Dragon Pharma Mr. Veinz: Nootropic Powered Pump and Focus

The dragon represents a mythical creature that’s strong, powerful, and nearly unstoppable. It’s also a symbol of good luck, vitality, and inspiration. But how does a dragon relate to supplements, health, or fitness?

Who is Dragon Pharma?

Dragon Pharma LogoWhen the team behind Dragon Pharma was deciding their company’s name, a dragon was the most powerful thing that came to mind. It seamlessly encompassed what they were trying to achieve with their product line. Dragon Pharma wanted to design supplements to make you feel stronger, faster, powerful, and more confident.

But instead of following the same boring industry trends, Dragon Pharma took on a different and more challenging path. They were sick of seeing underdosed formulas, with false marketing claims, and products that never truly delivered results. Dragon Pharma sponsors some of the most elite athletes in the fitness industry and formulate their products for the more “serious” gym junkie. They’ve reached success by taking the path less-traveled by, working extremely hard, and never taking shortcuts. Needless to say, it really paid off and their products are a perfect example of that.

Especially given their formulator:

Vanilla Gorilla Drew Peters: Dragon Pharma’s Mad Scientist

Vanilla Gorilla Drew Peters

The Vanilla Gorilla in his natural habitat.

Behind any great supplement company, there’s a formulator doing countless hours of research, experimentation, and testing to create supplements that outperform the competitors. Oftentimes you never know who that formulator is, since most decide to stay behind the scenes, and would rather spend time in the lab than on Instagram. However, others realize the value of educating consumers on the method behind the formulas they come up with.

One of the most popular formulators in the industry is Drew Peters, also known as the “Vanilla Gorilla”. Drew is a great example of a person who works both behind the curtain and in front of the consumer to create some of the most advanced formulas to hit the market. On top of his lab work, he regularly appears on several social media platforms, such as podcasts and IGTV to offer more educational content involving supplements, nutrition, and training.

Mr. Veinz: Dragon Pharma’s Latest Creation

Dragon Pharma Veinz Graphic

Mr. Veinz is Drew Peter’s latest creation and it’s phenomenal!

Drew has earned the title of Dragon Pharma’s Director of Scientific Affairs, which means he’s the mad formulator behind several of Dragon Pharma’s products. He’s able to use his experience and education to create some epic formulas. One of his most recent creations is Mr. Veinz, a non-stim pump and focus product that’s fueled by several trademarked and patent ingredients, such as Nitrosigine from Nutrition21. Mr. Veinz really showcased just how powerful a non-stim pre workout can be.

In this post, we’re going to reveal the formula, discuss the science behind each ingredient, and explain all the benefits Mr. Veinz delivers! No one likes killing a workout more than the Vanilla Gorilla, so you know this product is going to be exceptional. Drew is always working hard in the lab to create new products, flavors, and formulas, so make sure to sign up for Dragon Pharma news and deal alerts to follow along!

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Mr. Veinz Ingredient Analysis: Get Ready For Skin-Splitting Pumps and Laser Focus

Mr. Veinz White Dragon Front

White Dragon Mr. Veinz satisfies your sweet tooth and boosts your performance.

Mr. Veinz was formulated to deliver massive pumps, enhanced nutrient delivery, and razor-sharp focus. To some, the pump is one of the most sought after things in the gym, you can literally feel your muscles getting bigger.

One of the best ways you can achieve skin splitting pumps is by being hydrated, eating some carbs pre training, getting adequate sodium, and using a pre workout that contains ingredients shown to increase blood flow. With that combination, extreme pumps are nearly guaranteed!

Therefore, Mr. Veinz utilizes three key ingredients to induce maximal vasodilation: Nitrosigine, HydroMax, and S7. In addition to that, having improved mind-muscle connection can further enhance your pump and workout performance, which is exactly why Mr. Veinz also has a hefty dose of nootropics.

As you can tell, this product is fully loaded for an epic workout without any stims! Dragon Pharma breaks up the ingredient label into two main categories: Osmoregulation Pump & Nutrient Uptake Matrix and Stim-Free Cognitive Elevation & Focus Matrix. Thus, we will follow that same set up for this ingredient analysis to keep things consistent.

Now, let’s see what one serving (7.8g) of Mr. Veinz contains to deliver these insane effects:

  • Osmoregulation Pump & Nutrient Uptake Matrix – 3.6g

    Dragon Pharma Mr Veinz Ingredients

    Nitrosigine powers the Osmoregulation and Nutrient Uptake Matrix!

    Before we dive into the ingredients, we first want to explain the serving size, because 7.8g doesn’t seem like very much compared to other non stim pre workouts. However, as you’ll see, the ingredients used in Mr. Veinz do not need a huge dose to be effective.

    For example, most pump products use either L-citrulline or citrulline malate which can require up to 4-8g to see maximum effects. Whereas Mr. Veinz uses Nitrosigine and that only needs 1.5g to achieve the same benefits as citrulline. So don’t let that serving size throw you off, it’s an incredibly effective formula and that just highlights one of the things that sets Mr. Veinz apart from other products.

    We just mentioned Nitrosigine, so let’s see what it’s capable of compared to other common vasodilators like citrulline or arginine.

    • Arginine Silicate Inositol (as Nitrosigine) – 1.5g


      Move over L-arginine, Nitrosigine (inositol-stabilized arginine silicate) actually makes it work as originally desired!

      We often refer to Nitrosigine as “the arginine we always wanted” because of its superior bioavailability and effects. Nitrosigine is a patented ingredient from Nutrition21, which consists of a combination of arginine, silicate, and inositol. Within the literature, you’ll most likely see it listed as inositol-stabilized arginine silicate (ASI). If you’ve checked out any of our blogs where we highlight the benefits of citrulline over arginine, you may be slightly confused seeing arginine as one of the main components of Nitrosigine, but there’s a huge difference between pure L-Arginine and Nitrosigine.

      Nitric Oxide Synthesis

      First let’s explain what L-arginine, Nitrosigine, and citrulline do within the body to improve performance. In the context of sports supplements, the main goal of using these three compounds is to increase blood flow to the working muscles.

      Nitrosigine Research

      Nutrition 21’s claims have stood the test of time with Nitrosigine. This ingredient is way too underrated!

      As a result, you get better pumps, the muscles get enhanced nutrient delivery, and there’s more efficient removal of metabolic by-products, equating to improved performance. In order to increase blood flow, the blood vessels must be signaled to relax, also known as vasodilation. And one of the main substrates that induce vasodilation is nitric oxide (NO).

      The body naturally produces nitric oxide, but with supplementation, these effects can be enhanced. This is where citrulline, L-arginine, and Nitrosigine all come into play. L-arginine is a direct precursor to NO production.[1] An enzyme called nitric oxide synthase takes the L-arginine and produces citrulline and NO, then the blood vessels expand allowing greater blood flow. Through various metabolic reactions, the citrulline created from NO production can then be turned into arginine and the cycle repeats itself.[1]

      L-Arginine vs Citrulline

      You may think since arginine is a direct precursor to NO production why would citrulline be superior? Well, it comes down to bioavailability and absorption. Oral supplementation of pure L-arginine gets broken down by the digestive system, before it even gets the chance to be used for NO synthesis.[1] Citrulline on the other hand, bypasses this issue and has been shown to indirectly boost arginine levels better than arginine itself.[1] However as you can see from NO pathway we outlined, this is still not the most optimal way to boost NO production. That’s where Nitrosigine comes in to save the day!

      The Power of Nitrosigine

      Since the arginine is combined with silicate and stabilized by inositol, Nutrition21 found a way to fix the poor bioavailability and absorption issue seen with pure L-arginine supplementation. And that discovery was a game changer for sports supplements. Studies show Nitrosigine can induce blood vessel expansion five times greater than arginine HCL,[2] increase perceived energy, generate hyperemia,[3] decrease markers of muscle damage, and improve cognitive flexibility.[4,5]

      University of Arkansas

      A new study is out from the University of Arkansas showing that Nitrosigine works as well as citrulline malate… at a dose 5x smaller!

      Furthermore, a study conducted by the University of Arkansas compared 1.5g of Nitrosigine to 8g of citrulline malate to assess their effects on blood flow (flow mediated dilation).[6] And to our surprise they found that both resulted in nearly the same increase in blood flow, despite having completely different dosages.[6]

      We’re not saying citrulline is bad by any means, but on a gram-gram comparison, Nitrosigine reigns supreme! We couldn’t tell you the last time we covered a pump product that didn’t contain some sort of citrulline. However the results are clear, if you’re using Nitrosigine, then citrulline is likely not needed!

      (For more details, see our article on the Arkansas Nitrosigine Citrulline study).

      As you can tell PricePlow is a huge fan of Nitrosigine, but so is Drew Peters, here’s what he has to say about the ingredient:

      “I have been a long time fan of Nitrosigine and was part of the testing groups for it, dating back to at least 2014. The data on this ingredient is impressive for a variety of reasons. Not only does it provide a superior and more bioavailable source of arginine, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. Blood vessel relaxation for increased blood flow has been demonstrated in research to support enhanced and sustained pumps, decreased muscle damage, increased nutrient delivery and even increased concentration and mental acuity, making it perfect for a pump and nootropic product like Mr. Veinz.

      I also am a big fan of Nitrosigine over citrulline. Firstly, I feel that the citrulline trend has been overplayed and I’m not interested in do the same thing that everyone else is doing, especially when the latest research (conducted by a third party) has shown that 1.5g Nitrosigine matches, if not even, out-performs 8g of Citrulline Malate. This paired with the aforementioned, research proven benefits I outlined above, is why I’m a big advocate of Nitrosigine.”

      — Drew Peters MA, CSCS, Director of Scientific Affairs at Dragon Pharma

      Nitrosigine is one of our favorite ingredients in Mr. Veinz, and you’re getting the clinical studied dose, so expect to see some epic pumps! Although Nitrosigine is the main star of the show, the other ingredients do not disappoint, so let’s briefly go over each one.

      For more details, see our main Nitrosigine article.

    • Glycerol Powder (as HydroMax) – 2g

      Nitrosigine may be powerful, but it’s not the only thing in Mr. Veinz that will help you get a pump! The next ingredient on our list is 2g of Glycerol Powder trademarked as HydroMax.


      Trusted. Stable. Accurate. HydroMax is a high-yield glycerol that improves cellular hydration, endurance, and “water-based pumps”.

      HydroMax was developed by a highly trusted ingredient supplier in the industry, Glanbia Nutritionals, and it’s considered to be one of the best forms of glycerol powder on the market. HydroMax is a high-yield, stabilized form of glycerol powder that contains at least 65% glycerol.

      Glycerol is known for producing “water-based” pumps, since it’s able to increase the osmotic pressure and volume of water content within the body. Studies show that an adequate amount of glycerol consumption leads to a state of hyperhydration,[7] which is not only great for getting a pump, it also boosts your performance! Being dehydrated can be very detrimental to several aspects of performance, and glycerol can prevent this by helping you stay hydrated during training.[8]

      Furthermore, a study conducted in 2012 found that oral glycerol supplementation resulted in significant increases in both aerobic capacity and anaerobic power![9] So you may be getting a wicked pump with HydroMax, but you’ll also be able to work harder for longer.

    • S7 (Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract, Turmeric Extract, Tart Cherry, Blueberry, Broccoli, Kale) – 50mg

      If Nitrosigine and HydroMax weren’t enough to get an extreme pump, you’re also getting 50mg of S7!

      FutureCeuticals S7 Research

      S7 is quickly being added to a ton of pre workout supplements.

      S7 is a newer ingredient to the sports supplement industry, but the preliminary research seems very promising. Created by Futureceuticals, S7 is a trademarked blend of various fruits and vegetables designed to enhance NO production. Since this is such a novel ingredient there has not been a large amount of studies assessing its effects. However, one study from 2018 found that S7 was able to boost NO synthesis by nearly 230%![10]

      Although the results from that study are very significant, we would still like to see more research conducted on S7. Based on the one study we referenced, Mr. Veinz has the clinically studied dose, which is always great to see. And we can’t deny that the combination with Nitrosigine and S7, NO production will likely be through the roof. So expect to see major performance benefits from enhanced nutrient delivery and removal of lactic acid. If you want to learn more about S7, check out the PDFs linked in the references![11,12]

    • AstraGin (Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng (root) Extract – 50mg

      To round out the Osmoregulation Pump & Nutrient Uptake Matrix is 50mg of AstraGin developed by NuLiv Science.


      AstraGin is a combination of Astragalus and Panax Notoginseng that’s been shown to increase ingredient absorption, especially of amino acids!

      AstraGin is a blend of two plant extracts, astragalus membranaceus and panax notoginseng, which have the unique ability to dramatically enhance bioavailability and absorption of several nutrients.[13] You’re starting to see more supplements include AtraGin in their formulas because it can make a product work that much better.

      If your body is not able to absorb what you consume optimally, then it will likely just be excreted and wasted. PricePlow is a big fan of AstraGin and we think it’s one of the most underrated additions to sports supplements.

      Now it’s time to move onto a few ingredients that will elevate your mental acuity, sharpness, and focus.

  • Stim-Free Cognitive Elevation & Focus Matrix – 1.4g

    • L-Tyrosine – 500mg

      The first ingredient included in Mr. Veinz to kick off the Stim-Free Cognitive & Focus Matrix is PricePlow’s favorite form of tyrosine, L-Tyrosine.


      Long story short from our analysis — For the best effects from tyrosine, choose the regular L-Tyrosine version!

      Tyrosine is an amino acid that naturally occurs in various plants or animals, however the body can also synthesize it by utilizing the essential amino acid phenylalanine.[14] Tyrosine is found in high concentrations within the brain because it serves as a precursor to several key catecholamine neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, noradrenaline, and adrenaline.[14]

      As you exercise, these neurotransmitters typically get depleted, which is one of the reasons you can no longer continue to exercsie at the same intensity. Since tyrosine can enhance the production of multiple neurotransmitters, it can result in improved focus, cognition, and physical performance.[14] Furthermore, tyrosine can help you deal with high stress events, because it can prevent the decline of mental performance.[14]

      Based on the research, 500mg is a fair dose and since you’re getting L-Tyrosine opposed to options (N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine), you can expect superior absorption, bioavailability, and effects!

    • Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) (fruiting body) Extract (30% Polysaccharides) – 400mg

      You could consider Lion’s Mane as a brain boosting super shroom, because it has some powerful nootropic effects. Similar to AstraGin, we think mushrooms are a very underrated ingredient in the supplement industry. These fungi have been in existence for much longer than any human being, and researchers are still trying to figure out just how they operate.

      Dragon Pharma Venom

      Want some stims to go along with your pump, stack Mr. Veinz with Venom!

      Lion’s mane in particular is rich in several bioactive components attributed to it’s benefits, including beta-glucans, glycoproteins, vitamins and minerals, erinacines, erinacea lactones, glycoproteins, and hericerins.[15] Research shows that Lion’s Mane packs a host of health benefits, such as anti-cancer, anti-fatigue, antioxidant, anti-aging, enhanced cognitive function, neuroprotection, anxiety relief, reduces inflammation, and immune system support.[15,16]

      But one of the most amazing benefits Lion’s Mane is capable of is increasing the amount of Nerve Growth Factor in the brain. Very few things or supplements have this unique capability, and it ultimately results in improved cognition from decreasing inflammation, encouraging neuronal growth, while supporting overall brain health.

      In summary, Lion’s Mane is an incredible ingredient and we wish it was included in more sports supplements.

    • NooGhanda (Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)(root)) – 300mg

      Next on our list of nootropics is NooGanda from SpecNova Biotech, and it compliments the pump perfectly by increasing your focus, ability to limit distractions, and achieve maximal mind-muscle connection.

      Dragon Pharma Iso Phorm

      Prepare with Mr. Veinz and recover with Iso Phorm!

      NooGhanda may be a newer form of ashwagandha, however ashwagandha has been traditionally used for years and got its start in Ayurvedic medicine. A large body of literature has revealed that ashwagandha is capable of optimizing hormones,[17] decreasing cortisol,[18] improving strength,[17] reducing fatigue,[19] and enhancing both body composition and cognition.[20,21]

      What’s unique about NooGhanda is that it’s extracted using liposomal delivery technology, which means the ashwagandha is bound to phospholipids. This process increases its bioavailability and absorption rate, while also allowing it to cross the blood brain barrier. As a result, NooGhanda may be able to produce greater effects than other forms of ashwagandha.

    • Alpinia galanga (root) Extract – 200mg

      The very last ingredient in Mr. Veinz is Alpinia Galanga root extract, which is a herb that’s native to Southeast Asia. It’s traditionally used as a ginger substitute for cooking, but it’s well established that alpinia galanga has also been implemented to treat various medical conditions, since it expresses antioxidant, anticancer, anti-allergenic, antimicrobial, analgesic, cholesterol reducing, and immunostimulatory effects.[22]

      Dragon Pharma Mr Veinz Graphic

      Mr. Veinz has everything you need to be locked in and pumped up for a big session!

      In regards to boosting mental performance, several studies have shown that alpinia galanga has slightly stimulatory effects and can enhance alertness, focus, and attention.[23] A study conducted in 2017 took 59 voluntary participants and split them up into four groups: placebo, caffeine, alpinia galanga extract, and a combination of caffeine and alpinia galanga.[24]

      The main outcomes measured were attention and mental alertness.[24] They found that alpinia galanga on its own was able to increase mental alertness and when combined with caffeine it was able to reduce the stimulant crash, thus resulting in sustained energy and attention.[24]

      Overall, Mr. Veinz is a well rounded non stimulant pre workout, and we expect nothing less from one of the leading formulators in the industry. If you’re looking for a solid product that will be sure to deliver extreme pump and focus, then look no further than Mr. Veinz from Dragon Pharma.

Available Flavors

Creating outstanding formulas is not the only thing Drew Peters is known for — he also knows how to create amazing flavors. The new rendition of Mr. Veinz may have just been released, but Dragon Pharma is quickly expanding the line up with never before seen flavors.

The most recent addition to Mr. Veinz was White Dragon, and it’s a bit of a mystery, so that’s definitely one you need to try out for yourself, because we’ve heard it’s unlike anything else on the market. But, if you’re looking for a more tried-and-true flavor, then you cannot go wrong with Strawberry Candy, that one blew us away!

Dragon Pharma White Dragon

Dragon Pharma White Dragon is the latest addition to the line up!

Here’s an updated list of all Dragon Pharma Mr. Veinz available flavors:

    Final Thoughts: Mr. Veinz Redefines Non-Stim Pre Workouts

    Cutting edge ingredients, transparent labels, and efficacious dosages are the key things we look for in virtually every supplement and Mr. Veinz has all those categories covered. Don’t let the serving size fool you, because each gram packs a pump-inducing and enhanced focus punch. It’s great to see key players in the supplement industry like Drew Peters stepping forward to educate consumers on the processes, research, testing, and methods that go into making an end product. Because there are several steps that need to take place before being able to actually sell a supplement to consumers.

    Dragon Pharma Drew Peters

    Drew Peters is either crushing it in the lab or hitting the weights!

    At the end of the day, the Vanilla Gorilla and the whole Dragon Pharma Team want exactly what you do: unique, effective, and experiential products with no B.S. It seems simple and you would think that’s what everyone in the sports supplement industry wants, but not everyone can formulate so uniquely. Fortunately, there are people, companies, and platforms that rise above and truly put out great information and products based on what the research says. It’s easy to combine a few ingredients together at random dosage and hope it works. But the time, resources, and money that it takes to make an effective supplement, is well worth it the cost.

    At times the industry can seem as if it’s saturated with all the same boring stuff, but there are a few people who are pushing the boundaries and creating products that truly stand out. That’s why PricePlow is always looking for those supplements to highlight here on the blog, our YouTube channel, and on social media. Dragon Pharma has some big things planned for the future, and with Drew Peters leading the way, we know it’s going to be epic. Stay tuned for more product breakdowns, reviews, interviews, and deals from Dragon Pharma!

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    About the Author: Mike Roberto

    Mike Roberto

    Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

    Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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