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The guides below each contain a Top 10 List, but we really prefer the choose your own adventure guides so that we can recommend products suited to you and your needs:

Best Pre Workout Supplement Buyer’s Guide for 2017

Best Pre Workout Supplement

Ready to get ROCKED? Then keep reading or click the image above!

Everyone loves to talk about their favorite pre workout supplement, but everyone is different. You probably want different effects or are doing a different workout than the next person.

We’ve upgraded this page from a mere Top 10 list to a total “Buyer’s Guide” tailored to what you want — not what some store wants.

In this guide, we’ll ask you a series of questions, explain things a bit, and suggest three or four pre workouts for you to consider.

Open Labels Rule

In general, we prefer […]

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Best Gaming Supplement Buyer’s Guide: 2017’s Top 10

Best Gaming Supplement

Looking for the best gaming supplement? When all’s said and done, MOD has been our go-to. Click the image to read more.

Video games have come a long way, and today’s gamers are more serious — and more competitive — than ever. So much so that a new genre of gaming competition has evolved and been dubbed “eSports” where extreme gamers (e-athletes) engage in worldwide competitions for big cash prizes.

Since it’s gotten serious, it’s time to find that extra edge. That’s where this best gaming supplement guide comes in handy. And ever since various leagues have introduced […]

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Best Fat Burner Buyer’s Guide, with 2017’s Top 10

Fat Burning Powders

If you’ve been passing this gem up, then it’s time to give it a shot. And we have the research to back it up.

To the casual consumer, fat burners are scary and confusing. With good reason, too — 99% of them are admittedly total garbage.

Whether it’s a product that uses ineffective ingredients, one that’s overly dangerous, or an online marketing scam, there is way too much noise out there. Google’s no help either — searching for best fat burner is spammed to the high heavens.

Most products are trash… but the ones on this page aren’t.

But there’s […]

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Best Sleep Aid Guide: Supplements, Ingredients, & Herbs

Best Sleep Aid

If you’re looking for the best sleep aid, then get ready for PowerDown Amino PM!

Insomnia is a wretched beast, affecting anywhere from ¼[1] to nearly ⅓[2] of the US Population.

Everyone has their tips on for behaviorally combating insomnia. We don’t — you can read that anywhere else.

In this guide, we’re going to get to what you want: supplements to help you sleep.

Note that we’re talking about dietary supplements here – not drugs. This mainly means that these products are “natural” or contain ingredients that are found in nature.

If your sleep issues are […]

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Best BCAA Supplement Buyers Guide with 2017’s Top 10

The Best BCAA for Weight Lifters

What’s the Best BCAA Supplement? If you’re lifting, the answer is easy. Click the image to read more or click here for the lowest price!

So many BCAA supplements… only so many you can try! PricePlow’s got you covered in this guide.

When hunting for the best BCAA supplement (or best intra-workout / amino acid supplement), there was never a single good resource out there… until now.

Why you should ignore those “other” lists

We made this page because most of the lists out there are either complete spam or are easily-gamed “best seller” lists at stores.

They […]

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The Top 10 Supplement Industry News Stories of 2014

Conan Dr. Oz

2014 was an exciting year for the supplement and sports nutrition industry. The new met the old as a few new breakout brands and ingredients took the stage, while two well-known companies were driven into bankruptcy protection.

But all of that was overshadowed by the scandal and drama related to amino acid spiking and the subsequent class action lawsuits, followed by the late banning of prohormones.

Below, we discuss the Top 10 News Stories of 2014, and allude to what’s next at the bottom of each point. In a future post, we’ll talk about our predictions for 2015.


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Best Protein Powder Buyer’s Guide and Top 10 Proteins

PES Select Protein

When searching for the best protein powder, there’s not a single good resource out there.

Why are other ‘best of’ lists unhelpful?

The answer is simple – no one takes your needs into consideration.

Whether it’s a store’s top-selling list, an out-of-date blog post, or a vague write-up by some TV celebrity… nobody is asking the right questions nor do they have your best interests in mind.

Fact is, without knowing you and your preferences, it’s impossible to suggest the perfect protein.

This page solves that problem.

Choose your own adventure

So before we recommend anything, we’re going […]

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