Proccor RC Pump Review by Brandon Hooper

PROCCOR’s RC Pump is a stim-free pre workout supplement typically meant for weightlifters (it’s a muscle pump supplement). This is a guest review by Brandon Hooper, our athlete reviewer and basketball all-star.

Since PROCCOR is an athlete’s company, we figured Brandon might be interested in their products. We were right. Brandon’s RC Pump review begins here:

Brandon’s Proccor RC Pump Review

RC Pump

RC Pump contains 1000mg of ultra-pure agmatine sulfate, but it’s the GS4 shown below that Brandon loved with his carbs

I used RC Pump on some high volume days, heavy days, and Vertimax training (speed / jumping)… With and without a carb powder.

In general, the best pump came from stacking it with carbs, almost night and day difference for me. This is probably because it has the GS4 ingredient, which function as a “nutrient partitioning agent” and drive the carbs into the muscle.

This gives a different kind of pump than your standard nitric oxide booster (which this also helps with) or glycerol agent. Here are my ratings:

Ingredients: 10/10

What supplement can be deemed a “pump” product with a prime pump ingredient? 1g of extremely high quality Agmatine Sulfate for nitric oxide flow. Ample doses of L-Norvaline, Grape Seed Extract and Rutaecarpine round out a highly efficient profile geared towards vascularity.

The vascular pump only amounts to half of what makes RC-Pump truly impressive. GS4 Gymnema Sylvestre provides great blood sugar control and nutrient partitioning. Also to make sure each ingredient behaves completely as intended, Bioperine black pepper extract is included for all around absorption enhancement.

Taste: 6/10

RC Pump Ingredients

The ingredient / nutrition facts label

A very subtle orange flavor. While getting used to the taste on the first try, a little hint of bitterness may come along. For some there may be a small hint of spice when it hits the throat. This is familiar to those that have taken pre-workouts containing pepper extracts. All of these effects on the palate are consistently subtle. This is based on the minimum 10oz of water. All potential taste issues disappear with more water. Any advanced users looking to double dose would do better with 24-32oz of water.

Mixability: 7/10

This powder will give off a foamy mix. The foam is not very thick but stubborn, taking a while to dissipate. Small traces of the ingredients that contribute to color and flavor could be temporarily caught in the foam as well. That’s the bad news. Good news: Just add water. The recommended 10oz of water shows itself to be the bare minimum. Ideal mixing would be with 12oz – 16oz of water, especially if adding other powders to the mix.

Effects: 10/10

The pump ingredients provide an excellent, lasting vascularity level. The GS4 helps your body manage blood sugar especially when dealing with extended workout sessions. GS4 and Bioperine both make it especially easy to stack with most peri-workout carb sources.

As a nutrient partitioning and uptake supplement, RC-Pump works as well as some of the best on the market. There is valid cause to use it strictly for nutrient uptake. For either purpose, one serving is fitting for most users.

Overall: 9/10

RC-Pump succeeds in being a unique supplement that consist of high quality ingredients. This is a quietly awesome pre-workout that doubles as a nutrient uptake supplement. Gymnema Sylvestre and Bioperine have been on the market for quite a while and work well to solidify RC-Pump’s dual roles.

Do keep in mind that Proccor is building its reputation on the highest quality of ingredients… coupled with their batches consisting of an additional 1-5% beyond the ingredients’ claimed dosages.

Versus the Competition

RC Pump is up there with Glycobol, Slinshot, Slinsane… It does what the old Gaspari Vasotropin formulas used to aim for — note that these are the products that recommended carbs.

End of the story: if you’re looking for a “different” kind of pump that goes beyond nitric oxide or glycerol, then take a look at the nutrient partitioners in RC Pump and add some extra carbs. You might just find what you’ve been looking for.

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