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“Hardcore but Professional”. Prepare to Fuel the Darkside Within with Darkside Supps.

Whether you’re talking about new products, brands, or ingredients, one thing rings true – the supplement industry is growing at a rapid rate these days! That makes us here at PricePlow very happy, because it enables all of us to benefit from this constant innovation!

Today we’re here to tell you about a new brand – one that’s not only bringing some innovation to the game, but some extremely effective products formulated to put other industry fixtures on edge! Darkside Supps is tossing their hat into the ring, but they’re not merely just entering the fold – they’re coming in hot!

Meet Darkside Supps: Hardcore, But Professional

Darkside is best described as “hardcore, but professional”. By that, we mean that they’re making products that include some very powerful ingredients, but in a responsible manner. You won’t find anything in their formulas that’s under-dosed, over-dosed, or unsafe – they’re looking to deliver strong products that compete with the best, and with the first release we’ll cover from them, we can say they’re onto something!

Darkside Supps Ultra Stim Burner

Darkside Supps Ultra Stim Burner is one loaded fat burning drink. Can you handle it?

The upstart brand isn’t pulling any punches whatsoever – their products are U.S. manufactured in FDA inspected facilities, where they are made following current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), making for the beginnings of a brand we can respect! That’s not it, however – their formulas contain top-quality ingredients, all at effective doses!


Coming out of the gates firing, Darkside is hitting consumers with ULTRA STIM BURNER – a powerful, incredibly well-dosed fat burning drink powder. As the name suggests, it’s entering battle on two fronts – hard-hitting energy and fat-melting weight loss! This product is expertly designed to get you amped up, while also priming the body for healthy, efficient fat loss!

In this post, we’re going take a deep dive into this superb label, with our usual deep dive on the ingredients within it! But before we get into that, make sure you’re subscribed to PricePlow – you will not want to miss out on any deals and promotions coming from Darkside – based on this product, you’re going to want to get your hands on their formulas as soon as they hit the market, and with our help, we can find you some great deals when that time comes!

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ULTRA STIM BURNER calls for a monster 5.8g in each 2-scoop serving (this is quite a bit in a fat burner), and makes incredibly efficient use of that space – this product is downright loaded:

  • Chromium (as chromium picolinate) – 250mcg

    Darkside Supps Ultra Stim Burner Ingredients

    Wow. At two scoops of Ultra Stim Burner, you’re going in for some serious heat and energy!

    Chromium is an essential nutrient, used by the body to carry out various processes. The most interesting use the body makes of it, however, has to do with its role in the forming of chromodulin. Composed of bonded chromium ions, this compound facilitates proper insulin functioning.[1,2] Research has shown that with the aid of chromium, insulin can better convert glucose in the bloodstream.[3] More efficient insulin means enhanced insulin response, which can be an integral tool in weight loss. What else can this ingredient do?

    Blunt hunger and cravings

    Chromium goes above solely insulin response, showing intriguing potential in other diet-related areas – specifically when it comes to suppressing appetite. Research from 2008 tested the effects of chromium picolinate in two separate models – one using humans, one using mice. In both models, they found that chromium significantly decreased hunger and cravings, while also encouraging weight loss.[4] The circumstances that led to these findings were also quite obvious, as subjects who were administered chromium ate less than placebo!

    Fighting off hunger and cravings when dieting can be extremely difficult. Giving in, for some people, can significantly derail their progress, sometimes ending the diet altogether. Working on adjusting to a lower caloric intake is crucial to staying consistent and keeping a healthy weight-loss pace, and it seems like chromium can be a huge help in making it all a tad easier!

    ULTRA STIM BURNER delivers 208% of your daily value here, coming in at 250mcg. Doses in research typically range between 200mcg to 1000mcg,[5] with some even suggesting that erring on the lighter side may be a bit safer, as well. Therefore, we’re pretty happy with this dosage – and we bet you will be, too!

  • Iodine (from kelp) – 200mcg

    Kelp Iodine

    Starting with the mineral support, adding kelp provides crucial iodine to a dieter who is at increasing risk of becoming deficient lately!

    If you’re familiar at all with how our metabolism operates, then you’ve heard of how crucial proper thyroid functioning is in managing it. In order to have an efficient metabolic rate, this hormone-producing gland needs to be firing on all cylinders – if it’s not, then gloomy scenarios involving hypothyroidism become reality, which makes staying lean that much more difficult. Luckily, there are ways to help keep the thyroid healthy, and most pale in comparison to supplementing with iodine!

    The story behind iodine and the return of iodine deficiency…

    Iodine plays an integral role in thyroid regulation, but unfortunately, we as a population are likely once again becoming slightly iodine-deficient.[30] Formerly a common inclusion in bread, iodine has since been given way to bromine, thanks to modern bread-making processes. While iodine is still present in table salt, many are opting for fancy salts that don’t contain iodine, further decreasing the amount of iodine in our diets. To make matters even worse, the compounds that have replaced iodine in goods (such as fluoride and chlorine in water alongside the bromine) are terrible for thyroid function because they compete with iodine!

    So not only are we likely not getting enough iodine, we’re loaded up with other halgen elements that are displacing it in the thyroid! We’re not sure how strong, but this almost definitely plays some role in the obesity and sluggishness issues we face as a society these days.

    Darkside was aware of these issues, and the importance of iodine, and thankfully included it on this label for obvious reasons!

    Helps get the thyroid running right!


    Long story short: No iodine, no thyroid hormone synthesis.

    The thyroid regulates various hormones throughout the body, but the most relevant one in regards to fat-burning is thyroxine (T4). Somewhere along its life cycle, it interacts with tyrosine and is subsequently converted to triiodothyronine (T3) – this hormone plays a direct role in metabolism activity.[6] Having adequate levels of T3 and T4 is imperative to proper metabolic function, and thus higher metabolic rates, but an inefficient thyroid simply can’t produce enough T3 and T4 to facilitate all that. Iodine helps keep the thyroid running properly, effectively keeping T3 and T4 levels where they should be!

    Iodine often gets lost in our daily diets these days, yet it’s imperative for maintaining overall health! At 133% daily value, this 200mcg dose of iodine can help ensure your metabolism is firing on all cylinders, and is ready for some legitimate, healthy fat-burning!

  • L-Carnitine Tartrate – 1500mg

    L-carnitine L-tartrate (LCLT) is the first form of carnitine this formula delivers. L-carnitine essentially helps move fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they’re converted to energy.[7] This means that this amino acid derivative loosens up fatty acids, also known as body fat, and allows the metabolism to burn it off! In this case, its bonded to tartrate to boost absorption, which pays dividends in accomplishing these effects at a faster rate.[8]

    Carnitine is praised for its fat-burning capabilities, but it seems it helps do so in more than one way. Sure, it frees up fatty acids, but it also seems to enhance glucose response and increase insulin levels.[9] This yields additional benefits in terms of staying lean – in a vein similar to chromium, more efficient insulin response is very important for keeping pounds off!


    After reading a new review based upon 100 citations, we are finding fewer and fewer reasons not to take ~2g L-Carnitine each day. Darkside gives you 3g!

    While displaying some uses in terms of muscle recovery,[10] carnitine is best served as a fat-loss aid. It slightly alters the body’s fuel source after ingestion, which can thus facilitate fat loss. It encourages the metabolism to burn fat first, other stuff later!

    1500mg is an exceptional amount of LCLT, however, it’s not the only source of carnitine working its magic in this formula!

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl – 1500mg

    Everything said for LCLT goes for acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR) as well, however, this form of carnitine is a bit more intriguing! In addition to enhanced fatty acid oxidation, ALCAR is able to bypass the blood-brain barrier, allowing it to reach the brain. As it turns out, carnitine has nootropic effects when this happens, acting as a precursor to acetylcholine.[11] Having more acetylcholine floating around can elevate focus and memory, leaving your mind zoned in on the task at hand – losing weight!

    The addition of ALCAR runs the total carnitine dose in ULTRA STIM BURNER upwards of 3g, which is excellent for a fat-burning product. Toss in the blood-brain barrier-crossing cognitive effects, and the tandem of LCLT and ALCAR is a welcome partnership!

  • KSM-66Ⓡ Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) Root extract – 600mg


    Made by Ixoreal Biomed, KSM-66 is claimed to be the strongest full-spectrum Ashwagandha extract!

    Cortisol, the hormone excreted in stressful situations, can be a detriment to dieting – it significantly influences hunger and cravings, as well as metabolism functioning. When our cortisol levels rise, things get all out of whack rather quickly. Keeping stress, and thus cortisol, low is imperative in regards to losing weight. However, if you’ve dieted you know that easier said than done – when is adhering to a strict regimen not stressful?! No need to worry (literally), as there are effective ways to combat stress!

    Ashwagandha is becoming increasingly popular these days, and it’s no wonder why! This Ayurvedic root has been shown to reduce cortisol levels,[12] which creates a more stress-free environment. That’s not it, however – research is rather bullish on this herb as a weight-loss aid.

    A study from 2012 saw the herb induce significant decreases in stress/anxiety-focused tests and serum cortisol,[12] which yield obvious benefits in regards to weight. Sure enough, additional research from 2016 found that subjects given ashwagandha saw a 3% decrease in weight, whereas a placebo saw only a 1.5% reduction![13] Initially, that may seem inconsequential, but think about it – this herb caused 2x the weight loss, with no adverse effects! That sounds pretty great to us!

    High-quality ashwagandha!

    Ashwagandha Cortisol Study

    With less stress and a healthier mentality, you’re more likely to stay on track with your diet!

    The type of ashwagandha used here warrants noting, as well. Darkside is using KSM-66Ⓡ, perhaps the highest-quality form of the root on the market! It’s often the variation used in scientific research, and is the form recommended by most professionals out there. ULTRA STIM BURNER isn’t just packed to the brim with nonsense – no, it’s full of top-notch ingredients, each at effective doses!

    Believe it or not, keeping cortisol under control can make or break your weight-loss journey, and an awesome 600mg dose of ashwagandha is here to make sure things go, calmly, according to plan! Encouraging lower levels of both stress and body fat, this inclusion is a welcome sight in this product!

  • Caffeine Anhydrous – 300mg

    Caffeine is perhaps the most popular stimulant we have these days, as countless individuals rely on that morning jolt to get themselves going! No doubt, caffeine increases alertness and cognition,[14,15] waking you up and providing a solid energy kick. That boost in energy can go a long ways when dieting, as it can help you fight the inevitable grogg that accompanies lower-calorie regimens. However, that’s not all it’s here for!

    Caffeine enhances fat-burning efforts!

    Caffeine Energy Expenditure

    Caffeine increases energy expenditure by roughly an extra .15 calories per minute. Not huge, but we’ll take it!

    Research from 1990 tested the effects of caffeine, at multiple doses, in subjects while recording various metrics to fully understand the stimulant’s overall impact. Administering 100mg, 200mg, 300mg, and 400mg doses to healthy individuals, multiple measurements were taken and compared to placebo. Researchers found that caffeine significantly raised energy expenditure in a dose-dependent manner, additionally noting that the 400mg increased blood glycerol levels, perhaps identifying the methods by which caffeine acts as a fat oxidator.[16]

    Boosting the metabolism boosts overall calories burned, which can eventually lead to weight loss!

    300mg of caffeine here is nothing to scoff at – ULTRA STIM BURNER lives up to its name, packing a heavy, energy-powered punch! Rather than a single punch, it operates more like a one-two combo – first the energy hits, then the boosted metabolism follows!

  • ForsLeanⓇ (Coleus forskohlii) Root Extract (standardized 20% Forskolin) – 250mg

    Ultra Stim Burner

    Ultra Stim Burner is powered by clinically-researched ingredients

    ForsLeanⓇ is a patented form of forskolin from Sabinsa. Just like ashwagandha, this root hails from Ayurvedic medicine, where anecdotal uses range from vigor to overall wellness. It’s just recently begun finding its way into supplements, with accompanying research that seems quite promising!

    Primes the body for healthy fat-burning

    Cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) is a cellular molecule used for general functioning. It’s mainly used as a signaling agent, a role that ties it directly to fat-burning![17] Forskolin helps boost cAMP levels, which research suggests can be quite effective in stimulating these fat-burning mechanism.

    In a study from 2005, 30 subjects were split into two groups – one group was administered 50mg forskolin daily, while the other was given a placebo. After 12 weeks, forskolin had decreased body fat percentage and fat mass,[18] while also trending towards increasing lean body mass! Triggering pathways linked to cAMP, forskolin helped ignite additional fat-burning that can sometimes be hard to come by!

    Additional hormone support


    The diamonds represent the subjects receiving forskolin

    That’s not all – the cAMP is also linked to hormonal production, and therefore, there’s more forskolin can offer. Elevated cAMP levels mimic the mechanisms of the luteinizing hormone (LH),[19] which is a hormone that combats testosterone. With cAMP essentially substituting for LH, the body faces less pushback in creating testosterone – research shows that forskolin, through its cAMP-producing powers, significantly increases free testosterone levels.[18] When at low body fat percentages, getting additional testosterone support is incredibly important, therefore deeming this ancillary benefit useful when dieting!

    This label comes in hard with a hefty 250mg dose! The clinical dose is 50mg, and that’s what you get in ULTRA STIM BURNER since it’s 20% standardized – plus you still get other beneficial constituents alongside. Another ingredient, another serious dose …we’re noticing a trend here, are you?!

  • Theacrine (as TeaCrineTM 40%) – 125mg


    Theacrine is similar to caffeine, but definitely not the same, providing a possibly far longer lasting effect.

    TeaCrineTM is a patented form of theacrine from our friends at Compound Solutions, who have surely been thrilled with this ingredient’s growing popularity in recent years. Theacrine looks and acts like its close cousin, caffeine, but is actually a bit better – it provides energy without any crashing effects![20] It’s more of a slower-acting, longer-lasting form of energy, perfectly complementing the jolt initially provided by the caffeine anhydrous in this formula.

    The 125mg of theacrine yields around 50mg, which will certainly feel good and make the “rush” last all that much longer. That’s a pretty heavy hit of stimulants, but hey, with a name like ULTRA STIM BURNER, what else did you expect?!

  • CapsimaxⓇ Capsicum Seed Extract (Capsicum annum) – 50mg

    From OmniActive Health Technologies, we have CapsimaxⓇ, a patented form of capsaicin. This ingredient literally spices things up – its brings some heat to both the taste and the overall effectiveness of this product!

    Turns up the temperature…


    Capsimax is an encapsulated cayenne pepper extract that prevents the side effects of taking capsaicin directly (like heartburn). And it doesn’t ruin the flavor of Reclaim!!

    Capsaicin is the compound within peppers that packs heat, and is also being responsible for the metabolism-boosting benefits sometimes tied to peppers. Research from 2013 found that capsaicin boosts internal body temperature, which effectively makes the body burn more calories![21] It’s also been shown to increase fatty acid oxidation when in a caloric deficit,[21] which can significantly amplify your dieting!

    As great as all this sounds, it’s important to note two things – the metabolism boost is relatively small, and your body tends to build a tolerance after prolonged use.[22] Nonetheless, the effects are real, and when used strategically, can be of use!

    Blunts appetite…in higher doses

    Research also shows that capsaicin reduces the production of ghrelin, which is the hormone that controls hunger.[23] Granted, the study that saw these results administered massive 1g doses to test subjects. That’s much more than we ever really see in the supplement industry, but hey, if you mix some capsaicin with a spicy meal, perhaps it can help you feel more satiated after finishing it!

    50mg here is a great amount to turn up the temperature, but not overwhelmingly so. Capsaicin truly packs some heatfat-burning heat, that is!

    Note that CapsiMax is encapsulated so that it increases absorption but also doesn’t break down in water as easily, so your drink doesn’t taste like hot sauce.. unless you leave it out for too long! But on that note, we still have yet another spice to get to:

  • Grains of Paradise Extract (seed) (standardized to 12.5% 6-Paradol) – 40mg

    Grains of Paradise Energy Expenditure

    Energy expenditure change (ΔEE) after oral ingestion of Grains of Paradise. This spice helps melt away those stubborn pounds!

    Darkside is really turning up the heat here, packing yet another spicy ingredient into this label! Grains of paradise is a PricePlow favorite, owing much of its benefits to its powerful ketones, specifically 6-paradol. In a similar fashion to capsaicin, grains of paradise stimulates a significant part of the body – however, it focuses on a crucial component of weight loss!

    Research shows that grains of paradise helps burn brown adipose tissue for energy,[24] which is especially notable given the notorious stubbornness the body has when it comes to giving up brown fat. It forces the body to use this often immovable substance for energy, effectively burning the fat that’s most difficult to lose! Take that, along with all the other fatty acid oxidative effects in play here, and ULTRA STIM BURNER truly separates itself from other fat burners.

    With 40mg of grains of paradise in this formula, we’re well over the 30mg clinical dose typically used in research. It’s more than enough to help shake off some brown fat, and kickstart the fat-burning process! Get ready for some spice, though!

  • GBB (Gamma-butyrobetaine ethyl ester) – 25mg

    Darkside Fat Burner

    The Darkness is Coming… and so is the Heat

    Earlier, we discussed the two great carnitine sources included in this formula – two excellent forms, both at excellent doses. However, what if we told you the benefits of those ingredients could be amplified by including another compound?

    GBB is an ingredient we’re starting to see more often, and our appreciation of it seems to grow on each occasion! GBB is a molecule that the body converts into carnitine when its left to produce the substance on its own![25] Adding more GBB to the system forces the body to make more carnitine, with research finding that it can increase plasma carnitine levels, by as much as 200%.[25]

    Adding GBB to two effective carnitine doses should pump the body full of the fatty acid oxidating compound, and takes fat-burning to yet another level! This compound is extremely interesting, so if you’re inclined to learn more, check out our GBB Supplement Guide!

  • BioPerineⓇ black pepper (Piper nigrum) fruit extract (95% piperine) – 5mg

    One more spice for support here!

    In order to help absorption, ULTRA STIM BURNER utilizes black pepper extract, which is listed here as BioPerineⓇ from Sabinsa. Science shows black pepper extract can enhance bioavailability of supplemented ingredients,[26]] while also inducing an increase in caloric expenditure when taken with a fat-burning label![27]

    Darkside Ultra Stim Burner

    Explosive energy, explosive focus, and explosive heat coming right at you!

    Mainly here for absorption, black pepper extract is another cunning addition from Darkside. They could’ve used other absorption-boosting agents, but smartly decided to use one that may have ancillary benefits that fit neatly onto a fat-burning label!

  • Huperzine A 1% (Huperzia serrata) Extract – 200mcg

    Lastly, we have huperzine A. This compound is a unique inclusion in a product like ULTRA STIM BURNER, but we must say, we’re fans of its presence here!

    As we stated when discussing ALCAR, acetylcholine is used by the brain to fire a variety of bodily functions – in short, its a compound the brain needs to work effectively! And while ALCAR helps raise acetylcholine levels, the body loves to quickly metabolize the brain-boosting substance, which means its effects can be relatively short-lived. That’s where huperzine A comes into the picture!

    Huperzine A inhibits acetylcholinesterase,[28,29] the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine. Translation – it slows down the metabolization of acetylcholine, effectively prolonging the benefits it can provide!

    This cognitive-defender is likely here to help promote mental clarity, which can sometimes be an issue when dieting! By keeping acetylcholine around, your brain can put it to use, keeping your cognition in an elevated state!

High quality and high standards…these guys aren’t messing around! There’s no doubt, this formula is fantastic. The real question is how they’ll flavor it:

Initial flavors at launch

Ultra Stim Burner Flavors

Initially Launching in Two Flavors, Ultra Stim Burner brings a ton of features!

Darkside doesn’t just want an effective product – that’s the primary goal, but they understand that what truly separates a label from its competition is its taste! Without satisfying flavors, a product is left to fight an uphill battle.

Luckily, that’s not the case here – ULTRA STIM BURNER is launching with a couple of different flavors, and they sound delicious: Kiwi Strawberry and Pineapple Punch.

Providing these flavor options is a pretty smart move from Darkside. Fat burning drinks like this one can be notoriously difficult to flavor, especially when they contain high amounts of stimulants and spices.

However, packing them into a powder that’s sweet (thanks to sucralose and acesulfame potassium), a brand can effectively mask them. Anytime we can get a high-quality fat burner that’s enjoyable to drink, we’re fans – and we think you will be, too!

Conclusion – Darkside is here to STAY

Darkside Supps Logo

Darkside Supps: Fuel the Darkness Within

When launching a new business, sometimes the barriers to entry are quite daunity – industry saturation, finances, and risk all play a factor. Sometimes, when launching a business venture, it seems like the gates to success are locked.

Darkside says to hell with those gates – they didn’t just knock them down, they burnt them to the ground with this high-stim, fat-melting, flaming-hot product. Bursting onto the scene with ULTRA STIM BURNER is a bold move, but Darkside has the making of a bold brand. With top-notch products made with integrity, science, and a bit of edginess, make no mistake about it – Darkside Supps has not only joined the game, but they’re staking a claim on a top spot!

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About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public. Mike is currently experimenting with a low Vitamin A diet.

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