Alpha Pro Nutrition UPLOAD Review

Alpha Pro Nutrition Upload Review

Daniel’s Alpha Pro Nutrition Upload Review and Log

This is a guest review by Daniel, who ran an Alpha Pro Nutrition UPLOAD pre workout supplement log.

The log entries are linked at the bottom — below is his final UPLOAD review:

Before I start my review, I would like to thank Alpha Pro Nutrition for giving me the opportunity to log and Review their pre-workout UPLOAD.

Upload Review: Overall Impressions extremely positive

My overall impression of UPLOAD is that it’s a very solid pre-workout with proven ingredients and effective dosages. From start to finish the effectiveness never disappointed and I really enjoyed that.

As with most pre-workouts on the market each use a proprietary blend as does UPLOAD. I’m not a big fan of prop blends but I get why companies use them. From the label we know there is 2000mg of CarnoSyn® BETA-ALANINE and 500mg of AGMATINE SULFATE AgmaMax® out of the 4,865 mg Upload ‘Tunnel Vision’ Matrix. I really believe a lot more pre-workout formulas in the future will begin adding Agmatine.

Taste and Mixability: On point with no artificial colors!

The taste and mix ability was on point! One of the best components of UPLOAD was its lack of coloring/dyes for their watermelon flavor. The coloring substance of the powder was white with a faint pink coloring which didn’t change when mixed. When mixing UPLOAD there isn’t any settlement at the bottom and the taste from start to finish was superb.

The best dosage? 1.5 scoops

I started using UPLOAD at its recommended mixing 1 scoop into 2-8 ounces of water and 15-45 min before working out. However the sweet spot for me turned out to be 1.5 scoops which I used for most of the duration of my review.

Endurance / energy / pumps

This is a very effective pre-workout in terms of endurance and energy getting me through all my workouts. What the product missed on was the focus and pumps but when adding Alpha Pro Nutrition’s GR8TEST that’s when you get that experience.

Final Impressions

My overall experience was very positive and would consider buying UPLOAD again in the future. They are an up-and-coming company that has great success outside the U.S. market right now. One thing I do hope for as many others do, more flavors! UPLOAD comes in one flavor right now (watermelon) and hope that changes in the future.

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Daniel’s Alpha Pro UPLOAD Log

A bit about Alpha Pro Nutrition

You can see all of their products on our main Alpha Pro Nutrition page.

They are owned and run by Alex Ardenti, the famous fitness photographer and video producer.[1]

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