Primeval Labs EAA Max Energy Rainbow Sherbet Review: The Real Deal!

Primeval Labs EAA Max Energy

Rainbow Sherbet Insanity!

It’s 2pm, you’re in between meals, energy levels are draggin’, you’re still sore from yesterday’s workout, and your sweet tooth has come a callin’.

Who do you call in this situation? Primeval Labs!

That’s what I did, at least. More specifically, I tested the two latest flavors of Primeval Labs EAA Max Energy, Strawberry Passion Fruit and Rainbow Sherbet!

And one of the flavors was just out of this world.

Check out this Rainbow Sherbet flavor (EAA Max Energy Tasting Review)

If you love it sweet and don’t want any tartness, this Rainbow Sherbet flavor is just what the sweet tooth ordered!

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This wasn’t a huge surprise, since the same flavor was so good in the stimulant-free Mega Pre… but after comparing them, they improved it even more!

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