RC PUMP – Ultra Pure Stim-Free Pre Workout from Proccor

RC Pump

RC Pump contains 1000mg of ultra-pure agmatine sulfate

RC PUMP is Proccor’s stimulant-free pre workout supplement that’s meant to give power-boosting nitric oxide pumps, but with a twist: it is also designed to help shuttle carbs into your muscle tissue for a secondary strength and volume mechanism.

This mixture of combining a “glucose disposal agent” with a pump product has worked well for us in the past, and we expect to enjoy it in RC Pump as well.

However, with such a crowded category of stimulant-free pre workout supplements, where this stands out is with athletes who need complete and total trust in their supplements – with Proccor come all of the high-quality benefits such as stringent testing and quality control.

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The RC Pump Ingredients

This stim-free pre-workout is mostly centered around its 1000mg of agmatine sulfate, but the other point of interest is the proprietary GS4 PLUS formula which claims to aid in converting carbs to glycogen.

Also in the mix are grape seed extract, L-Norvaline and rutaecarpine as well as what is probably an unnecessary amount of vitamin B12. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at each of the ingredients:

  • Ultra Pure Agmatine Sulfate (1000mg)

    RC Pump Ingredients

    The ingredient / nutrition facts label

    Agmatine sulfate is key to not just NO pump boosts but also has a tremendous range of general health benefits. There are two major keys to using it in a supplement — you don’t need to mix it with arginine (which RC-Pump doesn’t), and you need a large enough serving size.

    The 1000mg here is actually at the upper end of the recommended range, but that’s in keeping with Proccor’s target market of pro athletes and upper-level competitive bodybuilders, who will likely want that large of a dose.

    One thing you can be certain of with Proccor products is purity. They have one of the most rigorous screening and manufacturing processes in the industry (which is also why they have among the higher shelf prices).

  • Vasodilation Blend

    • Grape seed extract (150mg)

      GSE is included as a general circulation improver, though the antioxidant boost it also provides doesn’t hurt either.[1] Its ability to notably improve blood flow (most likely due to a nitric oxide boost, but other mechanisms could be at play) is its most impressive characteristic.[4]

    • L-Norvaline

      L-Norvaline (200mg) is an ingredient that’s been claimed to be a catch-all NO booster, but there’s a lot of debate about whether it only benefits those with existing cardiovascular problems, and almost all of the evidence in favor of the former is based on rat studies. It has a synergistic effect with arginine, but there’s none of that here, so…[2]

  • Carbdrive Nutrient Partition Support

    This is the home of the GS4 PLUS formula, which is proprietary. So we’re not entirely sure what the PLUS indicates, but we do know it’s primarily based on gymnema sylvestre, a relatively new supplement that shows some promise for diabetes treatment and weight loss but is relatively poorly studied as of yet.[3]

    So what’s it here for? Proccor claims that the insulin-boosting effects will more efficiently convert carbs to glycogen instead of fat.

  • Other Ingredients

    Other ingredients are rutaecarpine (commonly added to these products for vasorelaxation) and black pepper extract as a general preservative and synergistic enhancer of everything else.

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In summary, the 1000mg of very pure agmatine sulfate alone makes it a strong product, but the rest of the ingredients are going to depend on how well you react to glucose disposal agents and the secondary nitric oxide boosters.

The product seems well and good, but is going to be of most benefit to those who are interested in seeing lab tests and getting a fully-trusted product from a brand that backs its data up. As of right now, there are cheaper nitric oxide boosters and stimulant-free pre workout powders on the market.

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