Our Jack3d Advanced Review: Can it Replace the Original?

Mike's Jack3d Advanced Review

1000 of these bad boys were sent out… the rest are coming soon!

It’s finally here – the long awaited replacement to USPLabs’ original Jack3d pre workout supplement… the Jack3d Advanced Formula.

It’s been a year since USP released their pump-heavy pre workout, Jack3d Micro. But it’s the energy from the original formula that everyone clamored for. While replacing DMAA is next to impossible to legally do on a dietary supplement, USPLabs set to the task.

The short of it all

  • This is a product that I will use as a go-to for any endurance sport, cardio, or high-rep style workout.
  • The fat burning potential in this is very strong – I have no problem feeling the heat and working up a sweat with it.

    This pre workout beats most thermogenic fat burners at their own game.

  • The pump blend is well-formulated, but not overwhelming for these kinds of activities.

    You can stack in some extra stuff if you want more… just like the original formula. Discussed below.

  • If you’re looking for the next amphetamine-like supplement, or need 400mg of caffeine to get your ass into the gym, this is not going to be for you under the allowed dosing.

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  2. Click here to go directly to the best Jack3d Advanced deal on the web
  3. The Original Jack3d with DMAA is still available over a year later – check it out if you still want it!
  4. Go to our USPLabs page to compare prices and get notifications on all USPLabs products, including new ones like EpiBURN Pro.

Our review at the gym is below:

Video: PricePlow reviews Jack3d Advanced

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Mike’s Written Review

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of USPLabs, but hey, most stimulant fans are. USP is good at pleasing us.

I’ve been tired of a lot of the “PEA spiking” that’s been going on with the pre workout industry lately. The products are fun at first, but I literally burnt myself out on a few supplements listed on this site.

While everyone else is chasing that “next big buzz” and promiscuously bouncing from high-stim to high-stim pre workout, I’ve wanted something a bit toned down for my stim cycles. Jack3d Advanced is going to fit that bill, especially for those boom-boom cardio/supersetted/no-time-to-waste workouts.

The Taste

Jack3d Advanced tastes like Fruity Pebbles

The best way to describe the taste… (credit Montecillo in USPLabs forum)

It’s tough to explain, because this is not like any fruit punch I’ve ever had. It’s delicious, and I’ve watered it down like crazy and it still maintains.

At first, I thought it was more of an “earthy” cherry kind of flavor. Montecillo in the USPLabs forums said it best though — this tastes like Fruity Pebbles!

You can’t compare this to the original, or even to Jack3d Micro. Many people (including CJ) hated the chemical flavor of OG Jack3d. Jack3d Micro is tasty but a bit too tart. This is neither. Just good fruit-somethin flavor.

It mixes foamy, as shown in the video, but no residue or floaties or particles to note.


What can you say here… there’s no DMAA, so lower your expectations. You’re not going to get wired out of your eyesockets using 1-2 scoops of this — end of story.

The original Jack3d had 66mg caffeine in each scoop, and 20mg DMAA. So in terms of caffeine, 3 scoops OG Jack3d = 2 scoops of Advanced

But what you will get is clean, consistent energy, and a crazy good amount of heat. The yohimbe and norcoclaurine (higenamine) are strong with this one.

There’s also one new ingredient, Swertia Chirayata extract, and that provides some central nervous system “tuning”, as well as a few painkilling properties.

Caffeine by the numbers

We only know 100mg caffeine per scoop. I don’t know how much higenamine is in this, but it’s got to be more than anything I’ve ever had before. I love that stuff — it’s safe too.

In lieu of Jack3d Original, there is more caffeine per scoop. We believe (through unconfirmed sources) that the original Jack3d had 66mg caffeine in each scoop, and 20mg DMAA. So in terms of caffeine, 3 scoops OG Jack3d = 2 scoops Jack3d Advanced.

While you can’t replace that DMAA (at least not for me), throwing 3 other stimulants at it certainly helps. CJ and Zay felt it, so that’s a good thing.


Good news and bad news. First, the good: No crash or comedown over here. It’s moderate enough not to do that for me.

Second, the bad: If you don’t like yohimbe, you might want to shy away from this, or go very light.


In the pump category, Jack3d Advanced beats the OG Jack3d, but stays in line with the style of “unobtrusive pumps”.

Arginine nitrate is a beast – it provides a best of both worlds scenario with lots of nitric oxide benefits. To top that off, you have pinus pinaster (pine bark extract), which amplifies this. There was a tradenamed ingredient named Pycnogenol with TONS of research, and this looks like a take on that formula. Well played, USP, well played.

The problem is that arginine nitrate pumps take some time, and are a bit delayed. My pump in this review didn’t come until the middle-to-end of the workout because we didn’t time it up according to the label.

If you are only using this product, and want the pump, you really should take it closer to the tail end of the recommended 30-45 minutes pre workout.

Arginine nitrate is a beast

If you’re the kind of person who takes a pre workout 10 minutes before hitting the weights, this could disappoint, so you might need to adjust or stack something else in (see the stack section). But it’s also a good thing – right when your muscles are getting a touch fatigued, the nitrate pops in and helps you finish strong.

In short… this is an energy/endurance product first, a pump product second.


This is where I shine in my workouts, and Jack3d Advanced made it even better. I was amazed how I was out-repping CJ and Zay in a few exercises not shown in this video.

You have beta alanine (the tingles are back), arginine nitrate (it has endurance properties on top of its pump), 4 freakin stimulants that all work differently, and two natural painkilling anti-inflammatory ingredients (the pine bark and swertia chirayita).

Toss in some BCAAs intra-workout (USP makes Modern BCAA+) and you have endurance athlete’s dream supplement.


Introducing Tammy Bravomalo of USPLabs!

Bored yet? This is Tammy Bravomalo, one of USPLabs’ sponsored athletes. Click the image to click our recent interview with her!

Looking back, Zay and CJ screwed around very little during this workout, which is uncommon. CJ’s been known to go off on tangents and start posedowns for several minutes at a time, and didn’t at all during this workout. I’ll give that some points. It was also nice not seeing his ass during a workout, so bonus points there.

As for me, I’m into nootropics, so I’m spoiled. There’s nothing in here that really zoned me in, nor did I expect there to be. My mind only drifted once during the workout, which is very good for me. I was in.

In the video review, Zay mentioned that he did in fact get focused, so I think most casual users will enjoy this.


Who knows, I’ve only had it a week. I like the potential as a fat burner though.

Don’t forget the creatine…

Gotta mention, you also have a mix of creatine monohydrate and creatine anhydrous. Anhydrous is a new one — it’s just creatine with no water bonded to it — 100% pure. Sounds cool, but why is everyone trying to fix what’s not broken? Monohydrate is fine. Let’s call that one a marketing play by USP.

Anyway, no clue how much creatine since it’s a proprietary blend. If you go for 5g a day, you’ll still probably want to toss in at least 3g post workout.


Agmatine 500 - Great Low Cost Stacker

USP’s Agmatine 500 is a great low-cost stacking option for more pumps

So you want more pump? Two awesome options:

  • Agmatine sulfate, any time pre workout. USP makes Agmatine 500, which are 500mg capsules. Take 1-2 and your heavy lifts will be a lot more fun.

    This even works great if taken way earlier in the day. Agmatine is more than just a nitric oxide booster — it drives an entire “metabolic cascade” with a crazy number of benefits, even cognitive ones. Good stuff.

  • The more expensive, and far more fun stack: Jack3d Advanced + iForce HEMAVOL. This crazy ass supplement is a kitchen sink of several nitric oxide boosters besides nitrates (it has the agmatine mentioned above). Meaning this will stack perfectly with Jack3d Advanced… like the perfect move in Tetris.

Overall Impressions

I’m very happy with it. There’s far more pro’s than cons. I have some concerns below, because some people will be disappointed, but this is exactly what I was looking for this summer.

In the end, it’s going to come to the price point (we are PricePlow, after all..) If the retailers put this anywhere near the low-to-mid $20’s, like Jack3d original in its glory days, then this is a steal.

  • Go to our USPLabs Jack3d Advanced page to compare prices and sign up for price drop alert notification emails.
  • Click here to go directly to the best Jack3d Advanced deal on the web

Slightly offtopic thoughts and concerns

From a marketing business owner’s perspective, I think this was a smart play by USP. They’re not chasing the guy who will rave about his tub and then move on to the next. They’re going for someone who wants a reliable product and will stick to it – just like the original.

If done properly, it’s good business, and goes against the grain of where the industry is heading with highly-stimmed pre workouts (which, one may argue, USP started in the first place!!)

But at the same time, there’s risk, because this is under the Jack3d brand and the bottle looks exactly like the original. An uneducated consumer who walks into their local store and sees that familiar-looking tub of Jack3d is going to expect what they once had – something like DMAA in each scoop.

It’s just not going to happen, and that user is going to be disappointed.

That’s why I disclaim it on my video and on this review. I don’t want to be responsible for you buying this and being disappointed when you’re not up for 6 hours working out and cleaning the house.

If you want crack, it’s out there. Hell, it’s listed on this website. The original Jack3d is still available a year later!

But if you want a good, hot, sweaty workout that will keep your endurance up, yet not have you feeling like a kid in Chuck-E-Cheese after visiting the candy store, this is for you.


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As always, no statements on this page have been approved by the FDA, and you should speak to your doctor before beginning any diet or supplementation program.

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