MusclePharm Hardcore Series – Open Labels NOW!

MusclePharm Hardcore Series

The MusclePharm Hardcore Series – Finally, open label supplements for #MPNation

MusclePharm debuted a new product line in March of 2015, and it’s exactly what well-informed consumers have been asking for.

Dubbed the “Hardcore Series”, it’s a higher-end line targeted at competitive athletes, bodybuilders, and those who are just looking to get to that elite level and want to know exactly what they’re getting in their supplements. These products will also be available only through, at least initially.

The Hardcore line contains three new products for starters: Gainz, Diesel, and Wreckage.

  • Wreckage, a pre workout supplement,
  • Gainz, a post-workout muscle builder, and
  • Diesel, the company’s new whey protein powder.

The MusclePharm Hardcore Products

Let’s take a closer look at what details we have about each of these individual products:

  • MusclePharm Wreckage – Pre Workout

    MusclePharm Hardcore

    The Wreckage… so far looks interesting. A pre workout that gives solid pumps and temporarily boosts test?

    Wreckage looks to have 6g of citrulline malate, 4g leucine, and 3g d-aspartic acid… but that’s about all we can tell you as the lone snap of the front label they’ve released is too small and blurry to make out anything else.

    We all love L-Citrulline for its pumps, but note that this is citrulline malate, which is why the dose is so large here. 6g of citrulline malate is about 3g of l-citrulline and is the researched dosage showing that it increases nitric oxide levels for great pumps. It also has some research backing it that indicates it both delays fatigue and reduces post-workout muscle soreness.[1]

    And anyone at all serious about their workouts should be aware of the benefits of leucine, the essential amino acid that most directly contributes to muscle tissue growth and repair via its activation of the mTOR anabolic pathway.[2]

    If it is in fact D-Aspartic Acid, then get ready for a couple weeks of fun — DAA boosts testosterone levels for about two weeks before they return to baseline within a couple more. It’s good to bring some “temporary alpha” and help you get over the hump. It’s more of a fertility supplement if anything.[3,4]

    Our full analysis can be found on our MusclePharm Wreckage page.

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  • MusclePharm Whey Diesel

    (This section to be updated, read the label using the links below)

    Diesel’s label is even tougher to make out than that of Wreckage, but it looks to possibly have 15g of whey protein isolate and 10g of milk casein per serving. Another 5g ingredient is completely hidden in the shadows (whey protein hydrolysate?).

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  • MusclePharm Gainz (Post Workout Muscle Builder)

    Gainz has 6g BCAAs, 2g Creatine hydrochloride and 2g of beta alanine, amongst a few other ingredients.

    This is marketed as a post workout supplement, but can definitely be used during your workout too – especially if dieting and you want to keep the aminos high.

    Given the label, cost is definitely a concern on this one, so we’ll be awaiting price drop updates.

    You can read more on our MusclePharm Gainz page.

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Open formulas!

MusclePharm has stated that all of the products will be 100% open label with no ingredient amounts hidden behind proprietary blends. So as soon as we get a shot of the back label we’ll be able to deliver a full assessment of how these products stack up to the competition.

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