Prodigy by PNI Log Day 20 – Gaining Strength

Herve Doliska on the Bench Press

Herve on the Bench

Today’s workout was as intense as ever! I drank my pre workout supplement and warmed up for ten minutes on the stair master. Today was an upper body day.

I workout so often now that my lifting days are getting easier. I didn’t workout the day before, but I felt like hitting the weights that day. I started off with the bench press (every guy’s favorite workout) and warmed up with 135 pounds and completed 4 sets of 12 with 185 lbs.

Longer lasting energy

After that set I noticed I wasn’t tired and had energy to burn. So, I added 10 extra pounds to each side to do a set of 10 of 205 and had no problem doing it. Since I’ve started using Prodigy I’ve had the urge to workout more. Before Prodigy, I was working out approximately 200 minutes a week about 4 times a week, but now I’m working out every day and am definitely feeling myself getting stronger.

I think Prodigy is giving me the extra push and motivation because of the way it makes me feel prior to and during my workouts. My workouts were intense before, but definitely not as intense as they are now. I sweat more, lift heavier, last longer, and am much more active in the gym. It’s definitely not a mind over matter scenario – I can say that for sure now after using the product for 3 and a half weeks.

Even after my workouts, I sometimes contemplate going back for more knowing that I have the energy. I even work out twice a day at times if I’m in the gym long enough. I thought about taking the supplement for both of these workouts, but wasn’t sure how that would work with my body. I already had the energy regardless of a second dose! I’m working out again tonight with a client and will probably let them test the supplement to see if it makes a difference in their workout. This stuff is seriously great and I recommend it to anyone looking for results in the gym. Not just any results but guaranteed and faster results.

You can compare Prodigy Pre Workout Supplement prices on our PNI Prodigy page. Check out Herve’s entire Workout Log at his PricePlow author page.

Herve trains clients in Miami Beach, FL!

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PricePlow Staff

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