PreHAK Review: Slow out of the Gate, but Strong Finish

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The PricePlow team gives their review of the extremely well dosed pre workout PreHAK from HAK Nutrition.

Awhile back, we introduced you to HAK Nutrition and their duo of effectively dosed products: PreHAK and PostHAK. Since those blog posts, we’ve had the opportunity to put PreHAK to the test during our training sessions, and we’re back with a full in-depth review on this jam-packed pre workout.

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Robert’s Review

  • Profile

    PreHAK Review 002

    As you can see, PreHAK is PACKED with everything you’d need to “hack” your workout and dominate it.

    We dissected PreHAK’s ingredient profile before on the blog, but suffice it to say the thing is loaded. It’s designed to be stacked with PostHAK for complete workout supplementation, but on its own, PreHAK still packs a wallop in terms of dosing.

    Each scoop weighs in at a hefty 25g, and nothing is pixie-dusted here. The label is incredibly well rounded and hits all the areas you’d want a quality pre workout to address. It’s also transparently labeled, which scores high marks with us here — someday everyone should be doing this!

  • Mixability

    There’s A LOT of actives in PreHAK, and HAK Nutrition recommends using 12 oz of water for 1 scoop of PreHAK. I tried this, and it’s simply not enough water. When using 12 oz, there was a substantial amount of particulates still floating in the bottom of the shaker, no matter how much shaking you do.

    The problem was solved when upping the water to 16 oz. Not clumps, particles, or residue was left on the bottom or sides of the shaker when increasing the water, and the mixability was substantially improved.

  • Taste

    PreHAK Review 003

    Each serving of PreHAK measures a hefty 25g, you know this thing is loaded when a scoop is that big!

    PreHAK comes in two flavors: Green Apple and Raspberry Lemonade. I had the Raspberry Lemonade flavor, and it tastes exactly like a Crystal Lite packet of Raspberry Lemonade!

    Something to be aware of with both PreHAK and PostHAK is that these products are very aggressive in the flavoring department, which is another reason to add extra water. If you’re only going to use 8 or 12 oz of water with HAK’s supplements, the flavor is simply too overwhelming for one’s palate — extremely tart.

    Adding extra water and getting into the 16-20 oz range tames the flavor considerably and makes it much more enjoyable to drink.

  • Effectiveness

    PreHAK gets nearly all positive marks for performance. The two strongest areas I experienced were focus and pumps. PreHAK’s pump matrix is headlined by 6g of Citrulline Malate, but bolstered by the unique mix of Quercetin, Theobromine, and NAC. This provides for a strong and sustained pump throughout the workout, but not so much that it made leg days uncomfortable.

    While the pumps are solid, the focus is easily the most powerful effect in all of PreHAK. 1.5g of Tyrosine + 300mg of AlphaSize Alpha GPC enters you into a tunnel-like focus throughout your workout and for about an hour to two hours afterwards.

    PreHAK Review 005

    Mixed in 12 oz of water, there’s a fair amount of residue and particulate that settles on the bottom of the shaker…use LOTS of water with this one!

    The one issue I have with PreHAK is in the energy department. I’ll start this off by saying that I’ll admit that I have a love / hate relationship with Theanine, but most of the time it’s hate — particularly when it’s used in pre workouts. It seems to zap any “kick” a pre workout has, and that’s exactly what it did here.

    You never really feel a jolt of energy to get going from PreHAK, even after 45 minutes or so and taken on an empty stomach. You’re never really dragging per se, but never amped up by any means. The energy is smooth, but never really noticeable to where you’d say it’s a defining feature of the product. More than anything you feel “sustained” through the workout, but not truly “powered through it.”

    I blame this on the 100mg of Theanine. Same goes for the 25mg of TeaCrine…good ingredient, but not enough to really get any noticeable effects from it. You really need at least 100mg TeaCrine to notice the long-lasting energy from it.

    Ultimately, PreHAK is an all around solid pre workout that is great for focus, performance, and stamina, but not so great for energy. It’s an interesting combination of mild energy and strong focus that make it the ideal pre workout for those who like to feel in control during the workout and never over the top or “amped up.” It’s a great option for those who aren’t into the exotic stims and want to feel a good sense of control while lifting.

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