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Alpha Pro Nutrition Upload Review

Daniel’s Alpha Pro Nutrition Upload Review and Log

Alpha Pro Nutrition has offered our Twitter follower and supplement reviewer, Daniel Z, a couple tubs of the Alpha Pro UPLOAD pre workout supplement in exchange for an honest log and review here on PricePlow.

Below are Daniel’s Week 2 thoughts, which were delayed due to the holiday. You can follow his progress and see his final review on his Alpha Pro Upload Review post.

Week 2 Thoughts, by Daniel

On week 3 of using Alpha Pro Nutrition Upload and it has not disappointed in terms of energy and endurance.

I started a new 24 week Mountain Dog program and it’s been the start of the hardest workouts in a long long time. As of this week there have been 5 workouts and I’ve taken 1.5 scoops 30 minutes before each workout.

I was able to get through a leg workout that took about 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete, with UPLOAD I felt like I could’ve kept going with no crash. The taste hasn’t gotten to a dull point yet with the watermelon flavor. As week 3 approaches I may try 2 scoops for leg day and see if that makes any difference, however 1.5 scoops has hit the spot so far.

In terms of focus and pumps with UPLOAD I don’t think there is a big effect on me and that seems to be the consensus with other reviews.

Stacking in GR8TEST

Alpha Pro Nutrition also gave me a different product to try with UPLOAD, their 3:1 product GR8TEST.

There are 3 different uses for GR8TEST:

  1. Elevate Testosterone
  2. Inhibit Estrogen Product
  3. N.O. Booster

The mixture of UPLOAD and GR8TEST gave me the pumps and focus that was missing from just using UPLOAD. Basically it’s a game changer if you’re able to use both products and it fits the criteria for what most lifters want.

You can follow Daniel’s progress on our Alpha Pro Upload Review page and follow him on Twitter: @zbikowski88

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