Daniel’s Alpha Pro Upload Log – Week 3 Thoughts

Alpha Pro Nutrition Upload Review

Daniel’s Alpha Pro Nutrition Upload Review and Log

Alpha Pro Nutrition offered Twitter follower and supplement reviewer, Daniel Z, a couple tubs of the Alpha Pro UPLOAD pre workout supplement in exchange for an honest log and review here on PricePlow.

Below are Daniel’s Week 3 thoughts. You can follow his progress and see his final review on his Alpha Pro Upload Review post.

Week 3 Thoughts, by Daniel

Had another great week of training using Alpha Pro Nutrition UPLOAD and GR8TEST. Like I said last review UPLOAD alone really didn’t deliver in pumps and focus for me. Adding GR8TEST made up for all that giving me what everything I expected.

I did have one day this week where I forgot to take GR8TEST along with UPLOAD and noticed a big difference in terms of pumps and focus in that workout. The pump/NO Accelerator Complex in GR8TEST includes AgmaMAX, Citrulline Malate, Aginine AKG and L-Arginine.

I’m still on 1.5 scoops of UPLOAD and my tolerance to that really hasn’t gone down. I could try 2 scoops in this last week but I didn’t want to go through the review in 15-20 servings depending on the number of scoops.

Up to week 3 overall I’m still impressed in terms of energy and endurance to get me through workouts. The flavor has gotten to me a little, that’s where another flavor would be a nice change. However the lack of coloring and dyes makes up for the taste for me as their is a faint coloring for the watermelon flavor.

For the last week I will try 2 scoops on leg day and chest/shoulder workouts to see if there is any major differences between 1.5 and 2. Also in those 2 days 1 day I will use GR8TEST and another without for the purpose of this review.

You can follow Daniel’s progress on our Alpha Pro Upload Review page and follow him on Twitter: @zbikowski88

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