Get Fit with Herve’s PNI Prodigy Log: Back to Normal Routine

Herve Doliska on the Bench Press

Herve on the Bench

This morning I woke up early for an online training session. I made sure I had breakfast this time too. I ate hard boiled eggs, a banana, and oat meal.

For a snack I had a protein shake and for lunch I had chicken pasta and chicken wings. I went about my day and coached the off season workouts for the high school I coach then came to the gym immediatley after.

Full Body Workout, Full Body Prodigy Pump

I took my Prodigy supplement and began my workout. A full body day in the gym, started off with a bit of cardio, some chest exercises, back, shoulders, then legs.

The pump felt different today. The intensity was there, but I think now that my body is getting used to taking this stuff I’m getting an extra kick/gear. I normally sweat a lot and drip sweat when I do cardio or play basketball, but today I was sweating buckets just doing my workout. Possibly because it was a full body workout, but I think I actually felt and looked like a beast in the gym today.

I worked out for an entire hour and had a spicy italian sub from subway after my workout with some gatorade. No crash today!

That “Swole” Look

I just actually feel and look swole an hour after my workout. Not to mention I’m definitely getting stronger. After the feeling of todays workout, I think before was just in my head, but now I am definitely feeling the effects of prodigy. So glad I got two tubs of the supplement because I’m almost out of one.

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PricePlow Staff

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