Glaxon Plasm Surge: A Non-Stim Pre Workout That’s Out of This World

Plasm Surge Tub

Allow us to introduce you to the new Plasm Surge.

Glaxon launched at the tail end of 2019 and has maintained an impressive lineup of products since that time. One of the first products they released was Plasm Surge, a stimulant-free pre-workout designed to increase blood flow to the extremities and improve muscular endurance.

Plasm Surge is the polar opposite of their stim junkie pre-workout, Specimen, which is all about increasing physical and mental energy levels, mood, and focus. There’s no doubt that Specimen hits harder than it looks, but if you’re looking for more of a pump-inducing pre-workout then Plasm Surge is the way to go!

You may be wondering why we’re covering Plasm Surge now, since it’s been out for months.ell, Glaxon has something special in store for all the Goons out there. Not only is Plasm Surge getting an updated label design, the company is also revamping the formula and adding ingredients we’ve never seen before!

Plasm Surge: Made With Real Science

Joey Savage, Glaxon’s chief formulator, has worked in the supplement industry for years, but now that he’s with Glaxon, the chains are practically off and he’s allowed to let the creativity flow with novel ingredients and formulas consumers love.

Plasm Surge Graphic

No stimulants, all pumps!

If you’re familiar with the old Plasm Surge, then you may have noticed that Glaxon removed the glycerol and agmatine sulfate, and swapped out the N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine for Setria, a trademarked form of L-Glutathione. They also included never before seen trademarked ingredients—AstroLyte and Velox. AstroLyte consists of fructooligosaccharides, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, whereas Velox is a combination of 6000mg of L-Citrulline and 1200mg of L-Arginine.

Plasm Surge has the same dosage of L-Ornithine Hydrochloride and Vaso-Drive AP, but an additional shot of AstraGin to enhance overall absorption of each ingredient.

Plasm Surge is the first product to be reformulated and redesigned. Since the Goons are always up to something, be sure to subscribe to receive Glaxon deals and news alerts down below! Now, let’s see what the new Plasm Surge has to offer…

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Plasm Surge Ingredient Breakdown

Plasm Surge has an interesting new formula that now features five trademarked ingredients. It can stand on its own or users can stack it with stim-based pre-workouts, such as Specimen. If you’ve tried other pump products in the past and were disappointed, don’t worry because Plasm Surge won’t let you down.

It’s loaded with everything you need to get an insane pump and boost overall performance. And you may only need half a serving to unlock all the benefits Plasm Surge has to offer.

Here’s what one serving (16g) of Plasm Surge delivers:

  • Velox – 2,400mg

    Glaxon Plasm Surge V2 Ingredients

    Plasm Surge V2 is locked and loaded for major pumps!

    Glaxon is starting off incredibly strong by using two well known nitric oxide boosters, L-citrulline and L-arginine. This combination is collectively known as Velox and is a patented performance blend from an ingredient supplier and manufacturer called Kyowa (U.S Patents: 8,609,735, 9,060,980, 9,622,998, and 10,052,298).[1]

    As you can see on the supplement facts panel, both L-citrulline and L-arginine are labeled as Kyowa Quality, which means that Kyowa guarantees the quality, purity, and excellence of each ingredient. Kyowa has a production facility in Cape Girardeau, Missouri where they produce premium ingredients in-house Thus, they can tightly control the quality, purity, and safety of each compound.

    Kyowa utilizes patented fermentation and purification technologies to produce their amino acids. If a company like Glaxon chooses to partner with Kyowa, then we know they’re one of the best in the industry.

    Now let’s see what Velox is all about, starting with an analysis of its constituents.

    L-Citrulline – 6,000mg (total)

    L-citrulline is an nonessential amino acid that converted by the kidneys into another amino acid called L-arginine.[2] After the transformation, an enzyme known as nitric oxide synthase will act upon L-arginine to create nitric oxide (NO).[2]


    The citrulline pathway we’re going for starts at the top right and goes down to the bottom right!

    Nitric Oxide signals to endothelial cells in the blood vessels to relax, which is known as vasodilation. The process allows blood to circulate more efficiently throughout the body. As a result, a greater amount of oxygen and nutrients are delivered to active muscles. Furthermore, increased blood flow gives you a bigger pump and if you’re a true gym bro, that might be all you really care about.

    Several studies have shown that L-citrulline supplementation is effective at boosting endogenous L-arginine levels and nitric oxide production, leading to increased performance and muscular endurance.[2,3] A study published in 2020 found that L-citrulline supplementation, when combined with a resistance training program, led to improved muscle protein synthesis, muscle mass, and oxygen delivery.[2]

    Clinically studied dosages that have been shown to be effective range from 3 to 6g.[2] So you could likely get away with using half a scoop and still reap several benefits!

    L-Arginine – 1200mg

    Kyowa Logo

    Kyowa is the creator of Velox!

    L-arginine is an amino acid that serves as a direct precursor to nitric oxide production.[4] So you might think that by supplementing with pure L-arginine it would increase endogenous nitric oxide production more efficiently than L-citrulline. But that’s not the case. On its own, pure L-arginine has poor bioavailability, meaning that the body cannot easily absorb and utilize it.[4]

    Studies show that L-citrulline actually raises endogenous arginine levels better than arginine on its own.[4] It’s one of the reasons why the majority of supplement companies have strayed away from using L-arginine and instead choose L-citrulline. So why did Glaxon decide to use both L-citrulline and L-arginine as Velox in Plasm Surge?

    Let’s see what the research has to say…

    Velox Studies

    As of writing this article, there are several studies that show the combination of L-arginine and L-citrulline rapidly enhance nitric oxide levels better than the two amino acids on their own.[5-7]

    The first study to show this synergistic effect was published in 2014. Researchers found that when animals were given either L-citrulline (2.85 mmol/kg), L-arginine (2.85 mmol/kg), or a combination of each at half dosage (1.43 mmol/kg), the combination outperformed each individual amino acid in enhancing blood flow and nitric oxide levels.[5]

    Velox Logo

    Velox is a trademarked ingredient that consists of both L-arginine and L-citrulline!

    Two additional studies, published in 2016 and 2019, found similar results when tested in humans.[6,7] The first study gave healthy male participants either 2g of pure L-citrulline, 2g of pure L-arginine, or 1g of each. The dosages were equal for all participants.[6] Their results showed that the combination of L-citrulline and L-arginine increased plasma L-arginine levels more than either amino acid on their own.[6]

    For the second study, researchers gave 24 male collegiate soccer players 1.2g each of L-citrulline and L-arginine or a placebo for six days.[7] On day seven, the participants consumed L-citrulline and L-arginine or a placebo one hour prior to performing a 10 minute full power pedaling test on a bicycle.[7] The main outcomes measured were plasma nitrite/nitrate and amino acid levels, perceived level of exertion, and power output.[7]

    The results showed that the combination of L-arginine and L-citrulline significantly improved overall power output, increased plasma levels in post exercise nitrate/nitrite levels, as well as citrulline and arginine levels compared to the placebo.[7] Lastly, the participants who supplemented with L-arginine and L-citrulline reported feeling “less leg muscle soreness” and “ease of pedaling” than the placebo group.

    The research is pretty clear that L-citrulline and L-arginine have a potent synergistic effect,[5-7] which is why Glaxon decided to use Velox in Plasm Surge. This is the first time we’ve covered Velox on the PricePlow blog, but we doubt it will be the last!

  • Astrolyte – 1,550mg

    Glaxon Thermal Graphic

    If your goal is fat loss, Glaxon Thermal is a great addition to your supplement stack!

    Astrolyte is a proprietary blend of fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and three key electrolytes,magnesium citrate, sodium chloride, and potassium citrate. FOS are oligosaccharides, a carbohydrate with a molecular structure made up of a small number of monosaccharides linked together — that are derived from plants, such as bananas, onions, artichokes, chicory, and asparagus.[8]

    Research shows that FOS have several beneficial effects, but the most crucial feature of FOS is its ability to enhance mineral absorption.[8] Since potassium, sodium, and magnesium are minerals, they benefit from being ingested alongside FOS for superior absorption and utilization. In order to stay properly hydrated, perform at your best, and avoid sustaining muscle cramps, electrolytes are key.[9]

    Several electrolytes play a role in facilitating muscular contractions and help your body retain an appropriate amount of water throughout the training session. If you’re one of those Goons who sweat a lot in the gym, be thankful that Glaxon added in Astrolyte to replenish your electrolytes. Also, adequate hydration will definitely help you achieve a skin splitting pump and boost your performance, which is what Plasm Surge is all about!

  • L-Ornithine Hydrochloride – 1500mg

    L-Ornithine HCL was also in the original Plasm Surge formula. L-orthinine is one of the three amino acids involved in the urea cycle. The other two are L-arginine and L-citrulline. The urea cycle is responsible for converting highly toxic ammonia into urea and excreting it from the body. Glaxon specifically chose L-ornithine HCL because the bonding of hydrochloric acid is known for enhancing absorption.

    Glaxon Serenity Blue

    Looking for a powerful anti-stress supplement? Serenity is just what you need!

    You don’t see ornithine included in many pre-workouts, But research shows that it’s capable of fighting fatigue. When you exercise at a high intensity, several metabolites accumulate in the working muscle, including lactic acid. However, ammonia levels also begin to rise, which drastically decreases muscle function.[10]

    Furthermore, ammonia build-up is actually caused by muscular contractions If you prevent it from occurring, it could significantly improve your performance.[11]

    So what can you do to keep ammonia levels in check? That’s where L-orthinine comes in.

    Once ingested, L-orthinine binds to ammonia, which creates citrulline and can then be used to make nitric oxide![12] If 6g of L-citrulline and 1.2g of L-arginine isn’t enough, you’re likely going to get extra from the metabolization of L-ornithine.

    Studies show that ornithine supplementation reduces fatigue by lowering ammonia levels.[12]

  • Setria Performance Blend- 2,200mg

    The third trademarked ingredient in Plasm Surge is Setria, a highly bioavailable form of L-Glutathione developed by Kyowa.[13] Glutathione is most known for being a powerful antioxidant. It primarily helps scavenge free radicals and protects cells from excessive oxidative damage.[13]

    Setria Glutathione Logo

    Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body.

    There are several forms of glutathione available on the market, And unfortunately, traditional glutathione has very poor bioavailability. It’s not very effective at boosting endogenous glutathione levels. But through using an innovative fermentation process, Kyowa developed a form of glutathione that’s been clinically shown to significantly enhance blood glutathione levels[13]

    Some consider Setria the “gold standard” of glutathione supplements because it’s rigorously tested for efficacy, safety, purity, and quality.[13] Although the body can endogenously produce glutathione via three amino acids—glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine—for health and performance purposes, sometimes it’s a good idea to supply the body with an exogenous source.[13,14]

    Setria has also been shown to support the immune system through detoxification and antioxidation processes.[13] This is why Setria is most commonly used in health/wellness focused supplements. So what is it doing in Plasm Surge?

    Performance Benefits?

    Setria also offers key performance benefits, especially in regards to enhancing blood flow and muscular pumps.[15,16] Studies show that when Setria is co-ingested with L-citrulline, it leads to a greater increase in nitric oxide production compared to either compound taken in isolation.[15]

    In addition, Setria was found to help sustain nitric oxide levels, which is advantageous when performing a long training session,fighting fatigue, and aiding recovery.[15] The clinically studied dose is 200mg, which is exactly the amount Glaxon uses in Plasma Surge![15]

    Other studies have found that the combination of Setria and L-citrulline can lead to greater increases in lean muscle mass and muscular strength compared to L-citrulline malate and a placebo.[16] However, since only two studies have produced this outcome, we still need to see more research conducted on Setria’s performance-enhancing effects.

  • VasoDrive-AP (Low-Molecular Weight Bioactive Peptides) – 100mg

    Glaxon Sedative Graphic

    If you want to maximize your performance, make sure you’re getting enough sleep!

    To guarantee a wicked pump, Glaxon added 100mg of VasoDrive-AP, a trademarked ingredient from NovaNutri comprised of two low-molecular weight bioactive peptides, iIsoleucyl-prolyl-proline (IPP) and valyl-prolyl-Proline (VPP). They’re capable of inhibiting an enzyme that causes vasoconstriction (narrowing of the blood vessels), known as angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE).[17]

    The purpose of taking pump products like Plasm Surge is to induce vasodilation, or widening of the blood vessels.

    As you can see, Glaxon targets several different pathways to achieve maximal vasodilation. Other supplements rely on multiple ingredients that have the same exact mechanism of action, which is redundant.

    Plasm Surge contains electrolytes for hydration, Velox to enhance nitric oxide production by increasing arginine levels, L-orthinine for reducing ammonia levels, Setria for sustained nitric oxide levels, and VasoDrive-AP to inhibit ACE.

  • AstraGin (Astragalus membranaceus & Panax Notoginseng) [Root] Extract – 25mg

    For proper ingredient absorption, Glaxon added 25mg of AstraGin, a proprietary blend of astragalus membranaceus and panax notoginseng root extracts from NuLiv Science. AstraGin is by far one of the most popular ingredients in the supplement industry due to its effectiveness and versatility. You can find it as a standalone product or in pre-workouts, pump products, multivitamins, protein powders, and many other types of supplements.


    AstraGin is a combination of Astragalus and Panax Notoginseng that’s been shown to increase ingredient absorption, especially of amino acids!

    AstraGin offers several benefits, but it’s most known for enhancing bioavailability and nutrient absorption.[18] Preliminary studies show that AstraGin is capable of activating multiple transporters within the small intestine and improving uptake of various compounds, including amino acids, creatine, and omega-3 fatty acids.[18]

    One of the problems with oral ingestion of L-arginine is its decreased bioavailability. A study published in 2017 found that AstraGin significantly enhances the absorption of L-arginine, thus helping improve the effectiveness of that ingredient. It’s likely the reason why Glaxon added AstraGin to this formula.[19]

    Furthermore, some studies suggest that AstraGin supports overall gut health by decreasing inflammation and strengthening the structural integrity of the intestinal wall.[18]

Available Flavors

Glaxon is known for developing flavors that are out of this world. For example, their flagship product, Specimen, comes in Alien Pop, Molecular Candy, and All-American Ice. And other Glaxon supplements come in flavors that are truly unique.

The first three flavor variations Glaxon is releasing for Plasm Surge are Americanade (Bomb Pop), Juicy Apple (apple juice), and unflavored. If there’s one thing that Glaxon enjoys it’s shaking up the supplement industry and their flavors are just one way they accomplish that.

Here’s an updated list of all available flavors for Plasm Surge:

    Glaxon Is Just Getting Warmed Up

    Plasm Surge is the first Glaxon product to get an updated formula, but we highly doubt it will be the last! Glaxon is known for bringing novel ingredients to consumers, in addition to their wacky cartoons, creative graphic designs, and mind-blowing scientific YouTube videos.

    Glaxon Up Down Stack

    Specimen gets you going and Serenity brings you back down.

    They were the first company to introduce MitoBurn to the supplement industry, a cutting edge ingredient from NNB that boasts some potent health benefits, most notably involving fat loss. This is one of the reasons Thermal, Glaxon’s stimulant-free fat burner, quickly became a bestseller!

    Although it seems like there’s not much room for innovation within the stimulant-free pre-workout category, Glaxon is disproving that misconception with Plasm Surge V2. What’s even crazier is that Glaxon is not even a year old yet. But since their team is full of industry veterans with strong connections, they’re doing unimaginable things for such a young brand.

    Knowing Glaxon, this is just a warm-up for what’s to come in the future. These Goons have so many ideas, it’s hard to keep track. Fortunately for you, PricePlow will have every new product covered with a detailed article and video review. Just subscribe down below so you don’t miss out. And use coupon code PricePlow to save money on all Glaxon products!

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    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.


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