Cleanse”? The Vinegar Diet

Vinegar Diet

The latest diet craze sweeping the country involves drinking vinegar with water to suppress appetite and speed weight loss. Does it actually work?!

In our endless quest for quick-fix health solutions, we’re always surprised to see what the Next Big […]

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